A Concise Guide For Your Apartment Bathroom Renovation

top-nyc-bathroom-renovation-contractor-01A new bathroom can be luxurious, relaxing, and exciting. The bathroom renovation process to get one? Not so much. Even small bathroom renovations such as tinkering with the floor plan or moving the plumbing can incur high renovation costs.

However, bringing your bathroom to life is a cost that’s worth every penny. Here is our guide to make your bathroom renovation work.

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Bathroom Renovation

Do Your Homework

In the planning stage, consider practicality before jumping onto the design aspect of the job. Before starting tearing out the walls, consider the following questions:

  • How large is your space?
  • How many people will use the bathroom?
  • What are your primary needs? Do you look to enjoy long soaks in a bathtub?

The primary needs and limitations of the space will dictate the design of the bathroom renovation.

Lay The Bathroom Renovation Plan Out

remodel-bathroom-tips-info-top-contractor-02Once you have zeroed down on completely renovating your bathroom space, it’s time to micro-analyze every aspect of the layout. If you own the apartment, the importance of this step exemplifies manifold. You’re using your bathroom every-single-day – it’s imperative to maximize space and make the most out of the layout.

Consider what bothers you the most and try to identify what worked in the bathroom setups you’ve liked; such as lightning, space, and products.

The Bathroom Necessities

Even the most fancied upon suite bathrooms have the same components that your apartment bathroom will feature. It’s the little differences that stand out.


Vanities come in all shapes and sizes – from stock items to highly customizable pieces integrated with countertops and storage. You have to choose between ample storage space or maintaining a minimalistic footprint that keeps your bathroom open and airy.

Sink and Shower

While most bathrooms settle for stock fixtures, it doesn’t have to be so. The right finish – such as silver, gold or matte – can add a whole lot of design to your bathroom.

Bathtubs and Toilets

Bathtubs essentially come down to a matter of space and budget, but if you’re covered, there are a myriad of sizes and designs that can add the luxury element to your bathroom. A bit of time and research into toilet brands can give you a pleasing seat, so you don’t have to settle for just another toilet.


best-bathroom-renovation-construction-ideas-queens-nyc-03A lot of people install lighting once they are done with planning the whole design of the bathroom. Lighting is an important aspect of how the bathroom will look, and it needs to be prioritized accordingly.

Ideally, bathrooms feature a blend of ambient lighting and task-based lighting — our experts advise installing bathroom lights on dimmers to create a soothing atmosphere as you sink in the bubble bath after a long day.

Whereas task-based lighting is to ensure you get a clean shave without the overhead lighting casting shadows at your face. It is designed to be functional as well as being decorative to add to the bathroom appeal.

You deserve a bathroom that relieves your stress and soothes your senses, and we’re here to help – Brener Construction Inc. can take care of all your NYC apartment bathroom renovation needs at the most economical rates . Call us today  at 646-455-3321 to schedule a free consultation.

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