Types of NYC Home Improvement Requiring a Professional Contractor

When it comes to home improvement, kitchens and bathrooms are among the common types in NYC. Most residents renovate their homes to improve the aesthetic outlook or reinstalling the cabinets and tiles. Besides home and kitchen renovations, people also choose loft conversions, same level extensions, and basement renovation to improve their home value. Read on to find out the major types of renovation that are popular in New York City and require a professional contractor.

NYC Home Improvement

Types of Home Improvement in NYC

Below, we will go through five major home improvement services that require collaboration with a professional contractor. Initially, many homeowners consider renovation a DIY project. However, if you are looking for home improvement, that is not possible, especially if you have no experience. Home renovation and improvement require advanced tools, knowledge, and expertise. Here are some common home improvement options in NYC:

1.     Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovation is the hottest trend in NYC. From Cardiff to Dover and Aberdeen to Brighton, many NYC residents are remodeling their kitchens. Obviously, you spend plenty of your time in the kitchen eating, cooking, and entertaining. Regardless of your lifestyle, revamping your kitchen immediately influences your everyday activities. Even if you have plans to sell your home, renovating this space will significantly increase your home value.

Removing walls, adding space, extending the patio or garden, and adjoining dining areas are common transformations in NYC. Many homeowners want brighter and larger kitchens. Because work in the kitchen needs precision, proper lighting, especially during breakfast and lunch hours, is necessary. If you don’t have any natural light source in this area, adding a window is a great way to do so.

2.     Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom and kitchen renovations often happen at the same time. Homeowners prioritize these spaces because numerous structural issues, such as water damage and seepage, can destroy the walls, tiling, and other items. This especially applies to the bathroom. Here, it’s important that you fix unforeseen issues from time to time. Routine fixtures can add a lot to your expenses. Therefore, many homeowners completely renovate their bathrooms for longer peace of mind.

Currently, freestanding baths and extra large vanities are trending in NYC. If your bathroom has less space, consider installing a walk in shower or a wet room. Also, surround the area with floor to ceiling glass panels. Ambient LED lighting, medium sized tiles, and light color schemes will make smaller spaces look bigger.

3.     Lean-to Extension

Lean-to extension or same level extensions are budget friendlier than basement or loft space. Even adding a small conservatory offers amazing returns on investment when you sell your home. Therefore, extensions are pretty popular in New York City. Extending the kitchen into the side return or the garden will give you additional space for cooking and dining. Furthermore, you can include glass frontage or large windows in your dining, kitchen, and living space. Open plan living, indoor outdoor flow, and natural daylight will look incredible in your living spaces.

While renovating, it is worth replacing the cladding in the entire house. Depending on your style preferences, cladding can stand out or blend in with the rest of your house. Completely cladding your home will increase its property value and street appeal.

4.     Loft Conversions

If you have an unused attic, this is the right time to utilize it by converting it into usable living space. These loft conversions and extensions increase your floor plan’s value without taking over your garden area. As loft conversion is an addition to your original house, it requires structural work. This indicates that loft conversion is an expensive type of renovation, especially when you compare it with same level extensions. In contrast, these home improvements enhance your living space.

Professional Contractor for NYC Home Improvement

Waterproofing and site access are additional factors that increase loft conversion costs. Also, if there are any problem areas in your home, this is the right time to get them fixed. When you hire a professional for home improvement, such as Brener Construction Inc., ask them to inspect your roof. When converting a loft, think about some key design issues, such as stairways and windows. Skylight windows are an incredible option to increase the value and headroom space in your home.

5.     Basement Conversions

Another amazing technique to maximize your home value is basement conversions. You can utilize your home basement by converting it into usable living space. Many homes already have sufficient space in their basement to easily convert them into a living room with minor transformation. If your home doesn’t have any basement or have a little one, you require some earthwork and disposal. Digging out the basement and creating additional space creates a more open and lighter feel. While converting your basement, you may face some common problems, such as water tightness and structural work. Nevertheless, you will require the best materials and professionals for the project.

Types of NYC Home Improvement Requiring a Professional Contractor: Conclusion

Finding a reliable company for home improvement can be a challenging part of the whole process. Professional contractors have broad knowledge and experience in renovations and home improvements. If you are looking for a professional contractor in NYC, you can consult our highly qualified team at Brener Construction Inc. We have many years of experience in the construction and renovation industry. 

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