Flooring Options for Rental Property

What are some of the best flooring options for a rental property? Undoubtedly, flooring is always a significant expense when it’s done in a rental property. Carpeting is reasonably cost effective, but it is now outdated. Today, hardwood, vinyl plank, and tile floors are replacing carpeting methods quite well and are used widely in scores of newly built projects.

Flooring for a Rental Property

It is always better to select the best flooring option for your property regardless of whether it is a rental or you live in it with your family. It is the prime duty of you and your property dealers to attract rentals to your property at once.

There are some main aspects that an owner should consider while choosing the flooring for a rental property. Some of these are:

  • Dependable
  • Modern design
  • Tenants should love it
  • Total purchase & installation costs

Owners have a lot of flooring choices than ever, and now it is easy for them to select a flooring option that includes all these three aspects in a better way. Flooring is different for different parts of a house or apartment. The kitchen, bath, living, and bedrooms should have unique and separate flooring, and they must look good.

Best flooring options for rental property

Best Flooring Options

We have compiled some flooring options that are everlasting and captivating. The average new floor cost ranges from $6 to $10 per sq. ft. These rates are without installation fees. Let’s review some of the types of flooring for rental property along with the merits and demerits of installing it:

1.     Vinyl and Linoleum

When it comes to moisture resistance and reliability, these are the most affordable flooring options. Luxury vinyl or linoleum flooring fits best for the living spaces and bedrooms as it gives a ceramic appearance.

2.     Hardwood

When it comes to rental property, hardwood flooring is considered a good option. Indeed, it is easily scratched, but the best thing is you can restore it quickly. It usually lasts more than 25 years and attracts more tenants.

3.     Laminate

If you are looking for hardwood flooring, then laminate is the best option for you at affordable rates. Landlords know what is trending nowadays, so they prefer laminate flooring options, as tenants love. It lasts more than 20 years, and you can install it easily.

4.     Tiles

Wooden tiles ceramic is one of the best options that perform efficiently in rental properties. Ceramic tiles are durable, stainless, and effectively waterproof.

These are expensive but perfect if you are looking for wood and stone flooring designs.

Flooring Options for Rooms

It is better to install multiple flooring in your rental property. You can select various types of flooring options for different rooms.

·       Living room

Carpeting is an easy flooring option that comes in various price ranges and styles according to its quality, but it requires high-end maintenance. So, you can go for tiles, laminates, or hardwood flooring for living rooms.

·       Kitchen

The kitchen requires less moisture and stain resistant flooring; Vinyl and linoleum flooring is the best option for a rental property.

·       Bedrooms

You can include carpets, tiles, hardwoods, and laminate in your bedrooms. As carpets last longer, bedrooms are the perfect place to install carpets in them.

·       Washrooms

For washrooms, vinyl, linoleum, and tile are the best flooring options mostly because they are durable, less expensive, and water resistant.

Flooring options for rental property NY

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