The Most Impactful Renovations You Can Make in Your Apartment’s Kitchen

Kitchen renovationHomeowners can spend a small fortune renovating their kitchen with modern touches and unique features. Apartment renters and landlords alike are no different. The kitchen is often the most used area in an apartment and it can also act as the main area for socializing with guests as they gather around the table or counter.

If you’re looking to have renovations done in the kitchen but are working within a limited budget, then clearly you want to be sure you pick the most impactful changes. To help you navigate the road a little easier, here’s a look at the best renovation projects you can undergo in the kitchen, which will transform it from something basic and blah to one that is more modern and extremely functional.

Change the Paint Color

Kitchen renovationWhen it comes to a project that is relatively inexpensive yet delivers an impact, paint is the answer. Simply by painting the kitchen a different color, you’ll be able to completely transform the look and feel of the space. You could go bright, bold, and lively, or you may want to take the more neutral route. If you’re trying to create flow in the apartment, it’s a good idea to stick with the same color palette as the rest of the space.

Don’t forget to also consider painting the cupboards; this can take tired and old cupboards and make them look new again.

Replace the Hardware

The hardware on the cabinets is something that most people don’t really think about, but that same hardware can age the space. By replacing the existing hardware with something more modern and sleek, you will be able to amp up the overall design.
Upgrade the Countertop and Backsplash

This particular renovation isn’t necessarily one that renters will want, or be allowed to tackle. This is a much more of an impactful renovation, so as a tenant, you’ll want to speak to the landlord first. If you are the landlord, then going ahead with a new countertop and backsplash is another way you’ll be able to modernize the space relatively easily. Right now, quartz counters are among the most popular when it comes to countertop choices.

Not the Best DIY Project

Kitchen renovation

Keep in mind that kitchen renovations can be pretty involved, confusing, and labor-intensive, which means it’s an excellent time to call in the professionals. Be sure to contact us today in order to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan. We’ll ensure that you get the modern kitchen of your dreams.



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