All About Bathroom Remodeling

Are you considering starting a new bathroom remodeling project? You can spruce up your house by making a few changes and remodeling some areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It is one of the most used places in the house, yet not many homeowners acknowledge this fact. Not to mention, remodeling your bathroom by replacing tiles, walls, fixtures, and paint can create a fresh aesthetic appeal.

While the area might not comprise more than a few hundred square feet, the work that goes into remodeling a bathroom is extensive. So, it is best to hire professional bathroom remodeling contractor if you are not a DIYer yourself and lack the necessary skills.

All About Bathroom Remodeling

With new fixtures, appliances, and décor, your bathroom might present a unique character. It can make your morning showers and baths relaxing and comfortable. So, hiring the right contractor and considering the facts below can become key to having the bathroom of your dreams.

Budget and Planning

One of the first things that take place before a bathroom remodel is planning and consideration. This consideration convinces you that you need to remodel your bathroom. Reasons could include broken fixtures, décor, internal damage, or extensive repair costs, etc. This leads to planning which helps you with drafting a budget for a bathroom remodeling project. Bear in mind that working with a professional contractor can help you with budgeting in the most cost-saving manner right from the start. Here’s a basic breakdown of the different elements of a typical bathroom remodel:

  • Demolishment
  • Clearing of rubble, studs, and debris to safely expose
  • Repair to any internal damages
  • Addition of electrical and plumbing features
  • Addressing layout
  • Work on walls
  • Application of paint, tiles, shower heads, doors, fixtures, lighting, and appliances (if any)
  • Addition of any extra accessories

What Drives the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel Project?

The factors we have mentioned below drive the costs of a bathroom remodeling project. There are many other aspects to consider, but missing out on these can be detrimental to your budget, planning, and hopes for a new bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

If there’s a change in the layout of your bathroom, it’ll lead to a substantial increase in the overall project cost. Moving walls, fixtures, and essential plumbing or electrical output accessories can be time-consuming. Further, they require expertise, calculation, planning, design drafts, and finalization of a layout concept. Since you are making changes to the overall appearance of your bathroom, it will incur higher costs compared to other factors.

Adding Plumbing

Toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets are part of the bathroom plumbing. Removing and replacing them (as a part of the layout or separately) will lead to higher costs.  If your bathroom remodel project includes plumbing, it will also be a part of additional costs, so be sure to confirm this with your contractor. Costs of plumbing will depend on whether you are repairing, installing, or reinstalling plumbing fixtures.

Electrical Jobs

Do you wish to move the electric outlets away from direct water sources and higher? This may involve a complete breakdown of your bathroom’s electrical work to ensure everything is in line. Furthermore, if you plan to add an electrical fixture or two to your bathroom, it may also involve working with your bathroom’s electrical work.

Flooring Options

You may have heard and seen various flooring options that are available for bathrooms. From laminate and ceramic tiles to vinyl sheets, there is an expansive range of options that you choose from. Now, when going for a bathroom remodel, you may decide to replace the flooring, and when the installation of a new floor comes into play, it substantially raises your costs. However, it is not a cause of worry since you will just have to bear the costs, which your contractor will re-compensate in the form of high-quality results.

Bathroom Remodeling contractor NYC

General Fixing

It is one of the prevalent causes of why homeowners choose to go for a remodel. From minute tasks such as painting and faucet replacement on a small scale to intricate jobs requiring sink and freestanding tub installation, general fixing includes various bathroom remodel activities.

Why is it Important to Hire the Right Professionals?

Keeping a check and balance on the costs, work status, etc., throughout a bathroom remodel project isn’t a child’s play. That’s one reason why many DIYers accidentally endure higher costs than what they may originally incur by hiring professional services.

What makes a professional bathroom remodel contractor more suitable than conducting the entire project on your own?  Firstly, it is their knowledge and extensive experience that puts them at the top of the list. They know how to deal with problems like those in your bathroom and more. Further, their knowledge lets them seek solutions from different angles while being compassionate, cost-saving, and considerate.

Moreover, their network and professional connections can make the project a lot smoother and cost-friendly. They may hire known and reputable sub-contractors who deliver the material relatively quickly.

All About Bathroom Remodeling: Conclusion

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