Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation: Factors to Consider

What factors should you consider for a Brooklyn townhouse renovation? Brooklyn is full of townhouses and multifamily properties. Many of these properties were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and require minor to extensive renovations over time. Renovating a townhouse is a large undertaking, involving multiple trades and permitting.

Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation

Before you start renovating your townhouse in New York City, you must have complete knowledge of your budget and contractors to work with. Regardless of what you are looking to renovate, is it just a front door, or do you want to add a washroom and comprehensively look into all the aspects of planning and arrangements

But what are the key aspects to look for? In this guide, we acknowledge you with some productive aspects regarding Brooklyn townhouse Renovation.

Key Features to Consider While Renovating a Townhouse in Brooklyn

·       The Structure

Apart from the external structural work, there is also the interiors to consider. Many modern clients prefer open layouts. A common renovation is to remove the wall parallel to the stairs, providing additional open space and making the area more roomy and airy. But it is not an easy task and may require structural support.

·       Restoration of Original Details

When restoring anything, the most critical thing is to keep as many original details as possible. Restoring a 100 year old townhouse to it’s original splendor is undoubtedly a challenge. You must be picky and decide what to keep and renovate. Depending on the condition of the townhouse, some people renovate entire interiors, and some renovate the outside structure to add beauty externally. It all depends on the owners preferences.

·       Bedroom Design

Consistency is the key to designing. Bedrooms should have a classic look and incorporate the overall house design. It should give an aesthetic vibe that appeals to this generation.

·       Contrast the Old Theme with the New

The old and new attributes always work well together. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating the whole house or just a few things; leaving some old key characteristics and blending these with the new is a fantastic design feature.

Do Some Background Research and Ask Yourself

Here are some things that you should ask before making any decision.

1.     Existing Conditions

Getting a complete picture of the existing picture of your townhouse is a must. Don’t just settle for databases; personally check everything that is installed inside of it. Nature has become quite rough now. Check the outer forces that are not in control of the owner that is unplanned construction around its surroundings.

2.     The History of Building

Every property has an extensive detailed history of ownership and repairs. It is a necessary task to check the historical background of the property, who used it, how they used it, there are any red flags or rules violations. By checking all these things, you will get important information relating to any structural, facade, plumbing, electrical or mechanical issues that weren’t fixed in the past.

3.     Check If Your Townhouse is a Historical Landmark

In NYC, The Landmark Preservation Commission safeguards historical and culturally significant sites. If you are willing to buy a protected townhouse, you must submit a NOC and your contractor’s renovation plan before starting alteration.

4.     Finances

Townhouses are real property. Purchasing a townhouse and renovating it is the same as purchasing and renovating a condo or a single family house. Financing the purchase and renovation of a townhouse requires strong financials, income or assets. With these in place, you can apply for a construction loan, HELOC, or refinance your mortgage if the property has one.

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