3 Important Tips To Remember When Renovating Your Apartment Kitchen

contractor-company-nyc-kitchen-renovations-01From new cabinets, flashy countertops to appliance, flooring, and lightning – a New York apartment kitchen renovation can be as big as your imagination and budget allow.

Renovating an apartment’s functional kitchen isn’t an easy task. While there are plenty of options to innovate and be creative – there is a lot that may go wrong.

Tips For Kitchen Renovations

This article will list some expert tips to help you guide through the process of renovating a kitchen.

Functionality Is Key

best-value-quality-kitchen-renovations-quote-contractor-02When finalizing on your renovated kitchen design, it is important to keep functionality in mind. Some New York apartments have ample space for a kitchen, which deceives people to broaden the space.

People want their kitchens to feel open and ventilated, but they ignore the fact that having to walk 15 feet from the countertop to the fridge is not efficient at all. It slows down the work and can feel hectic when rushing through dinner.

Our experts advise setting up the kitchen around the range, the sink, and the fridge. When cooking, those are the three points in the kitchen you regularly use, so it’s best to have them equidistant to each other.

It doesn’t have to be in that order – as people can plan according to what they prioritize – if someone prefers keeping an eye on their kid while cooking, their kitchen will be planned from the range. The fridge and the sink will be planned from the range.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

Lightning is one of the most under-rated aspects of a kitchen renovation. People often forget that the countertops, flooring, and backlashes will only shine when the lightning is done right.

Surface mounted fixtures work particularly well as they are placed below the height of the ceiling and manage to provide a more evenly spread light across space. Placement of appliances and cabinets also play a role, as they may block the light if they are placed ahead of the light source.

If your kitchen includes islands, placing bigger light fixtures above the islands provides a decoration opportunity; while also providing needed light for the island surface.

The Stove Is The Most Important Piece In The Puzzle

tips-renovate-kitchen-nyc-apartment-04The stove is yet another under-rated item in the list of things to remember when renovating your apartment kitchen. Not only is the stove the most used appliance in the kitchen, but it is also very visible. With time, the variety of stoves available for users has expanded considerably. It provides users to choose between what type and appearance best fit their needs.

The stove options expand beyond the cooking element, as high-end stoves also feature a hood that ventilates the kitchen area and compliments its appeal by making a statement.

A kitchen renovation can be tedious and tiring. There are so many things to look into, from underground pipework to ceiling mounted lightning – and everything in between. Everybody wants to hire the best plumber or electrician in town and safe to say; not everybody gets them.

This is where Brener Construction Inc., comes in. Our team of experts is ready to provide their expertise in any phase of your kitchen renovation, remodeling, or repair. Whether you prioritize a modern looking cooking area or a classical kitchen appeal – we have the skill set to take your dreams and make it into a living reality.

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment for your kitchen renovation!

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