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Luxury Bathroom Renovation Ideas for NYC Apartments

Lux Bathroom reno Ideas for NYC apts condosWhat are some good bathroom renovation ideas for NYC apartments? Bathrooms in New York City apartments have evolved from purely functional spaces to luxurious retreats where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Renovating your NYC apartment bathroom can transform it into a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. In this blog post, we’ll explore luxury renovation ideas for your bathroom, creating a haven of comfort and style.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Ideas for NYC Apartments

1. Spa-Inspired Retreats

Transform your bathroom into a spa-inspired retreat with features like a soaking tub, rainfall showerhead, and heated flooring. Natural materials like stone and wood, along with calming color palettes, can evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

2. High-End Fixtures

Invest in high-end fixtures and fittings to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Consider luxury faucets, designer sinks, and stylish hardware. These small details can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic.

3. Custom Cabinetry and Storage

Custom cabinetry and storage solutions can maximize space and keep your bathroom clutter-free. Consider built-in vanities, mirrored medicine cabinets, and custom shelving to create a sense of order and organization.

4. Underfloor Heating

New York City winters can be chilly, so underfloor heating is a luxurious addition that brings warmth and comfort to your bathroom. Stepping onto a heated floor after a relaxing bath or shower is a true pleasure.

5. Smart Technology

Integrate smart technology into your bathroom for added convenience and luxury. Features like smart mirrors with integrated lighting and touchscreen controls, heated towel racks, and voice-activated lighting can enhance your daily routine.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Ideas for NYC Apartments6. Statement Lighting

Elevate your bathroom’s ambiance with statement lighting fixtures. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and elegant sconces can create a sense of opulence while providing functional illumination.

7. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless glass shower enclosures offer a modern and luxurious look while making your bathroom feel more open and spacious. They also showcase intricate tilework and fixtures.

8. High-End Tile and Materials

Choose high-end tiles and materials for your bathroom renovation. Marble, granite, and quartz countertops, along with intricate mosaic tiles and stone accents, can add an element of luxury and sophistication.

9. Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are a statement piece in luxury bathroom design. With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, including classic clawfoot tubs and modern sculptural designs, you can create a focal point that exudes elegance.

10. Integrated Sound Systems

Integrated sound systems can elevate your bathroom experience. Enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while getting ready in the morning or relaxing in the bath. Waterproof speakers and hidden audio components ensure a seamless and luxurious audio experience.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas for NYC Apartments: Partnering with Luxury Renovation Experts

Transforming your NYC apartment bathroom into a haven of luxury is an investment in your comfort and well-being. With the right design choices and expert guidance, you can create a bathroom that provides ultimate relaxation and indulgence.

To bring your luxury bathroom renovation ideas to life, it’s essential to partner with experienced renovation experts like Brener Construction Inc. Their knowledge of NYC apartment renovations and dedication to craftsmanship will ensure that your bathroom renovation is a true testament to luxury and style.

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Creating a Luxury Bathroom Oasis in Your NYC Apartment with Brener Construction Inc.

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to create a luxury bathroom in your NYC apartment with Brener Construction Inc. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any apartment, and creating a luxury bathroom oasis in your NYC apartment can be a significant upgrade. Brener Construction Inc. is a general contractor based in New York that specializes in apartment renovations, including bathroom remodels.

Creating Luxury Bathroom in NYC Apartment

Tips on Creating a Luxury Bathroom in Your NYC Apartment

Choose the Right Materials

Choosing the right materials is crucial for creating a luxury bathroom oasis. Opt for high-quality materials such as marble, granite, or quartz for your countertops, floors, and shower walls. These materials not only look beautiful but also provide durability and long-lasting quality.

Upgrade Your Shower

Upgrading your shower can make a significant impact on your bathroom oasis. Consider installing a rainfall shower head, multiple shower heads, or a steam shower. You can also add a bench or built-in shelving for added convenience and luxury.

Add a Soaking Tub

Luxury Bathroom Construction NYC ApartmentAdding a soaking tub can take your luxury bathroom oasis to the next level. A freestanding or built-in soaking tub can provide the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. You can also add features such as built-in lighting or jets to enhance the soaking experience.

Include Smart Storage Solutions

In a luxury bathroom, smart storage solutions are a must. Consider installing built-in shelving or cabinets to store towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. You can also add features such as hidden storage behind mirrors or under the sink to maximize space and keep clutter at bay.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Upgrading your lighting can create a more luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom oasis. Consider installing dimmer switches to create a soft, relaxing ambiance or adding LED lighting under your vanity or in your shower to create a modern and sophisticated look.

Add High-Tech Features

Adding high-tech features to your luxury bathroom can make your daily routine more convenient and luxurious. Consider installing a smart toilet with features such as heated seats, bidet functions, and self-cleaning capabilities. You can also add a voice-activated shower system or a Bluetooth speaker system to enhance your shower experience.

Creating A Luxury Bathroom in NYC Apartment: Conclusion

Creating a luxury bathroom oasis in your NYC apartment requires careful planning and attention to detail and budget. With the right materials, shower upgrades, soaking tubs, smart storage solutions, upgraded lighting, and high-tech features, you can create a bathroom that is both functional and luxurious.

With Brener Construction Inc.‘s help, you can design and build a bathroom oasis that enhances your daily living experience. Contact them today to start your renovation journey.

Contact Brener Construction Inc. Today

If you’re ready to create a luxury bathroom oasis in your NYC apartment, contact Brener Construction Inc. today. With over 20 years of experience, their team of experts can help you design and build a bathroom that meets your needs and reflects your personal style. Contact them today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your New York City Brownstone

What are some of the best bathroom remodeling ideas for a NYC brownstone? A bathroom renovation is one of the best investments you can make in your New York City brownstone. Not only does it increase your home’s value, but it also enhances your daily living experience. Brener Construction Inc. is a general contractor based in New York City that specializes in apartment renovations and has extensive experience with brownstone bathroom remodels. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best bathroom remodeling ideas for your New York City brownstone.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Maximize Your Space

One of the biggest challenges of renovating a brownstone bathroom is maximizing the available space. With New York City brownstones, space is often at a premium, and bathrooms can be small. To make the most of your bathroom, consider adding space-saving features such as wall-mounted sinks and toilets, floating vanities, and built-in storage. These features not only save space but also give your bathroom a sleek and modern look.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas NYC to maximize space

Upgrade Your Fixtures

If your brownstone bathroom is outdated, upgrading your fixtures can give it a fresh, modern look. Consider swapping out your old, worn fixtures for new, stylish ones. Choose fixtures that complement your bathroom’s overall style and color scheme. For example, if your brownstone has traditional features, consider classic fixtures with elegant lines and finishes.

Add Luxurious Features

Adding luxurious features to your brownstone bathroom can make it feel like a spa-like retreat. Consider adding a deep soaking tub, a rain showerhead, or a steam shower. You can also install heated floors and towel warmers to make your bathroom feel cozy and inviting. These luxurious features not only make your bathroom more functional, but they also increase your home’s value.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any bathroom renovation. Choose lighting that complements your bathroom’s style and provides adequate illumination for tasks such as shaving and applying makeup. Consider adding dimmer switches or installing a smart lighting system that allows you to adjust the lighting to your preference.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas NYC-lighting

Select the Right Tiles

Choosing the right tiles for your brownstone bathroom flooring is critical. Tiles not only add style and color to your bathroom, but they also need to be durable and water-resistant. Consider using porcelain or ceramic tiles for your floors and walls. You can also add texture and interest to your bathroom by mixing and matching tiles with different shapes and finishes.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Conclusion

A bathroom renovation is an excellent investment for your New York City brownstone. With an experienced contractor’s help, you can create a beautiful, functional, and luxurious bathroom that enhances your home’s value and your daily living experience. By following these bathroom remodeling ideas, you can transform your brownstone bathroom into a space you’ll love for years to come. Contact Brener Construction Inc. today to start your bathroom renovation journey.

Contact Brener Construction Inc. Today

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation for your New York City brownstone, contact Brener Construction Inc. today. With over 20 years of experience, their team of experts has the skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. They can help you design and build a bathroom that fits your style, budget, and needs. Contact them today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas

What are the best new professional bathroom remodel ideas? Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be a hassle. Many assume it’s a complicated task and avoid renovating it in the first place, but it can be quite straightforward with the right strategy. The initial step in ensuring an easy process is to have an idea of the look and style you want and know your budget.

Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Renovating your bathroom can be a lot of fun as it gives you the chance to get creative with ideas and personalize them to your liking. Here are a few professional bathroom remodel ideas to give the space a modern and elegant look.

Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas

For a home, the bathroom is one of the most-used areas. After all, it’s where a home’s occupants spend a good chunk of their time. It’s why improving the look and feel of a bathroom is so essential. Everyone loves an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Not to mention, the sleek and modern details of a newly remodeled bathroom are sure to impress the guests.

It’s common for homeowners to dismiss remodeling their bathrooms because they don’t know where to start. So let’s discuss some of the best ways to remodel your bathroom.

Update Your Vanity

If you don’t have a bathroom vanity, you should immediately get one. It saves space, is cost-friendly, easy to maintain, and gives the space a personalized touch.

Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas New Vanity | Contractor

Now, if you have a vanity, renovating it is an excellent idea. Everyone changes over time, and so do their tastes and preferences. If you look closely, you can find a thing or two to change about the old vanity. You can start by replacing the hardware to match the rest of your home, painting it with vibrant colors, or adding new lights. Installing energy efficient plumbing is a wise decision.

Install Cabinets

This is self explanatory. Installing various cabinets organizes your bathroom and gives it a tidy look. With multiple cabinets, it’s easy to keep track of various products, medications, or other items.

With the toothbrushes, mouthwash, and shaving cream out of the way, you will see what a difference multiple cabinets make. They are practical and give your bathroom a touch of personality. Ideas like floating cabinets are trending in the market for their cost effectiveness and modern look.

Tile Your Tub

Does your bathroom have a tub? In that case, it’s best if you tiled the surrounding area. Tiles are a good addition for areas where water tends to gather. Since tiles are water-proof, they can prevent water damage to the flooring.

Tiling around the tub isn’t just a practical decision but also a creative one. Here, you can add different patterns and designs that best express your tastes and personality. They’re durable and easy to clean, making them a viable addition to your bathroom.

Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas | Best Contractor

Hang Art on Walls

Adding art to the walls can instantly upgrade the ambiance of a room, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom. If you’re looking to add an extra touch to accentuate the aesthetic of your bathroom, hanging up some art is a great way to do so.

Based on your bathroom’s color scheme and theme, you can choose from a variety of art styles. For instance, you can install black and white paintings, picture collages of your friends and family, scenic landscapes, quotes that you’ll see first thing in the morning while brushing your teeth, and the list goes on.


Professional Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Final Thoughts

Remodeling your bathroom can be a memorable experience if you have the right team willing to bring your ideas and visions to life. Brener Construction Inc. ensures to deliver premium services for customers and prioritizes their needs above all else.

For more information about our services, contact us today.

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Renovating Your Bathroom

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom into the most relaxing spot in your house? Of course, most would love to have a powder room that’s as decorated as the rest of your house. All homeowners desire a renovation at some point. Although some people want their bathroom renovated for functionality, others simply want to keep things interesting as long as they live in the same house for years to come. However, renovating a bathroom isn’t so easy because it’s difficult to handle demolition with precision. And not to forget, constructing a bathroom from the ground up can be challenging.

Renovating Your Bathroom

You must hire a contractor that’s both reliable and highly experienced at turning powder rooms into a work of art. To help you take the best course of action to renovate your bathroom and revive its appearance, we have created a small guide with some of the most useful tips below.

Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom in 2022

The most useful tips might sound like a no-brainer, but don’t forget that the most important details are the easiest to miss out on. So, make sure you go through the small list of tips carefully and adhere to each and every piece of information you can get through this post. A word of advice: don’t forget to lean on a well-reputed and experienced contractor. Without any further ado, let’s jump to the tips you’ve been waiting for:

Plan a Budget

Of course, you spend money on your house based on your income. Every household requires a budget to function effectively and keep expenses on a sustainable level. On the other hand, households that don’t stick to a specific budget tend to go off track with their spending. The same can be a problem with a bathroom renovation. Since it’s a huge expenditure, you can empty your bank account pretty quickly if you don’t curate a budget.

Hire the Best Contractor

You don’t have to go for the most premium contractor/renovator if your budget doesn’t allow it. But, make sure you don’t hire cheap services and end up with poor quality construction in your bathroom. It’s best if you talk to friends and family for referrals. Moreover, you can check out the internet and review the most reputable house renovators. Check for positive reviews and learn about the first-hand experience of your chosen contractor’s clients.

Renovating Your Bathroom | Best Contractor New York

Hold Contingencies

Are you renovating the only bathroom in the house? Although it’s highly unlikely that you will be renovating the only bathroom in your house, make sure you have contingencies ready in that scenario. The early morning line behind the bathroom door can be even more hectic and stressful if half of the bathroom is unusable. If you’re renovating the only bathroom in the house, make sure you’ve got alternatives such as a friend or family nearby. You don’t want to take a trip to your neighbors every time you drink too much water until your bathroom is renovated, right? This will motivate you to look for a contractor that can get the project completed on time.

Renovating Your Bathroom: Conclusion

Brener Construction Inc. is the name one of the most reputable household contractors offering renovation services for households and commercial structures. Our company runs with the core objective of making houses a beautiful and humble abode for owners and residents. Whether you’re considering renovation for your house or office, consider choosing Brener Construction Inc. and all the perks that come with hiring us.

We offer specialized crews and high-quality construction materials from reliable suppliers. Our project managers and their amazing crews can get projects completed on time. Call us at 646-455-3321 to get your bathroom renovated!

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Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover

There are countless bathroom makeover ideas. But, what kind of ideas you favor will depend on your needs and requirements. Most people go for a bathroom makeover based on two needs, either functionality or appearance. Sometimes, people might even go for both since renovation is already a costly project. So, what’re the most amazing bathroom makeover ideas of 2022 that you must check? In this post, we have hand picked only a few but highly amazing bathroom makeover ideas that will leave your guests stunned.

Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover 2022

Make sure you discuss the bathroom makeover ideas you choose with your selected bathroom renovator/contractor. An expert can discuss the idea practically and help you understand if it’s possible for your house or not.

The Best Bathroom Makeover Ideas of 2022

Bathrooms aren’t easy to renovate and add some twists to because of all the plumbing that goes into them. However, with the right contractor, you can turn your powder room into the most comfortable and cozy part of your house.

Plus, if you choose the right contractor for the job, you get timely completion, satisfying results, and a greater practical understanding of how your idea was put into action. Let’s get down to some exciting and curiosity inciting bathroom makeover ideas.

Neutral Colored Sinks and Touch Sensor Faucets

Who isn’t enjoying the best of new household technology yet? Well, if you don’t know how cool it is to have a touch sensor operated faucet in your bathroom, now’s the chance.

You can talk to your hired contractor about the application of touch sensor operated faucets with neutral colored sinks to add an amazing blend of aesthetics to your powder room. With this upgrade, you can give your bathroom a modern touch.

Multi Purpose Storage Spaces

Best Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover 2022Who doesn’t like extra space in their bathrooms to hang towels and essential toiletries? But, what if we told you that you could even store fresh pillows, laundry machines, and other bathroom related essentials in your powder room as well? It’s possible only through the help of a professional contractor who can see through your idea and seamlessly implement it.

A multi purpose storage space means you can store a ton of essentials and bathroom tools without feeling congested. Plus, the latest storage cabinetry and other items come with sensational color mixes.

Fully Functional and Tech Updated Bathrooms

No one’s stopping you from turning your bathroom into a technology integrated cozy room. If your budget allows, you can go for heated flooring technology that you can easily use manually or set a daily timer. With heated floors, you won’t have to worry about stepping onto cold floors in the morning.

Similarly, you can add modern bathroom ventilation systems that let you control the humidity and steam inside the bathroom. Hence, making your bathroom totally customizable for use throughout the year regardless of the seasons, so you never feel uncomfortable stepping into the shower.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas Conclusion: Contact Brener Construction Inc.

Have you thought about doing any of the above mentioned bathroom makeover ideas ? Well, if you’re having trouble finding the perfect appearance and functionality options for your bathroom, talk to our experts. We have fulfilled the renovation requirements of numerous residential and commercial clients. Operating on a professional level, we cater to every minor detail shared by our clients. You can trust us to turn your bathroom into the powder room that you hope for.

Give us a call today and schedule  a meeting with the top contractors at Brener Construction Inc. You will get the bathroom look you desire!



Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

What are some of the best bathroom remodeling ideas? Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to create an ambiance that reflects your preferences and interests. Moreover, since remodeling involves updating the existing structure, features, and layout, it may also increase the overall value of a property (considering a house in this case). By choosing the latest bathroom remodeling trends and ideas, you can enjoy the benefits of additional features and convenience in your bathroom. Here’s what you should consider beforehand to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is successful and remains a source of comfort rather than constant headaches.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas

Consider and Be Clear about these Factors

Foremost, you should be clear about what you expect. This means that you have to keep a theme, an idea, and some references to make sure that you are able to get the bathroom that you wish for. For such a project, it is best to hire a professional contractor’s team. Thus, you can share your concerns and ideas with the professional leader to let them know and explain what you want.

One thing you should stay informed of is the budget cap that you can hit. In simple words, you have to keep a relative idea regarding what sort of costs you can incur during your bathroom remodel. Certain fixtures, layout concepts, installations, and additions can substantially increase the costs. Therefore, define a budget to adjust the project accordingly.

Importantly, be detail-oriented. This implies that you keep every important thing in check with your ideas and concerns. Go through all the material to ensure their quality, check up on the schedule regularly, and visualize what kind of appearance (aesthetic) you want. It will help you to reduce the chances of error.

The most important consideration: hire the right people. By adhering to this, you ensure that only the right professionals deliver the results that you wish for. Qualities of reliable, compliant, and responsible professional bathroom remodel contractors include honesty, swift checking, timely completion, minimal wastage, and so on.

Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Low-Flow Toilet and Tank

There are several benefits to keeping the water storage vessel of the toilet inside the wall. Interior décor experts call this idea the hidden-tank toilet. If you have a small bathroom, especially with the idea of showerheads, doors, and tubs that you want, you can save ample space. Be it a contemporary or modern bathroom character, the sleek looks and stylish adjustment of hidden-tank toilets blend right in with various bathroom décors. Keep in mind that since the tank will be inside the wall, you must maintain a comprehensive maintenance routine and repair check.

On the other hand, low-flow toilets are helpful in conserving water. Every flush in this toilet saves water. Thereafter, they are the best choice if you wish to improve the value of your house while also reducing your water bill in the meantime.

Tubs are Optional

Tubs have become a common fixture in every bathroom that you may come across. You will rarely see any large bathroom without a bathtub. However, this idea brings the concept of making bathtubs optional. It is debatable as bathtubs are a source of aesthetic appeal, and you may tend to go that way if you plan on reselling soon. Conversely, if it’s about your personal preference, you don’t have to unnecessarily install a bathtub, especially if you use a shower instead of that. The available space can make the existing shower space luxurious.

A Heated-Flooring Bathroom

Heated flooring is the latest development in the house addition and bathroom remodeling projects. Living in cold or slightly remote areas, you can benefit from heated flooring. You don’t have to step on the icy floor to feel the shivers moving up and down your body. Modern developments make heated flooring smart. The system can heat the floor, walls, and surroundings as soon as it detects a temperature change. Besides, using modern technology in your house can increase the value.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas NYC

Go Neutral with Main Fixtures

Going neutral is also a norm of bathroom remodel nowadays. After spending long hours and days in the house due to the pandemic, people have considered a vast range of options and details to change the outlook and interior of their home. Going neutral eliminates the need to add multiple shadings and choosing between several color accents. You can simply pick neutral colors and go with a single or double-shaded bathroom overall.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Conclusion

Do you wish to adapt your bathroom to any of the ideas above? Do you prefer any other exclusive bathroom remodel ideas? Surely, you can achieve the bathroom of your imagination by hiring Brener Construction Inc. Give us a call at 646-455-3321 to inquire about any of our services. Our experience, knowledge, and skills give our clients peace of mind throughout any home renovation project. We ensure to deliver exactly what our clients wish throughout the renovation of their house.


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All About Bathroom Remodeling

Are you considering starting a new bathroom remodeling project? You can spruce up your house by making a few changes and remodeling some areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It is one of the most used places in the house, yet not many homeowners acknowledge this fact. Not to mention, remodeling your bathroom by replacing tiles, walls, fixtures, and paint can create a fresh aesthetic appeal.

While the area might not comprise more than a few hundred square feet, the work that goes into remodeling a bathroom is extensive. So, it is best to hire professional bathroom remodeling contractor if you are not a DIYer yourself and lack the necessary skills.

All About Bathroom Remodeling

With new fixtures, appliances, and décor, your bathroom might present a unique character. It can make your morning showers and baths relaxing and comfortable. So, hiring the right contractor and considering the facts below can become key to having the bathroom of your dreams.

Budget and Planning

One of the first things that take place before a bathroom remodel is planning and consideration. This consideration convinces you that you need to remodel your bathroom. Reasons could include broken fixtures, décor, internal damage, or extensive repair costs, etc. This leads to planning which helps you with drafting a budget for a bathroom remodeling project. Bear in mind that working with a professional contractor can help you with budgeting in the most cost-saving manner right from the start. Here’s a basic breakdown of the different elements of a typical bathroom remodel:

  • Demolishment
  • Clearing of rubble, studs, and debris to safely expose
  • Repair to any internal damages
  • Addition of electrical and plumbing features
  • Addressing layout
  • Work on walls
  • Application of paint, tiles, shower heads, doors, fixtures, lighting, and appliances (if any)
  • Addition of any extra accessories

What Drives the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel Project?

The factors we have mentioned below drive the costs of a bathroom remodeling project. There are many other aspects to consider, but missing out on these can be detrimental to your budget, planning, and hopes for a new bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

If there’s a change in the layout of your bathroom, it’ll lead to a substantial increase in the overall project cost. Moving walls, fixtures, and essential plumbing or electrical output accessories can be time-consuming. Further, they require expertise, calculation, planning, design drafts, and finalization of a layout concept. Since you are making changes to the overall appearance of your bathroom, it will incur higher costs compared to other factors.

Adding Plumbing

Toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets are part of the bathroom plumbing. Removing and replacing them (as a part of the layout or separately) will lead to higher costs.  If your bathroom remodel project includes plumbing, it will also be a part of additional costs, so be sure to confirm this with your contractor. Costs of plumbing will depend on whether you are repairing, installing, or reinstalling plumbing fixtures.

Electrical Jobs

Do you wish to move the electric outlets away from direct water sources and higher? This may involve a complete breakdown of your bathroom’s electrical work to ensure everything is in line. Furthermore, if you plan to add an electrical fixture or two to your bathroom, it may also involve working with your bathroom’s electrical work.

Flooring Options

You may have heard and seen various flooring options that are available for bathrooms. From laminate and ceramic tiles to vinyl sheets, there is an expansive range of options that you choose from. Now, when going for a bathroom remodel, you may decide to replace the flooring, and when the installation of a new floor comes into play, it substantially raises your costs. However, it is not a cause of worry since you will just have to bear the costs, which your contractor will re-compensate in the form of high-quality results.

Bathroom Remodeling contractor NYC

General Fixing

It is one of the prevalent causes of why homeowners choose to go for a remodel. From minute tasks such as painting and faucet replacement on a small scale to intricate jobs requiring sink and freestanding tub installation, general fixing includes various bathroom remodel activities.

Why is it Important to Hire the Right Professionals?

Keeping a check and balance on the costs, work status, etc., throughout a bathroom remodel project isn’t a child’s play. That’s one reason why many DIYers accidentally endure higher costs than what they may originally incur by hiring professional services.

What makes a professional bathroom remodel contractor more suitable than conducting the entire project on your own?  Firstly, it is their knowledge and extensive experience that puts them at the top of the list. They know how to deal with problems like those in your bathroom and more. Further, their knowledge lets them seek solutions from different angles while being compassionate, cost-saving, and considerate.

Moreover, their network and professional connections can make the project a lot smoother and cost-friendly. They may hire known and reputable sub-contractors who deliver the material relatively quickly.

All About Bathroom Remodeling: Conclusion

Do you wish to hire the most reliable, reputable, and expert bathroom remodeling contractor in the business? Well, you are at the right place. Our due diligence and immense experience working in the NYC remodeling and renovation industry set us apart. Our expertise, knowledge, and skills make Brener Construction Inc. one of the best home renovation contractors in NYC and the tri-state area.

Call us today at 646-455-3321 for a free consultation about your bathroom remodeling project!


References & Helpful Links:

What are the Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom?

What are the costs to remodel your bathroom? Within a home, a bathroom is where individuals can get some peaceful alone time. Besides being a place to shower and relieve oneself, people’s experience in the bathroom sets the mood for the rest of the day. Whether you prefer a small powder room or a large suite-style master room, varying sizes, configurations, modeling styles, and fixtures are available. So, living in a luxurious place like New York City or somewhere else, you might require a bathroom remodel at some point. After all, you can’t afford to switch houses so often

Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Well, for one, the idea of remodeling your bathroom does not necessarily entail the replacement of broken pipes and door hinges. In fact, you might simply be looking to restore the visuals of your bathroom to create a relaxing and calming space when nature calls. On the other hand, you might have made renovations to major parts of your house. Hence, you are remodeling your bathroom so that it aligns with the new style and décor of the house.

What are the other reasons? Of course, a bathroom cannot persist in staying the same forever, right? It wears down at some point. At that point, remodeling is essential. You might be looking to improve the resale value of your home. Perhaps, you are conscious about your or your family’s safety due to broken tiles and sinks in your bathroom.

Furthermore, poorly-maintained bathrooms with humid and warm environments create the perfect space for fungus growth. Hence, health concerns call for a bathroom remodel at the very least. On the contrary, you might just be trying to accommodate an increasing and growing family.

What Influences the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

How do you determine the cost of a bathroom remodel? Well, there isn’t one way. The remodeling process ranges from electrical, heating, lighting, fixtures, amenities placement to plumbing. Hence, to determine the final costs of a bathroom remodel, you must consider the factors that influence it. So, let’s get straight to the point.


One of the first considerations of the cost of remodeling a bathroom comes from the layout. Choosing a better layout can create avenues for further improvement of your bathroom. For example, after choosing a layout that incurs the movement of fixtures or even the walls, you get space for additional installations. Moreover, after a change in layout, you might get a chance to achieve the aesthetic appeal that you desired for your bathroom.

Keep in mind that layout costs vary according to the changes you want to make to the bathroom’s structure and square footing. After all, only good contractors like Brener Construction Inc. in New York City can help accommodate the best bathroom layouts in your house.

layout and Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom


Laminates, Ceramic tiles, Vinyl Sheets, or engineered woods are homeowners’ top picks when choosing materials for a bathroom remodel. Of course, you would love to see an aesthetically appealing floor that also entails various hazard-free attributes such as slipping, mold growth, water resistance, etc.

Essentially, the type of floor plan and material type that you choose in accordance with the layout of your bathroom will influence the costs of remodeling. After all, you cannot ignore where you walk in a bathroom, right?


Let’s not forget the sinks, faucets, taps, and other plumbing-related jobs that are part of a bathroom remodel. Rather, you should be up-to-date with your bathroom remodeling plan so that you know which portion of remodeling costs come from plumbing (pipes, valves, fixtures, etc.).

Electrical Work

Furthermore, electrical work also influences the remodeling costs of a bathroom. Wondering why? Well, besides the lights and other electrical appliances such as heaters, one additional thing requires significant attention. What is that? The electrical outlets! Not everybody puts electrical outlets in their bathrooms, at least not below children’s height. So, the idea of adding more fixtures, outlets, or even new lighting appliances will incur additional costs during your bathroom remodel.

Installations and Décor

You might enjoy the concept of beautifying, or at the very least, adding a little personal touch to how your bathroom looks. Different décor options, such as materials, appliances, paints, wallpapers, and color schemes, influence remodeling costs.

Do you Need a Permit to Remodel Your House?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you do need a permit to start remodeling your bathroom. However, certain types of remodeling such as painting, replacing tiles, or adding a new sink might not require a permit from your local housing authorities. Only major renovations and remodeling projects do.

Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom: Conclusion

Remodeling a bathroom creates immense joy as it provides an opportunity to develop the most used structure in your house. And for that, you must rely on the best contractors, such as Brener Construction Inc. Contact us via our official website here.

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5 Trending Bathroom Upgrades For Your Condo Renovation

Renovating your condo and wondering what are some trending bathroom upgrades? Bathrooms are an essential part of a household, yet they get the least amount of attention. So if you are renovating your house or condo, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the most trending bathroom options to consider for your condo renovation.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

1.     Wallpaper in the Bathroom

It’s time to say goodbye to minimalist walls because wallpapers are making a comeback in bathroom décor. New, symmetrical, and modern wallpapers introduce diverse colors, patterns, and graphics that give your bathroom a 5-star hotel fantastic appeal.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

The latest wallpaper trends for bathrooms include no-glue variety wallpapers, which are a great way to start if you have never opted for bathroom renovation. Besides, the powder room is one of the best places to try out new dazzling wallpapers and surprise your guests the next time they come over.

2.     Heating System Bathroom

Are you tired of walking on the bathroom’s cold floor? Do the chills make you uncomfortable when you go for your morning shower? Well, here’s a solution in the form of a great bathroom renovation idea. Can you guess what it is?

A heating system under your bathroom floor! Yes, you can enjoy a warm and cozy bathroom in the mornings when the temperatures are closer to zero and you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Although installing under-floor heating systems is expensive, extensive benefits come along with it. Firstly, the heating system looks aesthetic with concrete, vinyl, wood, and a few more types of floorings. Getting an underlying heating system for your bathroom when your condo undergoes renovation is a fantastic idea to help make that morning trip to your bathroom a little easier.

A heating system can influence dust levels in your bathroom, but that’s not even the best part! The underlying heating system in your bathroom can also reduce noise levels.

3.     Open Shower Bathrooms

You might have wondered about an open shower space for your bathroom at some point, right? Well, if you are considering a renovation plan for your condo, don’t forget that renovating your bathroom is always a feasible option (if you have the budget!).

Those days of cautiously getting out of the tub and drying yourself are over. Now, you do not have to worry about slipping from the edge. With an open shower renovation idea, you can enjoy increased space and volume in your bathroom. On the contrary, some might be uneasy with the lack of privacy that appears in an open shower bathroom.

4.     Straight Pattern Tiles

Are you aware of the trouble a condo owner might face when choosing tiles and a pattern for the bathroom walls and floor? Well, the solution now lies in trouble itself.

Before, it was possible that the tiles you chose didn’t give you the aesthetic appeal you desired due to varying color patterns and accents. Yet, if you opt for rectangular tiles in a straight pattern for your bathroom floor and walls, you achieve a neat and classy look that can entirely transform the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom (a neat freak, if you may).

You can combine a bold straight pattern of tiles with white appliances and fixtures. This way, there is bound to be an area to highlight other visual aspects of the bathroom, such as mirrors or a bathtub with a pop of color.

5.     Wood Accent Bathroom Style

Can you guess which material is making a comeback for bathroom décor and aesthetic designing? Yes, it is the traditional wooden accent bathroom stacks that are coming back to life in 2021 condo renovations. The warm, natural tones of various wood types can complement a range of different colors such as green, white, blue, or any dark color.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

So, it doesn’t matter how fast-paced and modern the bathroom styles and trends are in 2021, you can always choose a classical, and traditional bathroom look with the wooden accent stacks. These will certainly have an aesthetic effect that spices up the ambiance.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a renovating and remodeling company specializing in luxury residential and commercial level services, look no further. Here at Brener Construction Inc. in NYC, experts with 20 years of experience in renovating and remodeling properties ranging from houses to offices are keen to provide utmost satisfaction via condo renovation services.

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