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Flooring Options for Rental Property

What are some of the best flooring options for a rental property? Undoubtedly, flooring is always a significant expense when it’s done in a rental property. Carpeting is reasonably cost effective, but it is now outdated. Today, hardwood, vinyl plank, and tile floors are replacing carpeting methods quite well and are used widely in scores of newly built projects.

Flooring for a Rental Property

It is always better to select the best flooring option for your property regardless of whether it is a rental or you live in it with your family. It is the prime duty of you and your property dealers to attract rentals to your property at once.

There are some main aspects that an owner should consider while choosing the flooring for a rental property. Some of these are:

  • Dependable
  • Modern design
  • Tenants should love it
  • Total purchase & installation costs

Owners have a lot of flooring choices than ever, and now it is easy for them to select a flooring option that includes all these three aspects in a better way. Flooring is different for different parts of a house or apartment. The kitchen, bath, living, and bedrooms should have unique and separate flooring, and they must look good.

Best flooring options for rental property

Best Flooring Options

We have compiled some flooring options that are everlasting and captivating. The average new floor cost ranges from $6 to $10 per sq. ft. These rates are without installation fees. Let’s review some of the types of flooring for rental property along with the merits and demerits of installing it:

1.     Vinyl and Linoleum

When it comes to moisture resistance and reliability, these are the most affordable flooring options. Luxury vinyl or linoleum flooring fits best for the living spaces and bedrooms as it gives a ceramic appearance.

2.     Hardwood

When it comes to rental property, hardwood flooring is considered a good option. Indeed, it is easily scratched, but the best thing is you can restore it quickly. It usually lasts more than 25 years and attracts more tenants.

3.     Laminate

If you are looking for hardwood flooring, then laminate is the best option for you at affordable rates. Landlords know what is trending nowadays, so they prefer laminate flooring options, as tenants love. It lasts more than 20 years, and you can install it easily.

4.     Tiles

Wooden tiles ceramic is one of the best options that perform efficiently in rental properties. Ceramic tiles are durable, stainless, and effectively waterproof.

These are expensive but perfect if you are looking for wood and stone flooring designs.

Flooring Options for Rooms

It is better to install multiple flooring in your rental property. You can select various types of flooring options for different rooms.

·       Living room

Carpeting is an easy flooring option that comes in various price ranges and styles according to its quality, but it requires high-end maintenance. So, you can go for tiles, laminates, or hardwood flooring for living rooms.

·       Kitchen

The kitchen requires less moisture and stain resistant flooring; Vinyl and linoleum flooring is the best option for a rental property.

·       Bedrooms

You can include carpets, tiles, hardwoods, and laminate in your bedrooms. As carpets last longer, bedrooms are the perfect place to install carpets in them.

·       Washrooms

For washrooms, vinyl, linoleum, and tile are the best flooring options mostly because they are durable, less expensive, and water resistant.

Flooring options for rental property NY

Hire the Best Contractor for Your Rental Property’s Flooring

At Brener Construction Inc., we offer customers installation services for various styles, colors, and flooring design options. We have expert flooring services and can give the best flooring to your rental property.

Contact us now to discuss and schedule installation of your rental property’s flooring. We are trusted 

Tel: 646-455-3321

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Modern Flooring Options

What are the modern flooring options for 2022? Although we’re still under the after effects of a global pandemic, we can’t ignore how many people made a fresh start with 2022. For some people, getting a fresh start means renovating and improving their homes. And besides, what’s better than starting a simple home improvement or renovation with a few flooring upgrades. The world of home improvement is filled new styles, variations, technologies, and countless ideas. As a homeowner or landlord, you may be surprised by the countless flooring upgrade options now in the market.

Modern Flooring Options

To help you sift through some of the top modern flooring options, we’ve come up with a small list of options. In this list, you will learn about the top modern flooring trends of 2022.

Top Modern Flooring Options

Check out the best modern flooring options that are now highly popular in the home improvement and renovation industry. While some flooring options increase functionality, others improve the overall aesthetics of the house. Aside from that, some ideas improve both functionality and aesthetics among the extensive range of flooring options for modern and traditional houses. Check out the list of flooring options that we have picked personally according to their popularity in the growing home improvement industry:

Laminate Flooring

It may sound outdated, but a lot of people are still going for the option of laminate flooring. Besides, the amazing qualities and features of laminate floors is bound to attract a huge number of homeowners considering home improvement and remodeling. For one, you can achieve different types of looks including tiles, hardwood, and ceramic with laminate flooring. In addition, laminate flooring provides unparalleled durability and longevity. Plus, it’s highly affordable for most homeowners.

Modern Flooring Options Contractor NYC

Cork and Bamboo Flooring

Both cork and bamboo are highly popular in the home improvement markets because homeowners love creating a comfortable bedroom and nursery room design. The materials are durable, long-lasting, and highly attractive with their natural tone and color accents. When used together with the perfect color match-up, cork and bamboo wood flooring creates a soft and warm décor for a bedroom. Also, it works excellently for nursery or children’s room decoration. They offer functionality with a comfortable appearance.

Technology Integrated Flooring

This modern flooring option is relatively expensive than any other flooring option in the market. You can integrate a range of technologies in your house’s flooring including motion-detection sensors, temperature control, automatic heating, and more. The use of modern technology has made lifestyles comfortable. So, imagine getting out of your bed on a cold morning but not afraid to step on the cool tile floor because the auto-heating technology is already warming up the floors for you.

3D Printed Floors

If you love experimenting with technology and are always on the lookout for something exciting, try the latest 3D floors. These are gaining a lot of attention in the modern home improvement industry. 3D floors can represent anything you like from the ocean’s foamy waves to the novas and constellations in space. You may have to discuss the application of 3D printed floors in your house with your contractor in detail.

Modern Flooring Options: Conclusion

At Brener Construction Inc. we exist to serve our clients by completing projects on time and within budget. Whether you require plumbing, millwork, or a renovation project, we will help you get the job done. Our subcontractors are highly reliable and have been working with us since our firm was first founded.

Meet with any of our consultants to discuss your flooring ideas. We will quickly get you an estimate for the flooring option that you have in mind.

Call us at (646) 455-3321 and set a meeting with one of our professional general contractors today!

Flooring Upgrade: How to Pick a Great Contractor

A flooring upgrade isn’t child’s play, and you must be very careful about choosing the perfect contractor for the job. One of the prime reasons behind choosing the best contractor is that the process involves your home’s foundation. Hence, one accidental blow during the demolition process can weaken your house’s entire structure. For your information, a lot of homeowners skip on some of the most important parts of the contractor selection process. What are the parts of the said process? Well, there are a few things that you must check when interviewing a contractor to give the job of flooring upgrade for your house.

Best Flooring Upgrade contractor NYC

There are some useful questions that can ensure you’re with the right contractor and won’t experience any challenges during the renovation process. To make sure the expensive “cosmetic procedure” of your house/office goes as planned, here’re some useful tips to pick a great contractor for the job.

Picking a Great Contractor for a Flooring Upgrade

Finding a good contractor might sound easy. But, it is as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack if you consider the number of contractors promoting themselves as the best out there. But, how do you finally choose a contractor that’s well-experienced and trained in handling jobs like flooring upgrades and other house renovations? The tips below will help you know whether you’re talking to the right contractor for the job or not.

State License for Operation

A great contractor that offers you flooring upgrades and other renovation services won’t be shy to show their license for operation. Flooring upgrades are examples of house renovation. So, you can’t ignore that it will involve local housing authorities and several permits. To show the local housing authorities or other neighborhood authorities that you’re working legally on your house, you must show the contractor’s official license for your respective state as well.

Honest and Upfront Crews

Don’t go for a contractor that’s unsure of its crews’ abilities and timely completion of the project. If the contractor says, “your floor will be completed around then or-,” you’re probably not talking to the right contractor. A great contractor for flooring upgrades will show accountability and will take full responsibility for the project’s timely completion. Plus, a good contractor will review the best crew for your house’s flooring upgrade. Don’t forget that a reliable crew can matter a lot in home renovation. Your contractor must have attentive, trained, and experienced professionals by their side.

High Quality and Reliable Suppliers

Also, your contractor must have a reliable supplier for raw materials. It’s okay to hire a contractor if they promise to bring high-quality construction material into your house. After all, the floors of your house matter, and with reliable suppliers providing high-quality construction materials, you will have more than a handful of options to choose from involving style, variations, and color accents for your floor.

Top Flooring Upgrade contractor NYC BK BX Queens SI 2022

Transparent Costing and Budgeting

Lastly, don’t assume that all great contractors will lay down the whole costing sheet in the first meeting. You must inquire about the total costs of your project and talk about it to your contractor. A great and reliable contractor will describe detailed cost calculations and help you know how the estimate turned into the total value of the project.

Flooring Upgrade Contractor: Conclusion

Brener Construction Inc. never disappoints any clients whether they’re from a commercial building or a residential property. We receive different kinds of flooring upgrade requests, and interestingly, we have left every client satisfied. If you want to hire a contractor that offers a diverse renovation portfolio for apartments, condos, houses, and commercial structures, we’re the company to reach out to. Our official consultants and experts can listen to your requirements and help you get the estimate for your project.

Sourcing high quality construction materials and reliable crew members, we make sure that your renovation and other projects are completed on time always. Call today for a free consultation.

Tel: 646-455-3321

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Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Are you considering popular flooring options for your NYC apartment remodel? Flooring is important as it elevates the décor of your house interior. New flooring also is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Besides that, people consider flooring as a means to enhance aesthetic appeal for their home’s interior. Hence, flooring options play a prominent role when opting for a remodel of your house (home improvement). However, before moving to the flooring options, let’s acknowledge the cost factors involved in installing new flooring.

What Determines the Cost of Installing New Flooring?

One of the major cost determinants is the square footage of the floor space in need of new flooring. Calculating the cost by measuring the width and length of the floor space will give you a nearly accurate cost estimate for your new flooring plan. Moreover, here are some other factors that will influence your flooring costs.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

  • Removal of old flooring
  • Disposal of old flooring
  • Subfloor replacements
  • Installation materials (nails, bolts, glues, adhesives, etc.)
  • House locations (near the city or not influences the cost of your flooring plan)
  • Labor
  • Moving furniture before and after flooring

Why Install New Flooring?

Before we jump onto flooring options for luxurious and stylish NYC apartments, here are some other reasons why people add new floor options to their house remodeling plans.

Freshness in Your Home

Getting new flooring for your home is just like getting a haircut. It allows you to see everything from a new perspective. Besides, new flooring is fun because it introduces a new color scheme to your home’s current palette. Hence, it reflects new décor for your house interior.

Costs Less Than You Think

The availability of a wide variety of options means that you get invaluable cost savings as well. However, that might only be possible if you are in touch with the best renovating company in your state. For someone living in NYC, you might want to seek the professional experience and expertise of Brener Construction Inc.

Safety Reasons

Safety reasons include the replacement of broken, cracking, or splintering wooden flooring. Besides wood, other flooring materials are susceptible to damage and deterioration if you fail to maintain them. This damage procures the need for new flooring.

Health Concerns

As traditional wood flooring is susceptible to absorbing water either from the general humidity, water spillage, or rain, various health concerns arise from it. For starters, the growth of mold or mildew can negatively affect your health. Or, things like sagging wood planks suffer from chances of breakage and splintering at any moment.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartments

Now, let’s go onto the various flooring options for NYC apartments. Read about them and pick a flooring option to enhance your property’s aesthetics and resale market value.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, especially from trees like oaks, chestnuts, and cherry, is among the most popular and trending flooring options. Regardless of the style you choose for your house, hardwood flooring can definitely improve its appeal. Moreover, easy refurnishing for scratches and the classy vintage look make it an impeccable option.

The domestic variety of hardwood flooring is available in strides (planks) varying in length and width.  Hardwood flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Simply sweep and mop the floor regularly to prevent dust and grime from accumulating. Further, you should incorporate inspections to detect any scratches, color damage (fading), mold, or even splinters.

Best Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Pottery-style flooring comprises a material made from a mixture of shale and clay. It is an extremely hard material that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and, more significantly, exotic patterns. Importantly, check the ceramic you pick for your house flooring remodel beforehand because some types of ceramics are susceptible to shattering easily.

Laminate (Hardwood)

Laminate flooring resembles engineered wood flooring. Conversely, explaining laminate flooring is relatively easy. It has a thin veneer that covers the layers of compressed fiber or even plywood beneath it. Fact: the layer on top is a photograph that lies beneath the transparent plastic coating.

Laminates are modern flooring options. Why? Firstly, they resemble traditional and classical hardwood flooring while also balancing the look with extensive features and benefits. Are you wondering what benefits laminate flooring can offer?

With laminate flooring, you enjoy a slip-resistant floor that is invulnerable to stains and scratches! But, do check the coat for the laminate flooring you choose. So, if you are already developing your remodel plan, check out some of the best laminate flooring options for an aesthetically pleasing floor.

Flooring for NYC Apartment Remodel: Final Thoughts

Brener Construction Inc. provides luxurious remodeling and renovation services in New York City. If you wish to seek a remodeling company for the installation of new flooring in your house, Brener Construction Inc. might be just what you are looking for.

Ring us at 646-455-3321 and schedule an appointment with our expert to get a quote or an estimate. Visit our website to learn about our recent projects and our various services ranging from residential to commercial projects.

Need New Flooring? Different Types and Installation Process

What are the different types and installation process for flooring? If you plan on getting some good flooring inspiration for your new home or renovation, you’ve come to the right place as we discuss different types of flooring and the flooring process. Installation of new flooring may seem overwhelming and a big deal nowadays, as there are so many types of new floorings to give your house a modernized touch and feel.

types and installation process for new flooring

Types of Flooring

As mentioned, with so many different types of flooring, it can get a bit difficult to choose the right one for your place. Make sure you go through the details of each type of flooring so that you know if it suits your taste and environment of the place you’re living in. Here are the different types of flooring:

1.     Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is a type of flooring that looks just like wooden flooring; however, t is much more reasonable in price than other wood floorings.

The topmost layer of engineering hardwood consists of genuine hardwood that includes a number of layers made of ply plank. The ply planks turn in different directions and have much better moisture.

This type of flooring is perfect for areas where there is more humidity; however, you cannot easily refinish engineered hardwood floors as it consists of very thin veneer. If you’re looking for cost-effective flooring, engineered hardwood is the best option for you.

2.     Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common types of flooring that can sometimes fall a bit expensive but leaves you with an amazing finish. Hardwood flooring consists of one piece of hardwood that comes from different types of trees, which can be any of your choices.

The planks of this flooring are usually thick by three-quarters of an inch, and different widths ranging from three to five inches.

There are two types of hardwood wood; one is a pre-finished wood, which includes the finish before installing of planks. The other is unfinished hardwood, which will need refinishing to maintain the moisture and shine.

3.     Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another suitable option if you’re looking for budget-friendly flooring. Laminate floorings include a finished top layer with sealed layers of plywood and sometimes fiber that provides you with proper stability.

These are somewhat similar to engineered wood floorings. However, laminate floorings don’t include real wood in the top layer, but it looks just like wood thanks to the photo editing technology. You can also get stone, stained, or ceramic coatings on this type of flooring.

4.     Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most versatile floorings as it comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors that would suit any areas of your house. Ceramic tiles include a mixture of shale and clay, which helps create a hard ceramic texture. You can choose different types of ceramic tiles, such as porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, quarry tiles, and glazed ceramic tiles.

5.     Carpeted Flooring

Carpet flooring is also versatile flooring that comes in different textures and colors. The best type of carpet flooring is one that includes a good amount of fiber, as this makes it more long-lasting. There are different types of carpet flooring that include different materials such as polyester, wool, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene.

Other Types of Flooring

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Cork Flooring
  • Stone Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Polished Concrete Flooring

Installation Process for Flooring

The flooring process consists of two basic steps that help you achieve the right flooring for every room in your house. Here are the steps involved in the basic flooring process:

Installation process for new flooring

Creating the Flooring Base

The first step is the formation of the flooring base, which will provide a proper surface for the covering of the floor. You can choose different materials for this level. In this step, first, the builder fills the specific area with soil, and then waters and packs it tightly.

The builder will use a small layer of broken brick to jam pack the soil. Next, there is a layer of concrete cement leveled out for the floor covering.

Covering of the Floor

This is the second step in the installation of your new flooring. In this step, whatever type of flooring you choose gets placed on the base of the floor. You can use any of the flooring option mentioned above, but the most commons are concrete flooring. If you want a modernized touch, you can use marble or hardwood.

Call Brener Construction for Your New Flooring Options

If you live in NYC and want to achieve a smooth flooring process, you should get in touch with Brener Construction Inc.. We will help you with any construction and specialize in flooring installation. From laying ceramic tile flooring to installing hardwood flooring and refinishing hardwood floors, we make sure to offer high-quality work and flooring services.

New Flooring: What Are the Options?

Among the most frustrating home decorating challenges that we can ever encounter are the worn-out and old floors. We can add accessories, paint walls and even bring in fancy big furniture on a controlled budget, but a complete makeover of our entire floor is bound to be bigger and a costly project.

But this does not mean that we have to forcefully put up with ratty old, scuffed vinyl or carpeting. We have a variety of flooring options to choose from these days, including some which we can also easily afford without breaking the bank. Ceramic tile, vinyl, and laminate are as reasonably priced as $1 per square foot. We, however, need to keep in mind that the low prices of these flooring materials will not make them magically suitable for any space we plunk them into.

Every type of flooring comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. What makes one type of flooring ideal for one room could make it a terrible option for another. So before we begin on our flooring project, we must do our homework. A little research will help us immensely in gaining insight into the benefits and costs of different types of flooring. It will make it easy for us to pick something that will easily blend into our space and our budget.


We all know that Bamboo is a variety of grass and a pretty fast growing one. It takes just three to five years to grow from a tiny little sprout into harvest-ready. Bamboo makes for a great eco-friendly option for our flooring. Most importantly, a fast turn-around is not the only best feature of this grass. It is also a fire-resistant option and comes in the form of planks that can very easily be installed. In strength, it is 13 % harder and stronger than the hard maple and 27% than the Northern red oak.


When it comes to elegance, nothing defines it better than hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can add a unique character and plenty of depth to any space. Solid wood flooring comes in two options: in strips that 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide and planks, which are 4 to 8 inches wide.

Flooring Options - Best NYC Contractor 01

There are several varieties available in hardwood flooring; it can be made from the exotic resources such as Brazilian purpleheart or cherry, from domestic spices such as maple or oak. We also have the option of purchasing wood flooring as finish and unfinished. All we will be required to do after installing it is simply sand and finish it.

Where the cost is concerned, consumer reports give us evidence that prefinished wood flooring costs us less money and less effort.


Engineered hardwood is pretty much similar to solid hardwood appearance-wise. Engineered wood comprises of a core of plywood, hardwood, high-density fiberboard, and also a top layer veneer of hardwood. This veneer is present in almost every kind of species. Nearly three to seven layers of the materials are glued together. High pressure and heat are applied to compress the layers and produce flooring that is not only tough and sturdy but is also completely proof against humidity.

Owing to these features of engineered wood, they are an ideal option for places in our homes that are surrounded by heat and humidity, which are detrimental to solid hardwood flooring. Our kitchens and basement are the rooms that could benefit from engineered wood flooring the most.


Linoleum comprises materials like limestone, linseed oil, tree resins, and wood floor. Linoleum is recognized for its durability and low maintenance. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. It is also available in several intricate cuts and available in sheets. We can complement any home style of our choice with linoleum.


Natural stone personifies timelessness and organic beauty. No two stones tiles can ever be identical and have a wide range of options to pick from. These include marble, slate, limestone, granite, travertine, and onyx. Stone tiles do not require high maintenance. They are very easy to clean, are fire-resistant, and are extremely durable. Stone tiles have the timeless quality of forever looking trendy and can add tons of luxuriousness and wealth to any home.

Flooring Options - Best NYC Contractor 02


Marmoleums are renewable and an all-natural source. They are made of up recyclable materials that benefit the environment and cause no damage. Marmoleum is quite unlike linoleum. It is resistant to dirt and dust, does not possess an overpowering odor and is allergen-free. Marmoleum is available in tiles and sheets, is a trustworthy choice for areas in our home that experience heavy traffic, and is also a very low maintenance material.


Ceramic tiles are the most common kind that can be found in our residential homes. Ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain and are more durable in nature if they are well taken care of. We can make our choice from a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes, which enhance the compatibility of the material with any style design. Another attractive feature of the ceramic tiling is that it has a durable glaze finishing. Glazes come in a choice of semi-gloss, matte formats, and high gloss. They make the flooring water-resistant and very convenient to clean.

If you ever decide to hire professionals for installing new flooring in our homes, contact the best contractor for the job.