Best Materials to Use for a High End Apartment Renovation in NYC

What are the best materials to use for a high end apartment renovation in NYC? Of course, renovating a simple residential house in an urban setting and then renovating a luxurious penthouse in NYC are projects at two different scales. Therefore, the type of general contractors and the resources that they use can vary significantly. However, if you’re willing to renovate your luxurious apartment into something more functional and aesthetically appealing, it’s best if you learn about the type of materials most typically used for such a project.

High End Apartment Renovation NYC

High end apartment renovators and general contractors in NYC always source high quality materials and exceptionally experienced and trained subcontractors. The prices of the best materials used in upper end renovations are of top quality, so it’s safe to say that the best materials might also have the highest prices.

Best Materials for a High End Apartment Renovation in NYC

With high end apartment renovations, almost anything can be custom-made and fitted with custom materials. Therefore, the variations in style, color, and detail can be endless. But, high end apartments are often viewed as luxury residential spaces. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of apartment owners and general contractors to go for the best materials for renovation. Here’s a typical list:

Expensive Glass Panels

Glass panels have been at the heart of high end apartments. From stylish windows to sleek bathroom doors that slide without making a sound, glass panels come in a great variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and features. You will most definitely notice high-rise buildings and apartments having huge glass window panels with completely glasses bathrooms and showers inside.

Although glass doesn’t help much with privacy, high-end bathrooms are located strategically for personal use in bedrooms and other closed rooms. They’re among the finest materials used for apartment renovations.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring isn’t just for aesthetics anymore. While giving off a traditional and stylish look, engineered wood offers stain and scrape resistance these days. If you’re working closely with your general contractor, you can inquire about the type of engineered wood that will give the desired look to your apartment’s flooring.

Best Materials for High End Apartment Renovation in NYC

Eco-Friendly Insulation Material

Even in luxury apartments, eco-friendly insulation materials are some of the top choices of the best general contractors and renovators. Apartment owners love the idea of saving on energy bills and being environmentally friendly by promoting eco-materials for insulation.

High-Quality Concrete and Steel

You surely don’t need an introduction to what concrete is. However, it’s rarely used in renovating exceptional NYC apartments. But that doesn’t mean it’s not used at all. Some apartment owners wish for a simple yet functional base for their humble abode, and that’s where concrete comes in. Plus, during the initial construction, concrete plays a vital role as one of the best materials when used side-by-side with steel.

Crown Molding and A Touch of Timber

Timber is widely regarded as a prime home renovation and decoration material nowadays. Plus, its application for creating the most attractive and elegant crown moldings has left many apartment owners stunned. So, if you’re thinking about the best materials for a high end apartment renovation in NYC, don’t forget that timber crown molding is amongst the favorite options.

High End Apartment Renovation in NYC Materials: Conclusion

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