What Electrical Work Do You Need a Contractor For?

What electrical work do you need a contractor for? An electrical contractor is a professional with a license who works in various settings such as industrial, commercial, and residential. They are qualified professionals who handle high-powered electrical equipment and perform complicated electrical work.

Electrical Work You Need a Contractor For

Many people confuse an electrical contractor with an electrician, but the only similarity between both is that they’re both electrical workers. An electrical contractor is qualified to hire other professional electricians and run a business. In comparison, an electrician is someone you hire for basic tasks such as changing a bulb, fixing an air conditioner, or overall maintenance.

You entrust an electrical contractor with more complex tasks. When your house needs major electrical work, you contact an electrical contractor to get the job done. If you’re wondering what electrical work you need a contractor for, read on.

Electrical Work You Need a Contractor For

Some electrical contractors work for the government, and some own their private businesses. Meanwhile, others work for commercial buildings. Some contractors work on construction sites and are involved in physical tasks, while others operate from offices, consult with different clients and handle administrative duties.

There are particular jobs that only an official electrical contractor is eligible to handle because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the field.


Installation of electrical systems in the house is an essential part of the construction, so it’s not something you can rely on a standard electrician to handle. While you can call them for minor rewiring tasks across the house, installation is a large scale project that needs the expertise of an electrical worker.

An electrical contractor helps install wires and electrical devices, alter old wiring or fix an electrical outlet. They ensure the process isn’t dangerous and won’t cause problems in the future.


Thorough inspections are necessary when you renovate your home or move to a different house. Major remodeling of bathrooms or kitchens also requires electrical inspection.

These electric inspections aim to ensure a smooth installation process and that workers adhere to the applicable electrical codes. During an inspection, a supervisor has to visit the property at least twice. A supervisor oversees inspections to ensure maximum safety.


Repairing and replacing bulbs or other lighting fixtures is something you can call the local electrician for. However, when you have multiple sockets, unresponsive outlets, and disrupting wires, you should immediately contact an electrical contractor.

These repairs require utmost care since they are prone to damage and causing harm. A neglected stray wire could be lethal for toddlers or pets running around.

NYC Electrical Work You Need a Contractor For

Establishing Client–Contractor Relationship

Establishing a client–contractor relationship helps maintain communication between the parties involved. A lack of communication leads to misunderstanding and problems, which can result in unsatisfied customers and bad reviews for contractors. This can also be attributed to poor customer service.

To establish a client–contractor relationship, firms try to maintain an approachable attitude and handle most of the legal obligations, such as permit applications or taxes. This takes the burden off of the client’s shoulders, allowing them to sit back and watch as the contractor takes care of the rest.

Electrical Work You Need a Contractor For: Final Thoughts

Electrical contractors ensure that your rewiring, inspection, and installation process run smoothly. They are the ones who operate and handle the remodeling and rewiring of your house because of their license and qualification. A typical electrician isn’t the best person for these tasks.

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