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Brener Construction Inc. are experts in NYC apartment renovations. We are a locally owned company with over 20 years of experience serving in the greater New York City area. We specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom updates, and all of your flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing & millwork needs. Our team dedicates a great deal of attention to customer service and always believe that… Continue Reading

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Along with prompt project completion, we offer project planning assistance beforehand to ensure that you have peace of mind from start to finish. Whether it be a large project or small project, you can count on our team of specialists to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations. Continue Reading

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Part of what a general contractor does is write, read and authorize contracts that pertain to remodeling and renovating a house, bedroom, bathroom, and more. Construction of the 21st century is highly specialized and is no longer a task for the generalist, as it was in earlier times. Today, to get the best bathroom, you… Continue Reading

Custom Bathroom Contractor

Do you ned a contractor for your new custom bathroom? A bathroom makeover is one of the most exciting yet exhausting experiences you will go through. Hence, it is best to hire a custom bathroom contractor who will take up all the responsibilities to construct your new bathroom to make the process more fun and… Continue Reading

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

What are some great bathroom remodeling ideas? With so many amazing bathroom trends coming up now and then, you may also want to change the look of your bathroom. You can easily get your bathroom remodeled with the help of an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor. They will help give a new look to this space,… Continue Reading

Upgrading Your Bathroom: Worth Your Money

If kitchens are the heart of our homes, then bathrooms are their backbone. A bathroom lacking in glamour, sophistication, and functionality would adversely affect how we feel about our homes for years to come. Renovating a bathroom is also one of life’s most expensive projects. If you are building our home for the first time,… Continue Reading

Bathroom Renovations

Why It’s Worth it to Hire a Professional Renovator to Update Your Bathroom Have you recently made the decision that it’s time to update your apartment’s bathroom? Are you tired of a space that just doesn’t work for your needs and is looking dated and worn down? A bathroom renovation is an extremely popular project… Continue Reading

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Bathrooms are an important functional component to your apartment, but they are also one of the most important spaces to dress up. Making a bathroom comfortable and inviting is not always easy to do. In apartments, where space is very important and making the best of that space is essential, you’ll want to make bathroom… Continue Reading