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NYC Apartment Gut Renovation: Things to Consider

Are you thinking about doing a gut renovation to your NYC apartment? During COVID-19, almost every family stayed at home working and learning with the family. If you are one of them, you may have noticed your décor and room going stale. Perhaps your chipping paint, outdated kitchen, or faded wallpaper is making you sick. Maybe you are planning a renovation in your brand-new home office. Or you simply want to tear your home and start over. In this condition, you need to rip your home down and renovate the rooms one by one. Well, that is possible. But, before renovating your home, you should know what you are getting into. Here is some important pointers that you should consider before apartment gut renovation.

NYC Apartment Gut Renovation

1.     Safety Precautions

Clearly, the first thing to think about is safety. Whether you are renovating a big section or small, safety should be a priority. Turn off the main circuit breaker and double-check the lights. Remove the switch and plug panels for your lighting system. If you know a little about electric work, it would be better if you consult a professional. You can contact Brener Construction Inc. for proper guidance.

2.     Gut a Kitchen

You need to be careful about gutting your kitchen, especially if you want to re-sell the cabinets. You can gut the kitchen in the same way as you reinstall them. Turn off the main water and pipe system and detach the dishwasher and taps. You can shuffle and unscrew them out. For adhesives, use a retractable or chisel knife. However, when you use a power drill, everything will come apart with a hitch. You can dismantle the tiled backsplash with an air chisel.

3.     Gut a Bathroom

Turn off the electrical sources and water mains in the bathroom. Flush and drain the pipelines, including the sink. Now remove the taps, chisel, unscrew, or slice away the shower, basin, and toilet at silicone holding. Like the kitchen, use the air chisel to remove the floor and wall tiles. If you have vinyl flooring, you can use a retractable knife to rip them out. But, before that, you need to cut the vinyl into sections.

4.     Remove Plasterboard Wall

Plasterboards are hollow when you tap on them. These are vertical wood strips reaching from floors to the ceiling. You can use a crowbar, hammer, or chisel to separate the boards from the floor and wall. Use the same technique with coving. You can use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. Now, mark all the studs and use a sledgehammer in the gap. You will find these tasks pretty fun. Then, detach each stud using a saw.

5.     Take Down a Brick Wall

The structure of the house and ceiling are often supported with internal brick walls. These walls are common in older properties. Taking down these walls is not an easy task, and you will require a professional’s help. An expert will inspect the structure of the house and measure the risk factors. Furthermore, they will use the right tools and equipment to remove the wall without any problem.

6.     Be Efficient

You need to immediately remove all the debris out of the house. Don’t wait for the complete wall to fall before you start cleaning. Ask your friends if they can give you a hand. Once you are done gutting, you can also have a little party. The entire process will seem overwhelming when you do it with your friends. Plus, it’s a great way to make new memories. If your friends agree to help you out, you can assign roles to each one of them. For instance, you can divide the task into removing debris, dismantling, and tidying up. When you work as a team, you can efficiently complete the work with little planning.

7.     Discard Wisely

All the materials you removed hold some hefty value. If you don’t think anything can be profitable, you should instantly dispose of it off. However, items such as toilets, bathtubs, kitchen cabinets, copper piping, old radiators, and basins are something worth selling. Even if these items aren’t worth enough, you can give them away in
your neighborhood. Many people will thank you for these unused items.

NYC Apartment Gut Renovation Best Contractor

8.     Hire a Professional

If all of these tasks sound hectic to you and you cannot do it all alone, you can hire a professional team. Renovating companies can help you to dismantle your home. An expert team will carefully remove every item from your home and discard them well. When you let a reliable technician take care of gutting tasks, you can relax and plan new installations.


Are you looking for a professional contractor in NYC that can help you with your NYC apartment gut renovation? Consult with Brener Construction Inc. We’ve been renovating homes in New York City and the Tri state area for over 20 years. If you want expert advice or help, you can give us a call at 646-455-3321.

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Four Tips to Keep in Mind When Having a Home Office Space Built in Your NYC Apartment

Build a Home Office Space

contractor-for-home-office-renovation-nyc-01While your apartment is meant to be your living space where you relax, unwind, and even entertain, for some people, it may also need to double as a home office space. While most apartments aren’t always set up with a dedicated home office, there is no reason that you can’t hire a professional renovator to come in and make that happen. With that said, there are a few tips you may want to keep in mind during the planning and renovation process, which will help ensure the office is exactly what you need and want.

Make Sure There is Enough Space for the Key Features

It would be great to have all kinds of available space in your apartment, but chances are high that you have a limited amount of space you can dedicate to it. With that said, you want to be sure there will at least be enough room to house the essentials – which is your desk, chair, computer, printer, and filing/storage system.

Give Thought to Lighting

best-lighting-for-home-office-renovation-nyc-02As you work with a renovator, it’s also a good idea to bring up the topic of lighting. Lighting is a big part of your home office as there is a good chance you’ll be working some early mornings or late nights. Overhead lighting typically isn’t enough, which means task lighting will be needed.

What About Privacy?

Privacy can also be a key aspect when designing a home office. This is especially so if you don’t live on your own, meaning there will be noise in the background as you work. While you may not be able to put up actual walls, a renovator can work with you to find more flexible solutions that still provide you with a sense of privacy.

Natural Light is Always a Nice Touch

renovation-for-home-office-ny-03Whenever possible, it’s also nice if you can include natural light, meaning a window or door, in the office space. This will help to brighten up the office space and can help to keep you more alert and focused, which will only end up benefiting your work.

Let the Professionals Handle All the Stress

We encourage you to contact us today and schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan, who will be able to design and create the home office space that you have been dreaming of.