Five Renovation Tips for Apartment Bathrooms

apartment renovationWhen it comes to rooms in an apartment that get a lot of use, but not exactly a lot of love or attention, the bathroom can be high on the list. While the kitchen, living space, and bedroom can be the focus of renovations, the bathroom isn’t a room that should be ignored. Having a bright, relaxing, and spa-like bathroom that you can retire to after a long day of work is nothing short of glorious.

So if you’re ready to tackle the bathroom, here are five renovation tips that can help.

Make Use of Mirrors

bathroom renovationMirrors can be a bathroom’s best-hidden secret, especially if the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of space. Mirrors can create a sense of space, openness, and make it feel brighter. This helps to instantly revive the look of the bathroom.

When shopping for the perfect mirror, don’t be afraid to go with unique designs and shapes. Oversized mirrors are a great way to add design interest and elements in a room.

Declutter the Countertop

The countertop tends to be a place where clutter gathers, and all this does is create a tight and cramped feeling in the space. If a lack of space is causing the clutter to gather, then it’s time to consider extra storage solutions.

Install a New Vanity

bathroom renovationAnother great place to spend your bathroom renovation budget is with a brand new vanity. Today, you’ll find a wide range of designs, finishes, and styles to choose from. Some will come with the sink pre-installed, others can be customized so you can pick the vanity, the sink, and the fixtures.

Pick a Few Luxury Touches

Most people don’t have the luxury of going ahead on a renovation project with an unlimited budget. What this means is that they need to be picky as to where the money is spent. By investing in a few key luxury features, you’ll be able to create that spa-like feel without making a massive dent in your budget.

Retile the Shower/Bathtub

Retiling is another great place to think about spending money and making some changes. If you’ve got faded, chipped, damaged, and dated tiles, then the results will be shocking.

Get It Done Correctly from the Start

Of course, the best way to go about bathroom renovations is to call on us today in order to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.


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