Upgrading Your Bathroom: Worth Your Money

If kitchens are the heart of our homes, then bathrooms are their backbone. A bathroom lacking in glamour, sophistication, and functionality would adversely affect how we feel about our homes for years to come. Renovating a bathroom is also one of life’s most expensive projects.

If you are building our home for the first time, it is all the more necessary to get the bathroom right in the first go. Any first bathroom project requires great attention to detail. The builder you hire will most certainly provide a list of upgrades and standard options. The question here is how does one figure out which standard options or upgrades would enhance the value of their home.

The most functional of all the rooms in a house is the bathroom. If you choose the right upgrades for a bathroom, you will surely end up loving it without getting bored of it for years. Here is how you can get the best upgrades for your bathroom.

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Master Bathroom

If you select a floor plan that gives us the space to set up a master bathroom, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss out on. Master bathrooms have their own way of upping the resale value. If you are living in a home that did not initially include a master bath, it would be worth the money to hire an architect later and have a master bathroom incorporated. If you already possess one, then you must never cease working to improve our bathroom’s look.

As we mentioned before, bathrooms as the most used rooms in the house, and therefore a master bathroom is a must. It gives us a place to unwind, relax, and get some alone time away from the kids and all the grueling activity. It may be an expensive investment initially but the money is paid back ten times in terms of functionality.

Basement Plumbing

The building process becomes easy and cheap if you first add basement plumbing. You must pay your builder to get it done before you move in. This may not sound like an exciting upgrade, but opting for basement plumbing is actually a very wise decision, even when it is unfinished.

There eventually comes a time when you manage to complete the basement in the future. If you have plumbing installed during the building process, you end up saving a lot of money. When you finally get to complete it, you will be saved from the trouble of tearing down walls and breaking off concrete to install plumbing. Your contractor will only have to hook right into the plumbing already in place and get on with drywall and framing.

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Flooring and Tile

Saying that tiles are hard to replace would be understating the fact. The process calls for big-time demolition and in most cases, we just tend to keep putting it off or learn to live with awful pink tiles. If you don’t find standard tiles appealing, you must never settle for them unwillingly because attempting a replacement, later on, would be time-consuming and quite costly.

When we upgrade surfaces, we make it look special and enhance the look of our bathroom. You should stick to the same principle when you upgrade flooring. Make sure to always look for materials that are attractive and long-lasting. While fixtures and flooring can be changed frequently, flooring and tiles are meant to stay for long.

Extra Storage

If increased storage comes with your bathroom upgrades, you must not let the golden opportunity slip away at all. Bathroom storage might sound like an extremely mundane thing initially but you can’t even begin to imagine how much of a difference it makes to one’s lifestyle. Organizers, built-in shelves, and extra cabinets go a long way in transforming a cluttered cave into a serene retreat . We must always opt for upgrades that build on the space we have and keep our bathrooms well organized and appealing.

Better Lighting

Most of our bathrooms are fixed with builder-grade lighting that is hardly eye-catching. It is the regular kind of light fixing over the mirrors that are easy to install and cheap to buy. One of the best ways in which we can upgrade our lighting package on our own is if we procure better fixtures and also bring in some lights.

Natural lighting is unarguably the best option, but windows don’t always work too well in every kind of bathroom. We can make up for any light shortcomings by upgrading fixtures fitted with LED lights. These are the brightest kind and also last long.

Separate Shower and Tub

This is one of the simplest upgrades which bring a sure return on one’s money. A separate shower and tub create a lot of separate space. This, in turn, increases the worth of one’s home and offers plenty more functionality, especially where the master bathroom is concerned.  There is always the standard combo of tub and shower, which completely misses the wow factor. This element is, however, impossible to do independently. A separate tub and shower should only thus be included during the building process instead.

When it comes to your own personal space, you should never compromise on function and style. When you get on to such a project, aim for upgrades that are compatible with your lifestyle. It also never hurts to spend a little more on well-planned bathroom upgrades to increase the resale value of our homes and also our family’s satisfaction.

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