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Brener Construction Inc. are experts in NYC apartment renovations. We are a locally owned company with over 20 years of experience serving in the greater New York City area. We specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom updates, and all of your flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing & millwork needs. Our team dedicates a great deal of attention to customer service and always believe that communication is key in maintaining a good relationship with our clients. We like to keep homeowners well informed on their project, updating them on progress that is being made, deliveries that are being scheduled and orders that are being placed. Outstanding customer satisfaction is vital to us and our team is well trained to ensure that you are satisfied from the time we start working until long after we finish. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated, it helps us work better to meet your wants and needs. We love technology and how it promotes efficiency, that way we can send you news the second we receive it.

We understand the unnerving feelings that renovating your home might come with and that’s why we’re here to offer you peace of mind and reassurance. Thank you for visiting our site!

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Along with prompt project completion, we offer project planning assistance beforehand to ensure that you have peace of mind from start to finish. Whether it be a large project or small project, you can count on our team of specialists to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations.







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I Need New Flooring for My Apartment: What Are My Options?

There are many flooring options for your apartment. Selecting the right material is crucial. Now, this factor comes into play when you assess your living situation. For instance, you need to select material that is dust and heat-resistant, or else cleaning could become a hassle. Also, the texture of the floor is important, especially if you don’t want carpeting. Let’s make things easier for you. Here’s a look at some flooring options for your apartment:

Tile Flooring

flooring-options-nyc-apartment-contractor-01There are a variety of tiles for flooring. Porcelain, ceramic and glass are the common types for new apartments in NYC. Tiles give your floor a luxurious feel. They are durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. The advantage tiles have over other types of floorings is that they are dirt and stain-resistant. Tile floorings are available in a wide range of colors, design, and texture. You can choose a smooth, shiny, or grainy look with tiles.


Although the demand for other floorings increased in recent years, carpet is still the top option as far as luxury flooring goes. Carpets give a soft-plush textured feel when you are bare-foot. You can install a carpet in your living room and bedrooms. Carpets come in a variety of textures and colors. They keep your floor and room warm. Cleaning a carpet is easy using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you have dust allergies, you might want to reconsider buying a carpet. Carpets accumulate dust more than other types floorings.

Wood Flooring

wood-flooring-options-nyc-apartment-renovations-contractor-02Imagine how good your new apartment in NYC would look with wood flooring. You have several options in this regard, including engineered hardwood, bamboo flooring, and cork flooring. These options are fairly common for new apartment NYC flooring. Wood flooring is more expensive as compared to other options. Wood floors keep your NYC apartments warm on cold days. You can go for a rustic or luxurious look in your NYC apartments with wood flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best option if you want your floor to appear like wood, without paying the price for hardwood. This type of flooring comprises of synthetic materials that keep it light and durable. If you want to go fancy, you can for stone flooring look with laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is scratch-resistant as well.

Vinyl or Resilient Flooring

vinyl-flooring-options-nyc-apt-renovation-03Vinyl or resilient flooring consists of a mix of natural and synthetic materials. Nowadays, vinyl floorings provide more strength and durability than before. You have two options here, i.e. tiles and sheets. You spent a fortune on your NYC apartment, and therefore, you may want to cut back on the flooring. Vinyl tiles are low cost and easily replaceable in case of damage. These tiles are less durable and you will need to replace them after a while. Also, the color tends to fade, and cleaning can be a real chore.

These sheets comprise of large, continuous, and flexible sheets. Vinyl sheets are easy to apply in your new apartment and easy to manage. Vinyl sheets are durable and completely impermeable to water. You can customize your flooring sheets to any color or print. You can install the sheets in your kitchen, bathroom, and even the main lounge. Vinyl sheets are quick and easy to clean using a mop.

Get the Perfect Flooring for Your Apartment

Choose flooring that suits your apartment and your lifestyle. For the best flooring materials and services contact us. Our rates are budget-friendly so that you don’t have to worry about the new apartment NYC price.



Engineered Hardwood or Hardwood – What Is Your Best Option for Flooring?

Engineered Hardwood or Hardwood – What Is Your Best Option for Flooring?

engineered-or-natural-hardwood-flooring-nyc-apartment-renovation-contractor-01When it comes to updating your apartment and really changing up the look and feel of the space, laying different flooring can have a huge impact. The flooring may be looking tired, dated, or even damaged, which then sets the tone in the space. The apartment may also have different flooring in each room, which can make an apartment feel disjointed and closed in.

While there are all kinds of different materials you can choose from, engineered hardwood and traditional hardwood are two of the most popular options to pick. If you’re having a tough time deciding between the two, you’ll want to read on.

The Pros and Cons of Hardwood

best-hardwood-floor-options-apt-reno-new-york-02Hardwood flooring is easily one of the most popular and sought-after types of flooring out there. It helps to warm up a room and add beauty. It can provide character and interest to an otherwise bland space. It is also known for its moisture-resistant and durable properties.

There are different types of wood you can buy, and all kinds of different stains, grains, and plank sizes. Hardwood is known for boosting a property’s value overall.

On the flip side, hardwood is prone to scratches, typically from shoes, furniture, and even pets’ claws. As well, it can fade over time, which means maintenance may be needed down the road.

The Pros and Cons of Engineered Hardwood

professional-contractor-hardwood-floor-installation-03Engineered hardwood is the more cost-effective option, which can often be a top priority if you’re on a tight budget. Engineered hardwood is made from wood veneer layers that are glued together, so although it is wood through and through, it is engineered. You will still get that incredible look of wood floors, just at a lower price tag.

Another bonus is that engineered hardwood is known for absorbing noise, which your neighbors will likely appreciate a whole lot.

On the flip side, like solid wood, engineered wood can scratch and fade, but unlike sold wood, you can’t just sand and seal every year to bring it back to new condition.

Rely on the Professionals

No matter which option you end up choosing at the end of the day it’s always best to have the job done by professional renovators. Contact us today in order to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan, who will be able to tackle all your flooring needs.