The Top Four Most Popular Apartment Renovations

Apartment renovationsHave you been looking around your Manhattan-based apartment and thinking that it has definitely seen better days? Does the space leave you feeling uninspired and not exactly confident about how it looks? Maybe you’ve been holding off on entertaining of late because your apartment isn’t exactly inviting. Whatever the reason for doing it, an apartment renovation can be an excellent way to improve the look and functionality of your space. Even as a landlord, it’s important to consider when renovations are necessary in order to attract tenants and keep them.

So, what are the most popular apartment renovations? Let’s take a closer look.

Combining Apartments

Here in Manhattan, and New York City in general, space is limited. People seem to constantly be looking for and wanting more living space, but that can be very hard to find. One solution is to combine apartments. Rather than just buying one apartment, why not buy two adjacent apartments and create one large space? This will give you the space you’re after to create your dream apartment.

Making the Space Open Concept

Apartment renovationsPerhaps buying two apartments isn’t on the cards for you, but you still want it to feel more spacious and open. A simple solution may be to open up the rooms. However, this is something you don’t want to do on your own, as you don’t want to be messing with supporting walls.

Replacing the Existing Flooring

Flooring can often seem like an afterthought, but in reality, it has a huge impact on how an apartment looks and feels. Simply by changing out the existing flooring and doing nothing else, you’ll be able to completely transform how the space looks. Perhaps you want to carry the same flooring throughout to create flow, maybe you need to repair areas that are damaged, or perhaps you’re thinking about using a different colored stain on a hardwood floor. Each of these is popular.

Updating the Kitchen

Apartment renovationsWhen it comes to the most popular apartment renovation, gutting or updating the kitchen is right up near the top of the list. This can include such things as customized cupboards, replacing the counter and backsplash, installing new hardware and lighting, and even adding new appliances.

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