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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

What are some great bathroom remodeling ideas? With so many amazing bathroom trends coming up now and then, you may also want to change the look of your bathroom. You can easily get your bathroom remodeled with the help of an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor.

They will help give a new look to this space, whether you want a classic, modern, or traditional touch. If you want to feel good and comfortable every time you use your bathroom, consider trying out the amazing bathroom remodeling ideas mentioned below that are trending right now.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1.    Bold Designed Flooring

Bathroom flooring is one of the first things that attract you when you enter a bathroom, and it also helps add a modernized touch. Instead of going for plain white or cream tiled flooring, you can go for something unique such as metallic tiles with different geometrical patterns on them.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

You can even go for plain ones, but the designs pop out more and give out a bolder look. For a more dramatic touch, you can choose to get black flooring, or whatever color matches the whole bathroom.

2.    Combined Sinks

If you feel like one sink isn’t enough or want a bigger sink for your bathroom, you can get combined sinks installed. These sinks include two taps inches apart. It looks somewhat like a lake and gives a very seamless touch. The best part is you don’t have to worry about anything getting clogged. For an additional upgrade, you can add different colors to the sink.

3.    Aesthetic Lighting

If you want to take a nice hot bath at night when you come back home from a busy day at work, you will need some aesthetic lighting to create a peaceful vibe. For that, you can install some subtle LED lighting that will help create a cozy ambiance in your bathroom.

You can also get programmed lighting that allows you to change the color according to your mood. If you don’t want to get lights installed everywhere in your bathroom, you can place them behind your mirror, shelves, walls, or near your tub. The LED lights help to add a spotlight to a specific accessory that you love in your bathroom.

4.    Curvy Interior

For a unique and beautiful look, you can change the interior of your bathroom by adding curvy designs to the ceiling, walls, or fixtures. These curvy designs are quite trendy and help create a boxy angled look in your bathroom.

You don’t necessarily have to incorporate them into the whole bathroom; you can choose one specific area. For instance, you can get rounded tubs if you’re going for a curvy design as the tub will blend in with the flattering look of the bathroom’s interior.

5.    Metallic Walls

Metallic walls are another popular bathroom trend that you can’t miss out on. These metallic bathroom wall tiles create a dramatic and sexy ambiance in your bathroom. These are very eye-catching and make you fall in love with the overall look.

It also helps to add more space to your bathroom. If you don’t want to add metallic tiles directly, you could get your walls painted with metallic paints and achieve a glamorous looking bathroom.

6.    Forest Bathroom

If you want to go all out with your bathroom remodeling, you can try out this forest bathroom trend. It helps create a rustic outdoor look with the help of some specific elements. To create a forest bathroom look, you can get glass windows all around your bathroom and place some huge green plants. You don’t have to worry about privacy as you can use high-tech that involves electric privacy glass.

If not all around, you could just get a big window right in front of your bathtub and enjoy the greenery. Another option is to include plants outside your bathroom and river rocks which you could place around your curvy tub.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | NY Contractor

7.    Counter Tops or Floating Vanity

You can also try out a countertop or floating vanity that helps add a fun and unique look to your bathroom. The best part about both these vanity types is that it helps create more space in your bathroom. So you don’t have to worry about installing separate wall cabinets. Many people opt for open sofa tables as they can easily place it under their sink.

Call Brener Construction to build your Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

It is hard to miss out on these breathtaking bathroom remodeling ideas. So if you plan on getting your bathroom renovated soon incorporating these amazing trends, you should contact Brener Construction. Our team has the experience and required skillset to help you give an attractive makeover to your bathroom that will make you fall in love with it.

Upgrading Your Bathroom: Worth Your Money

If kitchens are the heart of our homes, then bathrooms are their backbone. A bathroom lacking in glamour, sophistication, and functionality would adversely affect how we feel about our homes for years to come. Renovating a bathroom is also one of life’s most expensive projects.

If you are building our home for the first time, it is all the more necessary to get the bathroom right in the first go. Any first bathroom project requires great attention to detail. The builder you hire will most certainly provide a list of upgrades and standard options. The question here is how does one figure out which standard options or upgrades would enhance the value of their home.

The most functional of all the rooms in a house is the bathroom. If you choose the right upgrades for a bathroom, you will surely end up loving it without getting bored of it for years. Here is how you can get the best upgrades for your bathroom.

Upgrading Bathroom-Pro Info

Master Bathroom

If you select a floor plan that gives us the space to set up a master bathroom, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss out on. Master bathrooms have their own way of upping the resale value. If you are living in a home that did not initially include a master bath, it would be worth the money to hire an architect later and have a master bathroom incorporated. If you already possess one, then you must never cease working to improve our bathroom’s look.

As we mentioned before, bathrooms as the most used rooms in the house, and therefore a master bathroom is a must. It gives us a place to unwind, relax, and get some alone time away from the kids and all the grueling activity. It may be an expensive investment initially but the money is paid back ten times in terms of functionality.

Basement Plumbing

The building process becomes easy and cheap if you first add basement plumbing. You must pay your builder to get it done before you move in. This may not sound like an exciting upgrade, but opting for basement plumbing is actually a very wise decision, even when it is unfinished.

There eventually comes a time when you manage to complete the basement in the future. If you have plumbing installed during the building process, you end up saving a lot of money. When you finally get to complete it, you will be saved from the trouble of tearing down walls and breaking off concrete to install plumbing. Your contractor will only have to hook right into the plumbing already in place and get on with drywall and framing.

Professional Contractor for Remodeling Bathroom NYC

Flooring and Tile

Saying that tiles are hard to replace would be understating the fact. The process calls for big-time demolition and in most cases, we just tend to keep putting it off or learn to live with awful pink tiles. If you don’t find standard tiles appealing, you must never settle for them unwillingly because attempting a replacement, later on, would be time-consuming and quite costly.

When we upgrade surfaces, we make it look special and enhance the look of our bathroom. You should stick to the same principle when you upgrade flooring. Make sure to always look for materials that are attractive and long-lasting. While fixtures and flooring can be changed frequently, flooring and tiles are meant to stay for long.

Extra Storage

If increased storage comes with your bathroom upgrades, you must not let the golden opportunity slip away at all. Bathroom storage might sound like an extremely mundane thing initially but you can’t even begin to imagine how much of a difference it makes to one’s lifestyle. Organizers, built-in shelves, and extra cabinets go a long way in transforming a cluttered cave into a serene retreat . We must always opt for upgrades that build on the space we have and keep our bathrooms well organized and appealing.

Better Lighting

Most of our bathrooms are fixed with builder-grade lighting that is hardly eye-catching. It is the regular kind of light fixing over the mirrors that are easy to install and cheap to buy. One of the best ways in which we can upgrade our lighting package on our own is if we procure better fixtures and also bring in some lights.

Natural lighting is unarguably the best option, but windows don’t always work too well in every kind of bathroom. We can make up for any light shortcomings by upgrading fixtures fitted with LED lights. These are the brightest kind and also last long.

Separate Shower and Tub

This is one of the simplest upgrades which bring a sure return on one’s money. A separate shower and tub create a lot of separate space. This, in turn, increases the worth of one’s home and offers plenty more functionality, especially where the master bathroom is concerned.  There is always the standard combo of tub and shower, which completely misses the wow factor. This element is, however, impossible to do independently. A separate tub and shower should only thus be included during the building process instead.

When it comes to your own personal space, you should never compromise on function and style. When you get on to such a project, aim for upgrades that are compatible with your lifestyle. It also never hurts to spend a little more on well-planned bathroom upgrades to increase the resale value of our homes and also our family’s satisfaction.

We offer the best services for remodeling, renovating, and bathroom upgrading. Contact us at Brener Construction Inc. to make your bathroom a statement of luxury and relaxation.

Choosing a NYC Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel

Do you want to remodel your bathroom and achieve a whole new look? Or you need to remodel to fix some problems in your bathroom? There can be many reasons for remodeling your bathroom. You must prepare a bathroom remodel checklist to start, and after that, hire a contractor. Don’t go for the nearby plumber who claims to do the entire bathroom remodeling work by himself. You must hire someone credible with expertise in this field.

Choosing a NYC contractor for an American standard remodel bathroom is a job in itself. You have to be careful in choosing the right contractor. You can’t afford sub-standard work. Here are a few steps you can follow to select a contract for remodeling:

Get References and Recommendations

Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to recommend you a good contractor. Ask for their experiences. Note down the recommended home improvement contractors. Add as many names to the list as you can. You can even search online and check online reviews. Next, you can shortlist the best options. The top contractors are easily reachable and appear higher in the search engine rankings. Skip the contractors that lack a website or have zero presence on social media and Yelp.

Check and Compare the Contractor’s Portfolio

Look for contractors that specialize in constructing and remodeling bathrooms. Check and compare the portfolios of Bathroom Remodel contractors. A good portfolio must have before and after photos of the project. Moreover, the more experienced the contractor, the better.

See the Contractor’s Certification and Licensing

If your contractor lacks proper certification, move on to the next option. You don’t want shoddy pipes and cement work even if you remodel bathroom on a budget. Your contractor must have the relevant licensing and certification. Good contractors have insurance liability in case there is some damage to your home during the project. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of their insurance. Strike any contractors who delay showing their certification and insurance policy off your list.

Time to Check for References

You must select a few top contractors. Next, check their references. Good contractors expect their customers to ask for references. Their references should include contact of previous customers. Ring them up and ask whether the contractor did a good job. You must inquire about their punctuality and efficiency as well. Ask if they keep the job site clean, and the price they charged for the project.

Check Out Past Projects

Review at least one project each contractor on your list completed. This would help you get an idea about the quality of work you can expect. Visit one of the references if they are welcoming. It’s better to visit homes where the contractor performed a similar remodeling job to what you are seeking. Look out for the materials they used, as well as identify any issues, including, slanted bathroom floor and poor lighting

Reviewing your contractors’ project might also give you a chance to see how well they work with small bathroom remodels or large bathroom remodel projects. Your contractor is pretty good at their job if they can transform a small simple bathroom within your budget.

Decide on the Price

Finally, ask the contractor for an estimate of the bathroom remodel cost. Keep in mind that price doesn’t always reflect the quality on offer. Don’t go for the cheapest option, just to save money. The contractors who ask for a little more can have better materials and quality of the work. Therefore, consider the other factors before you take price into account.

Choose the Perfect Contractor

After extensive research, the last step is selecting a contractor. If you can’t give that much time for research and want a credible contractor, worry not. Contact us to get in touch with the top bathroom remodeling contractor. We fit the perfect criteria to remodel your bathroom as per your specific and requirements.

Phone: 646-455-3321

7 Tips For An Efficient Apartment Bathroom Renovation

nyc-top-bathroom-renovation-contractors-02A bathroom occupies special importance in your house – whether it’s a urinal break at the end of an hour-long traffic jam or a refreshing soak in the tub after a long day.

Bathroom renovations bring out the creative side in homeowners who try to recreate their ideal bathrooms – which might mean ignoring some essential things. To ease you into the process of redesigning your bathroom, we have gathered tips from our experts that have completed a number of successful bathroom renovations.

1.    Stick To Your Plan

First off, micro-analyze everything when creating a plan. And once you’ve finalized the plan, make sure to stick to it.

The plan should account for plumbing, electrical, and other labor requirements and once work begins, resist the urge to make unnecessary edits to the original plan. Not only does this keep the process easy for the workers, but also saves on alteration costs.

2.    Prioritize The Pipelines


Bathrooms should definitely provide aesthetic value, but not at the cost of its primary function. Before plastering and flooring work begins, it is important to ensure all of the plumbing work is completed efficiently.

Bathrooms, sink, loo, faucets, and showers are vital cogs in a bathroom and proper, leakage proof connections are key to ensuring your bathroom remains durable for a long time.

3.    Salvage Usable Sanitary ware

When renovating bathrooms, people tend to unnecessarily throw away sanitary ware that can actually come handy. Re-using good quality faucets, taps, and other sanitary ware such as good condition vanities is cost-effective and a great way to compliment your bathroom design.

4.    Waterproof The Space

A leaking bathroom is a nuisance. It causes significant damage to the structure and adds up significant cost to repairs. To avoid leaks, you may use tile backer boards to line the bathroom walls and shower enclosures.

Tile backer boards are completely waterproof when taped and jointed, and if paired with an underfloor heating system, can act as excellent insulators.

5.    Mirrors Add To The Bathrooms Look

Even the smallest of bathrooms can be fitted with wall mounted mirrors to accentuate the bathroom size — experts advise using large, frameless mirrors to free up more space in a small bathroom.

Additionally, fit heated pads behind the mirror to avoid moisture misting up in the mirror after a bath.

6.    Don’t Forget About Ventilation

A bathroom is damp and steamy by nature, and in the absence of proper ventilation, the humidity can damage any wooden element present in the bathroom.

Installing a window ventilation extractor fan can help keep moisture to a minimum.

7.    Storage Is A Necessity

beautiful-bathroom-remodel-tips-ideas-03Nothing can ruin the appeal of a nice, renovated bathroom than a disoriented mess of clothes, toilet essentials, and personal care items.

Bathroom storage furniture is a great way to keep everything out of sight – except the expensive and flashy toiletries of course. There are plenty of options when choosing bathroom storage furniture, such as fitted furniture that enhances the bathroom appeal.

On the other hand, modular bathroom furniture is portable and offers more flexibility as it can be bought after the bathroom is renovated.

Bathroom renovations require expert plumbing, electrical work, and tiling – altogether. Brener Construction Inc. provides you a one-stop solution to your bathroom renovation needs without comprising on the quality of the work.

We take immense pride in providing the most superior bathroom renovation services in New York City. Call us now to schedule a free consultation and get started on making your imagination come to life.

A Concise Guide For Your Apartment Bathroom Renovation

top-nyc-bathroom-renovation-contractor-01A new bathroom can be luxurious, relaxing, and exciting. The bathroom renovation process to get one? Not so much. Even small bathroom renovations such as tinkering with the floor plan or moving the plumbing can incur high renovation costs.

However, bringing your bathroom to life is a cost that’s worth every penny. Here is our guide to make your bathroom renovation work.

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Renovation

Do Your Homework

In the planning stage, consider practicality before jumping onto the design aspect of the job. Before starting tearing out the walls, consider the following questions:

  • How large is your space?
  • How many people will use the bathroom?
  • What are your primary needs? Do you look to enjoy long soaks in a bathtub?

The primary needs and limitations of the space will dictate the design of the bathroom renovation.

Lay The Bathroom Renovation Plan Out

remodel-bathroom-tips-info-top-contractor-02Once you have zeroed down on completely renovating your bathroom space, it’s time to micro-analyze every aspect of the layout. If you own the apartment, the importance of this step exemplifies manifold. You’re using your bathroom every-single-day – it’s imperative to maximize space and make the most out of the layout.

Consider what bothers you the most and try to identify what worked in the bathroom setups you’ve liked; such as lightning, space, and products.

The Bathroom Necessities

Even the most fancied upon suite bathrooms have the same components that your apartment bathroom will feature. It’s the little differences that stand out.


Vanities come in all shapes and sizes – from stock items to highly customizable pieces integrated with countertops and storage. You have to choose between ample storage space or maintaining a minimalistic footprint that keeps your bathroom open and airy.

Sink and Shower

While most bathrooms settle for stock fixtures, it doesn’t have to be so. The right finish – such as silver, gold or matte – can add a whole lot of design to your bathroom.

Bathtubs and Toilets

Bathtubs essentially come down to a matter of space and budget, but if you’re covered, there are a myriad of sizes and designs that can add the luxury element to your bathroom. A bit of time and research into toilet brands can give you a pleasing seat, so you don’t have to settle for just another toilet.


best-bathroom-renovation-construction-ideas-queens-nyc-03A lot of people install lighting once they are done with planning the whole design of the bathroom. Lighting is an important aspect of how the bathroom will look, and it needs to be prioritized accordingly.

Ideally, bathrooms feature a blend of ambient lighting and task-based lighting — our experts advise installing bathroom lights on dimmers to create a soothing atmosphere as you sink in the bubble bath after a long day.

Whereas task-based lighting is to ensure you get a clean shave without the overhead lighting casting shadows at your face. It is designed to be functional as well as being decorative to add to the bathroom appeal.

You deserve a bathroom that relieves your stress and soothes your senses, and we’re here to help – Brener Construction Inc. can take care of all your NYC apartment bathroom renovation needs at the most economical rates . Call us today  at 646-455-3321 to schedule a free consultation.

For more information, visit our main website:


Bathroom Renovations

Why It’s Worth it to Hire a Professional Renovator to Update Your Bathroom

best-contractor-for-bathroom-renovation-upgrade-nyc-01Have you recently made the decision that it’s time to update your apartment’s bathroom? Are you tired of a space that just doesn’t work for your needs and is looking dated and worn down? A bathroom renovation is an extremely popular project that all kinds of people take on. The project can be relatively short and simple, or it can be much more involved.

Rather than go ahead with the renovations yourself, it can be well worth your time to consider hiring a professional renovator to get the job done. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits of using a professional renovator to update your bathroom.

Get the Project Done a Whole Lot Faster

expert-nyc-ny-bathroom-construction-work-project-02When people first set out on DIY jobs around the house, they typically have the best intentions and some pretty lofty goals where the timeline is concerned. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan and before you know it, your project can drag on for months. With a renovator, you’ll get a set start date and timeline. Your bathroom renovation is their job; they aren’t trying to juggle other things at the same time.

The Job is Done Right

A bathroom update can be pretty in-depth and require a fair amount of knowledge in such areas as plumbing and tiling. The average person isn’t necessarily going to be an expert in these areas, which means mistakes can happen. Mistakes will end up costing you more time and money, which means that bit longer before you get the bathroom the way you want it.

Take Advantage of Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions from the Professional

renovated-bathroom-nyc-contractor-specialist-03Renovators will also have a fair amount of ideas and suggestions they can share with you that will help to create the bathroom of your dreams. They will be aware of techniques, designs, layouts, and materials that you may not have considered. As well, professionals will have their own network of contacts, which can end up saving you money on materials. This will all go towards helping the bottom line.

It’s a good idea to meet with the renovator first and get their thoughts and ideas about your project. You can even ask for pictures of previous work they have done, so you get a sense of the kind of renovations they are capable of.

Leave the Job to Us

Feel free to contact us today and schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.

Five Renovation Tips for Apartment Bathrooms

apartment renovationWhen it comes to rooms in an apartment that get a lot of use, but not exactly a lot of love or attention, the bathroom can be high on the list. While the kitchen, living space, and bedroom can be the focus of renovations, the bathroom isn’t a room that should be ignored. Having a bright, relaxing, and spa-like bathroom that you can retire to after a long day of work is nothing short of glorious.

So if you’re ready to tackle the bathroom, here are five renovation tips that can help.

Make Use of Mirrors

bathroom renovationMirrors can be a bathroom’s best-hidden secret, especially if the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space. Mirrors can create a sense of space, openness, and make it feel brighter. This helps to instantly revive the look of the bathroom.

When shopping for the perfect mirror, don’t be afraid to go with unique designs and shapes. Oversized mirrors are a great way to add design interest and elements in a room.

Declutter the Countertop

The countertop tends to be a place where clutter gathers, and all this does is create a tight and cramped feeling in the space. If a lack of space is causing the clutter to gather, then it’s time to consider extra storage solutions.

Install a New Vanity

bathroom renovationAnother great place to spend your bathroom renovation budget is with a brand new vanity. Today, you’ll find a wide range of designs, finishes, and styles to choose from. Some will come with the sink pre-installed, others can be customized so you can pick the vanity, the sink, and the fixtures.

Pick a Few Luxury Touches

Most people don’t have the luxury of going ahead on a renovation project with an unlimited budget. What this means is that they need to be picky as to where the money is spent. By investing in a few key luxury features, you’ll be able to create that spa-like feel without making a massive dent in your budget.

Retile the Shower/Bathtub

Retiling is another great place to think about spending money and making some changes. If you’ve got faded, chipped, damaged, and dated tiles, then the results will be shocking.

Get It Done Correctly from the Start

Of course, the best way to go about bathroom renovations is to call on us today in order to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.


Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrade IdeasBathrooms are an important functional component to your apartment, but they are also one of the most important spaces to dress up. Making a bathroom comfortable and inviting is not always easy to do. In apartments, where space is very important and making the best of that space is essential, you’ll want to make bathroom upgrades that really fit your unique needs. There are several steps you can take when upgrading residential apartments to make them more inviting and better suited for tenants or for your own apartment.

    • Focus on lighting first. A bright, brilliant bathroom is inviting. It says this space is clean. It is important to try to incorporate natural light when possible with a window. However, when this isn’t possible, focus on bathroom upgrades that offer more lighting.
    • Upgrade toilets and showers or tubs based on need. There’s no real value in replacing a toilet that is working just fine. However, the investment in a new shower or tub, perhaps one with a few upgrades and amenities, can really enhance this space. When it comes time to make these upgrades, invest in quality and high end features. They will last and provide years of benefit to you.
    • 5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrade IdeasStorage is critical in any bathroom. In apartments, look for the bathroom to offer a moderate to high level of storage. Bookshelves are a simple option for an open wall. Consider the addition of a storage cabinet behind the toilet. These are inexpensive upgrades that can give people the ability to put more away.
    • Switch out old cabinetry. A new cabinet for the sink may cost a few hundred dollars but it can make a marked difference in the style of the space. Older cabinets, especially those that are basic models are not only boring, but they may date the space quickly.
    • It is the single most important step you can take to upgrading a bathroom and it is the least expensive. Tiling should always be clean and grout sparkling. However, on surfaces where there is paint, upgrade to a scrubbable, high-quality paint to ensure long lasting use.

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrade IdeasWhen you work with one of the best construction companies in New York City, you’ll be able to upgrade your apartment complex and those bathrooms with ease and within budget. It pays to know what options are available to you before you get started.

Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!