7 Tips For An Efficient Apartment Bathroom Renovation

nyc-top-bathroom-renovation-contractors-02A bathroom occupies special importance in your house – whether it’s a urinal break at the end of an hour-long traffic jam or a refreshing soak in the tub after a long day.

Bathroom renovations bring out the creative side in homeowners who try to recreate their ideal bathrooms – which might mean ignoring some essential things. To ease you into the process of redesigning your bathroom, we have gathered tips from our experts that have completed a number of successful bathroom renovations.

1.    Stick To Your Plan

First off, micro-analyze everything when creating a plan. And once you’ve finalized the plan, make sure to stick to it.

The plan should account for plumbing, electrical, and other labor requirements and once work begins, resist the urge to make unnecessary edits to the original plan. Not only does this keep the process easy for the workers, but also saves on alteration costs.

2.    Prioritize The Pipelines


Bathrooms should definitely provide aesthetic value, but not at the cost of its primary function. Before plastering and flooring work begins, it is important to ensure all of the plumbing work is completed efficiently.

Bathrooms, sink, loo, faucets, and showers are vital cogs in a bathroom and proper, leakage proof connections are key to ensuring your bathroom remains durable for a long time.

3.    Salvage Usable Sanitary ware

When renovating bathrooms, people tend to unnecessarily throw away sanitary ware that can actually come handy. Re-using good quality faucets, taps, and other sanitary ware such as good condition vanities is cost-effective and a great way to compliment your bathroom design.

4.    Waterproof The Space

A leaking bathroom is a nuisance. It causes significant damage to the structure and adds up significant cost to repairs. To avoid leaks, you may use tile backer boards to line the bathroom walls and shower enclosures.

Tile backer boards are completely waterproof when taped and jointed, and if paired with an underfloor heating system, can act as excellent insulators.

5.    Mirrors Add To The Bathrooms Look

Even the smallest of bathrooms can be fitted with wall mounted mirrors to accentuate the bathroom size — experts advise using large, frameless mirrors to free up more space in a small bathroom.

Additionally, fit heated pads behind the mirror to avoid moisture misting up in the mirror after a bath.

6.    Don’t Forget About Ventilation

A bathroom is damp and steamy by nature, and in the absence of proper ventilation, the humidity can damage any wooden element present in the bathroom.

Installing a window ventilation extractor fan can help keep moisture to a minimum.

7.    Storage Is A Necessity

beautiful-bathroom-remodel-tips-ideas-03Nothing can ruin the appeal of a nice, renovated bathroom than a disoriented mess of clothes, toilet essentials, and personal care items.

Bathroom storage furniture is a great way to keep everything out of sight – except the expensive and flashy toiletries of course. There are plenty of options when choosing bathroom storage furniture, such as fitted furniture that enhances the bathroom appeal.

On the other hand, modular bathroom furniture is portable and offers more flexibility as it can be bought after the bathroom is renovated.

Bathroom renovations require expert plumbing, electrical work, and tiling – altogether. Brener Construction Inc. provides you a one-stop solution to your bathroom renovation needs without comprising on the quality of the work.

We take immense pride in providing the most superior bathroom renovation services in New York City. Call us now to schedule a free consultation and get started on making your imagination come to life.

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