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NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation Best Contractors

Townhouse gut renovation refers to the complete remodeling of a house, in this case, a townhouse in New York City. The main difference between remodeling and gut renovation of a house is that the entire interior structure gets demolished during gut renovation. Hence, a total renovation which may involve slight work on the exterior as well. In contrast, a simple remodel deals with individual parts of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen, one at a time. Surface, fixtures, and appliances all go in a gut renovation. Usually, not all people know the difference between gut renovation and remodeling. In this article, you can learn what gut renovation involves and how it is suitable for your house to acquire a fresh interior.

Why Would You Require a Gut Renovation?

There are many reasons why you may require gut renovation for your NYC townhouse. We have simplified a shortlist of the most general and common reasons.

  • The old décor and interior look dull and boring. Perhaps you want to go all out with remodeling your interior rather than let the simple remodel, covering every fixture one by one. Overall, if you want a completely new interior and décor, gut renovation is what you need.
  • You wish to check on any pre-existing plumbing, electrical, or other issues of your house that may otherwise take a lot of time and care with a small remodeling project.
  • If you don’t wish to remodel the perfect spaces and material of your house to save time, it is possible to go with a gut remodel that will take care of the exterior and interior.
  • While a total house remodel might require you to find a temporary residence, it is better than having your daily routine disturbed by construction noises, activities, and heavy foot traffic.

Considerations Before the Gut Renovation

There are various considerations that you need to take into account before a gut renovation project begins. Despite the house being your property, you have to ensure that you are not violating rules relating to your neighbors and the neighborhood. This can cause severe delays and in the completion of a project and penalties if it includes the involvement of officials.

Before you consider a gut renovation project, you have to calculate the accurate budget that you should have. Moreover, you have to plan the project using your expertise and skills. You have to determine and note all the costs you may incur in the gut renovation, including any additional or accidental costs since the whole house will go through demolition and stripping. You may have to obtain permits from your local authority or a city council close to you for the project to begin.

What Does a Gut Renovation Look Like?

Gut renovations entail a longer completion period if you don’t hire professional renovation experts. With experienced renovation contractors, you can expect your gut renovation project to get completed much earlier than with any other type of contractor. Moreover, considering that you don’t face any major delays or issues throughout the project, you may get your house with a new interior under the standard timeline.

Demolition of the Property

The project will begin by removing everything from the inside of your house. This includes the lights, fixtures, roof membrane, windows, walls, and appliances, plumbing (due to severe issues), and more. Overall, it is a form of destruction that will pave the way to an upgraded and aesthetically pleasing home interior. After demolition and placing protectants, the expert contractor and their team will move to the next phase.

Assessment of the Property’s Condition

The experts will take care of the inspection process without any intervention. They will see if any aspect or underlying issue of the property will undermine the renovation process and, if possible, then to what extent. Next, they will discuss the architectural planning with you to check the feasibility of the project depending on the condition in contrast to your expectations.

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation Best Contractors

Plumbing and Electrical Work

After putting up the frame, your hired professional renovation contractor and their workforce will perform the plumbing and electrical work. They will inspect, repair, and fix issues like short circuits, leaks, damaged electric units, and much more during this phase.

Final Fixing and Installations

Next, they will re-install all the fixtures. Your contractor will make sure that all fixtures are in proper condition, good quality, and fitted perfectly to the designated angles and position in your house. These include cabinets, electrical fixtures, stairs, etc.

Final Touches

Molding, trimming, and painting will take place during this final inspection and touch phase. A final tour and testing of all the aspects will ensure the completion of your NYC townhouse gut renovation.

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation: Conclusion

Now you know what a gut renovation for your NYC townhouse means and involves. If you are thinking of searching for a professional house renovation company, you are at the right place. Brener Construction Inc. delivers the best results on time and also ensures that your dream turns into a reality. Our home remodeling and renovation experts have the knowledge and expertise to transform your ideas into reality.

We possess years of experience in remodeling, renovation, and general contracting services. Call today to discuss your townhouse gut renovation project or any other renovation projects.

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Total Kitchen Makeover: Things to Consider

Is your old kitchen in need of a total kitchen makeover? Renovating the kitchen is a difficult task that requires creativity as well as expertise. This project becomes more complicated when you are planning to do DIY. A kitchen makeover may seem like an easy task, but it requires a high level of expertise. Therefore, you should hire a professional team for remodeling. If you live in the NYC or Tri-State area and want to professionally renovate your kitchen, contact Brener Construction Inc. Obviously, if you want the process to run smoothly, only a professional can help you achieve that goal with high precision.

Kitchen Makeover Renovation Contractor NY

Below we will share some important things to consider before performing this daunting task:

1.     Decide a Budget

Many homeowners are in for a surprise later on because they fail to budget their kitchen remodeling project. Therefore, you should expect an increase in your remodeling expense. Some professionals suggest that you should set aside 10% to 15% on the total home value for kitchen renovation. This strategy may work, but you should also save an additional 10% for unexpected costs. For instance, if your small kitchen upgrade requires $14,000 to $38,000, you should keep $10,000 to 12,000 for additional costs. Also, you should decide whether you will finance the expense or get help from a bank loan.

2.     Identify the Goal

This involves the purpose of home kitchen remodeling. Usually, people renovate their kitchen before listing their home for sale. If you have similar plans, you’ll need to put extensive effort into the project. However, if you are renovating for aesthetic reasons, then you should use your personality as inspiration while choosing the theme. When renovating your kitchen for reselling purposes, you need to do some market research. Check what type of kitchen is popular in the neighborhood. Following the same design and layout will influence your buyer’s decision. Once you rehabilitate your kitchen, sell it within 6 to 12 months. Otherwise, the renovation will lose its appeal, influencing your home value.

3.     Choose the Timeframe

The duration of the renovation depends on many factors. First and the most, it relies on your contractor and the type of tools and materials they use. The usual timeframe to complete kitchen renovation is four weeks. However, it varies based on your service provider’s expertise. Sometimes, the timeframe extends to two to three months. This is also normal, so you don’t have to panic. If your contractor takes longer to perform each task, they are likely to be more careful. Therefore, speak with your contractor beforehand. If you try hurrying through the process, you won’t get the best results. So, you should give them appropriate time to focus and complete the kitchen renovation with quality. Keep in mind that the renovation also depends on the kitchen size. So, consider this factor while planning the renovation.

4.     Select Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

If you are under a strict budget, consider a Peninsula and a Kitchen Island for storage cabinets. These options offer great functions and features. Furthermore, they are stylish, durable, and good for storing your kitchen wares, utensils, ingredients, and condiments. For small pantries, you can go with open shelving. But, dust and dirt accumulate over the plates, mixing bowls and porcelain wares in this shelving option. Pull-out trays and drawers will look amazing for the base kitchen cabinets. These cabinets will keep your storage option sleek and beautiful.

Kitchen Makeover General Contractor East Coast

Choosing a Peninsula and Kitchen Island will give your numerous material options such as marble, granite, and quartz. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of colors and styles, depending on your kitchen’s theme. Also, concrete and stainless steel countertops are an incredible option for a modern kitchen and appealing pantry.

5.     Ensure Sufficient Lighting

After choosing the kitchen cabinetry, wall colors, and counterparts, use ambient lighting to improve the kitchen’s look. Hanging pendant lights will look lovely for your kitchen island. You can also illuminate your kitchen countertops and sink by installing LED lighting underneath the wall-mount cabinets. Adding lighting in the pantry will help with cleaning and gives a contemporary feel.

6.     Create More Space

You can avoid cave-like ambiance by connecting the pantry with other areas such as the patio. This will work well with both smaller and larger kitchen spaces. That will help you inject a continuous flow in the kitchen. Connecting the patio will allow natural light and warmth to enter the kitchen during the daytime. Moreover, it will compliment your vinyl tile or hardwood floor.

7.     Hire Professionals

Kitchen remodeling includes numerous tedious tasks. Therefore, you will need to work along with a professional contractor. Hiring an expert team will keep you within budget and offer guaranteed results. Renovating the kitchen includes plumbing, countertops, windows, ceilings, lighting, and plenty of other things. You cannot handle all these tasks with proficiency all alone.


If you want quality work with a kitchen renovation, you should consult a professional and licensed contractor. Brener Construction Inc. offers some of the best services in New York City. We won’t only perform the task with efficiency and the best possible results, but we also make sure to stay within your budget. Our experienced technicians will avoid redos and expensive mistakes in your upgrades. 

Call for a free consultation today!

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Types of NYC Home Improvement Requiring a Professional Contractor

When it comes to home improvement, kitchens and bathrooms are among the common types in NYC. Most residents renovate their homes to improve the aesthetic outlook or reinstalling the cabinets and tiles. Besides home and kitchen renovations, people also choose loft conversions, same level extensions, and basement renovation to improve their home value. Read on to find out the major types of renovation that are popular in New York City and require a professional contractor.

NYC Home Improvement

Types of Home Improvement in NYC

Below, we will go through five major home improvement services that require collaboration with a professional contractor. Initially, many homeowners consider renovation a DIY project. However, if you are looking for home improvement, that is not possible, especially if you have no experience. Home renovation and improvement require advanced tools, knowledge, and expertise. Here are some common home improvement options in NYC:

1.     Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovation is the hottest trend in NYC. From Cardiff to Dover and Aberdeen to Brighton, many NYC residents are remodeling their kitchens. Obviously, you spend plenty of your time in the kitchen eating, cooking, and entertaining. Regardless of your lifestyle, revamping your kitchen immediately influences your everyday activities. Even if you have plans to sell your home, renovating this space will significantly increase your home value.

Removing walls, adding space, extending the patio or garden, and adjoining dining areas are common transformations in NYC. Many homeowners want brighter and larger kitchens. Because work in the kitchen needs precision, proper lighting, especially during breakfast and lunch hours, is necessary. If you don’t have any natural light source in this area, adding a window is a great way to do so.

2.     Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom and kitchen renovations often happen at the same time. Homeowners prioritize these spaces because numerous structural issues, such as water damage and seepage, can destroy the walls, tiling, and other items. This especially applies to the bathroom. Here, it’s important that you fix unforeseen issues from time to time. Routine fixtures can add a lot to your expenses. Therefore, many homeowners completely renovate their bathrooms for longer peace of mind.

Currently, freestanding baths and extra large vanities are trending in NYC. If your bathroom has less space, consider installing a walk in shower or a wet room. Also, surround the area with floor to ceiling glass panels. Ambient LED lighting, medium sized tiles, and light color schemes will make smaller spaces look bigger.

3.     Lean-to Extension

Lean-to extension or same level extensions are budget friendlier than basement or loft space. Even adding a small conservatory offers amazing returns on investment when you sell your home. Therefore, extensions are pretty popular in New York City. Extending the kitchen into the side return or the garden will give you additional space for cooking and dining. Furthermore, you can include glass frontage or large windows in your dining, kitchen, and living space. Open plan living, indoor outdoor flow, and natural daylight will look incredible in your living spaces.

While renovating, it is worth replacing the cladding in the entire house. Depending on your style preferences, cladding can stand out or blend in with the rest of your house. Completely cladding your home will increase its property value and street appeal.

4.     Loft Conversions

If you have an unused attic, this is the right time to utilize it by converting it into usable living space. These loft conversions and extensions increase your floor plan’s value without taking over your garden area. As loft conversion is an addition to your original house, it requires structural work. This indicates that loft conversion is an expensive type of renovation, especially when you compare it with same level extensions. In contrast, these home improvements enhance your living space.

Professional Contractor for NYC Home Improvement

Waterproofing and site access are additional factors that increase loft conversion costs. Also, if there are any problem areas in your home, this is the right time to get them fixed. When you hire a professional for home improvement, such as Brener Construction Inc., ask them to inspect your roof. When converting a loft, think about some key design issues, such as stairways and windows. Skylight windows are an incredible option to increase the value and headroom space in your home.

5.     Basement Conversions

Another amazing technique to maximize your home value is basement conversions. You can utilize your home basement by converting it into usable living space. Many homes already have sufficient space in their basement to easily convert them into a living room with minor transformation. If your home doesn’t have any basement or have a little one, you require some earthwork and disposal. Digging out the basement and creating additional space creates a more open and lighter feel. While converting your basement, you may face some common problems, such as water tightness and structural work. Nevertheless, you will require the best materials and professionals for the project.

Types of NYC Home Improvement Requiring a Professional Contractor: Conclusion

Finding a reliable company for home improvement can be a challenging part of the whole process. Professional contractors have broad knowledge and experience in renovations and home improvements. If you are looking for a professional contractor in NYC, you can consult our highly qualified team at Brener Construction Inc. We have many years of experience in the construction and renovation industry. 

Call today for a free consultation

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NYC Apartment Gut Renovation: Things to Consider

Are you thinking about doing a gut renovation to your NYC apartment? During COVID-19, almost every family stayed at home working and learning with the family. If you are one of them, you may have noticed your décor and room going stale. Perhaps your chipping paint, outdated kitchen, or faded wallpaper is making you sick. Maybe you are planning a renovation in your brand-new home office. Or you simply want to tear your home and start over. In this condition, you need to rip your home down and renovate the rooms one by one. Well, that is possible. But, before renovating your home, you should know what you are getting into. Here is some important pointers that you should consider before apartment gut renovation.

NYC Apartment Gut Renovation

1.     Safety Precautions

Clearly, the first thing to think about is safety. Whether you are renovating a big section or small, safety should be a priority. Turn off the main circuit breaker and double-check the lights. Remove the switch and plug panels for your lighting system. If you know a little about electric work, it would be better if you consult a professional. You can contact Brener Construction Inc. for proper guidance.

2.     Gut a Kitchen

You need to be careful about gutting your kitchen, especially if you want to re-sell the cabinets. You can gut the kitchen in the same way as you reinstall them. Turn off the main water and pipe system and detach the dishwasher and taps. You can shuffle and unscrew them out. For adhesives, use a retractable or chisel knife. However, when you use a power drill, everything will come apart with a hitch. You can dismantle the tiled backsplash with an air chisel.

3.     Gut a Bathroom

Turn off the electrical sources and water mains in the bathroom. Flush and drain the pipelines, including the sink. Now remove the taps, chisel, unscrew, or slice away the shower, basin, and toilet at silicone holding. Like the kitchen, use the air chisel to remove the floor and wall tiles. If you have vinyl flooring, you can use a retractable knife to rip them out. But, before that, you need to cut the vinyl into sections.

4.     Remove Plasterboard Wall

Plasterboards are hollow when you tap on them. These are vertical wood strips reaching from floors to the ceiling. You can use a crowbar, hammer, or chisel to separate the boards from the floor and wall. Use the same technique with coving. You can use a stud finder to locate the wall studs. Now, mark all the studs and use a sledgehammer in the gap. You will find these tasks pretty fun. Then, detach each stud using a saw.

5.     Take Down a Brick Wall

The structure of the house and ceiling are often supported with internal brick walls. These walls are common in older properties. Taking down these walls is not an easy task, and you will require a professional’s help. An expert will inspect the structure of the house and measure the risk factors. Furthermore, they will use the right tools and equipment to remove the wall without any problem.

6.     Be Efficient

You need to immediately remove all the debris out of the house. Don’t wait for the complete wall to fall before you start cleaning. Ask your friends if they can give you a hand. Once you are done gutting, you can also have a little party. The entire process will seem overwhelming when you do it with your friends. Plus, it’s a great way to make new memories. If your friends agree to help you out, you can assign roles to each one of them. For instance, you can divide the task into removing debris, dismantling, and tidying up. When you work as a team, you can efficiently complete the work with little planning.

7.     Discard Wisely

All the materials you removed hold some hefty value. If you don’t think anything can be profitable, you should instantly dispose of it off. However, items such as toilets, bathtubs, kitchen cabinets, copper piping, old radiators, and basins are something worth selling. Even if these items aren’t worth enough, you can give them away in
your neighborhood. Many people will thank you for these unused items.

NYC Apartment Gut Renovation Best Contractor

8.     Hire a Professional

If all of these tasks sound hectic to you and you cannot do it all alone, you can hire a professional team. Renovating companies can help you to dismantle your home. An expert team will carefully remove every item from your home and discard them well. When you let a reliable technician take care of gutting tasks, you can relax and plan new installations.


Are you looking for a professional contractor in NYC that can help you with your NYC apartment gut renovation? Consult with Brener Construction Inc. We’ve been renovating homes in New York City and the Tri state area for over 20 years. If you want expert advice or help, you can give us a call at 646-455-3321.

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General Contractor For NYC Townhouse Renovation

When working on a townhouse renovation in NYC, choosing a reliable general contractor is a major decision. Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating your home, you need to consult a professional general contractor. But, before starting your search to find a GC, you need to understand their role. In this article, we will share some information that will help you find a reliable general contractor for townhouse renovations in New York City.

NYC Townhouse Renovation contractor New York

Role of a General Contractor

General contractors for townhouse renovations are similar to other contractors. They nearly follow the same procedure for renovations. Here are some roles of a general contractor:

1.     Designing

A general contractor can work with architecture and help you design the new look of your home. Whether you want major or minor renovations, you can seek help from a general contractor. For minor renovations, a general contractor will suggest a possible design that will go best with your theme. Furthermore, they will identify the potential safety hazards so as to reduce safety risks. Also, they will save substantial money and time for renovating your townhouse.

2.     Permitting

A general contractor knows all the relevant documents and permits for renovation and construction. This is another major benefit of hiring a professional contractor for rehabilitation projects.

3.     Hiring Subcontractors

General contractors also take care of subcontractors. They will hire electricians and plumbers on your behalf. Either you require a security installation company or flooring specialist, a GC will connect them with you. Furthermore, they will deal with the price and quality matters with the subcontractors.

4.     Purchasing Supplies

Besides managing subcontractors, a GC will purchase and manage all the supplies such as paint, kitchen cabinet, and flooring tiles. They ask you about your requirement and preferences, so you get the best options to choose from.

Cost and Budget of a General Contractor

While choosing a general contractor, you need to consider the cost and process of payment. Many factors are involved in this process, such as your budget, number of subcontractors, and location size. You should divide the cost into two different varieties. Hard costs are the expense of physical labor and materials. While soft costs include things such as permitting process and design consultations. You should also consider pre-construction costs, which include due diligence, budgeting, and meetings.

There are two major types of contractor fees structure. The first fee structure is pricing-based or flat fee pricing, which involves a percentage of the total cost. When you choose this method of payment, you expect transparency and lower costs. However, a flat fee involves less transparency, and you will end up paying more. In contrast, you can choose cost-based pricing, which involves fixed costs. This is a transparent process of payment for you. If you want to know more about the pricing policies before signing a renovation contract, you can consult with Brener Construction Inc.

Importance of a General Contractor’s Contract

Just like any other legal matter, you have to sign a contract with the contractor to close the deal. This agreement will include all the information, such as budget, payment method, and design. It is important to read the contract before signing. Some contracts also include contingency clauses that will cover all the financial and accident issues. For that purpose, a GC creates a draft with an experienced real estate lawyer. Here are some sections that a contract should include:

  • Start and completion date of the renovation project.
  • Payment schedule, basic budget, and material information
  • Bond and insurance information
  • Process of dealing with change in orders and other changes
  • Liabilities under various circumstances, such as Acts of God.
  • Responsibilities and delegation for cleaning site

NYC Townhouse Renovation Contractor

If you want to check what a GC contract looks like, you can search it on Google. You can also download the free template and modify it accordingly. You need to involve an attorney while creating and signing the contract.

NYC Townhouse Renovation Contractor: Conclusion

Choosing a reliable general contractor for a NYC townhouse renovation is not a simple task. Many risks are involved when it comes to hiring a contractor to renovate your house. If you are looking for one of the best contractors in New York City with extensive experience, you should consider Brener Construction Inc. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

Tel: 646-455-3321



Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Well, taking a look at some of the best and popular kitchen remodel ideas can help you understand what you should include in your new kitchen. Remodeling a kitchen can take time, from a couple of months to a complete year. This highly depends on the expertise of the professional contractor that you hire.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

On the other hand, if you wish to play with your kitchen using different ideas and concepts, scrolling through the best ideas will help. You should explore the best kitchen ideas to find the one that complements the interior and theme of your home. Besides, you can always come with an idea and customize it according to your imagination. Here are some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas for you.

Best Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

·       Open Shelving

Do you get annoyed seeing a clutter of dishes and ingredients scattered on the countertop in your kitchen? It can surely set down the mood of a gathering and dinner as well. However, you will be glad to know that open shelves are in trend. So, whether you are looking to organize your clutter or want to make your kitchen look spacious, open shelving is the best option.

You can be as creative as you wish with these open shelves in your kitchen. Your open shelves can endorse a variety of décor, such as mixing in color with the wallpaper to showcase a blending environment. Similarly, you can use the open shelves in the same design and style as the cabinets to reflect the uniformity of your kitchen. Want to showcase your antique teacups, valuable recipe books, or something? Open shelves can sit right on the wall without you having to take care of them. Easy to clean and organize, these are currently one of the most demanded kitchen remodel ideas.

·       Kitchen Lighting

Do you want to add to the beauty of your kitchen? Don’t forget that kitchen lighting plays a critical part in how others and even you perceive your kitchen. A variant lighting system can let you adjust the brightness and temperature for different moods such as a romantic dinner, family gathering, party with friends, or more. It is a cheap alternative to finding valuable and expensive kitchen décor items. Simply adding the right lighting can make your kitchen appear more spacious and adjoining to the surrounding. Conversely, you can use lighting as a tool to showcase your kitchen differently on occasions.

You can go with ambient lighting to improve the appearance of your kitchen, making it aesthetically pleasing, or perhaps, you can choose to focus on functionality and working in the kitchen by opting for task lighting. Whatever the call you make, the right professional contractor will help you make an informed decision during a kitchen remodel project. For instance, mini-chandeliers, LED strings bulbs, and geometrically-placed LED fixtures on the kitchen ceiling are worth checking out.

·       Kitchen Island

Do you want to go for a kitchen countertop instead? You can make your kitchen a focal point. While kitchen islands can become the center of attention, they also improve functionality. They reduce the clutter on your main countertops and near the backlash. More so, they provide a sense of individual space to carry out cooking tricks, ideas, and more.

It is worth mentioning that since the islands are usually present at the end of the kitchen where it meets the dining or living room, you can have a chat while cooking, study while eating, and use your computer while on the island. Furthermore, they come in different shapes and sizes that help you choose the most suitable for your kitchen remodel needs. Most of them feature durable materials with multiple features such as quartz, steel (stainless), wood, marble, and many more.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas | Best Contractors

·       Natural Wood Aesthetics

No one can deny the aesthetic appeal of a contemporary wood kitchen. The rustic feel adds to the ambiance and gives a refreshing vibe. However, it doesn’t mean you have to pass this idea because it requires a total wood transformation. There are quite a few options, such as going with natural wood for your kitchen cabinetry.

A wooden kitchen island also looks appealing. It is valid to assume that kitchens and parts of the house with traditional and classic wooden looks are of greater value when it comes to the most attractive houses. Therefore, people are moving to the traditional wooden look trend for their kitchen gradually.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Conclusion

Brener Construction Inc. can help you achieve the kitchen remodel ideas above and more. We are a highly talented group of experts who possess the knowledge and impeccable experience. We are among the top renovation and remodeling companies in NYC.

Call us today to discuss your kitchen remodeling project with our expert contractors and designers. 

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Basement Renovation: Types of Work & Contractors

Are you considering a basement renovation for your home or rental building? Every homeowner wishes for more space and utilization of unused square footage of their house. While this is the case with many homeowners, you should know that basements can help solve it. If you have a basement, it can dramatically increase the value of your home. What’s interesting is that even with a little investment, you can turn your basement into a comfortable space to dwell in. Simply cleaning, organizing, placing furniture, and adding some appliances can give you a space to relax.

Basement Renovation

Similarly, basement renovation is a common concept. Some homeowners tend to opt for basement renovation when deciding to sell their houses for a higher price. On the other hand, some homeowners want to enjoy greater comfort and availability of space in their property. Whether a Movie Theater, home gym, additional guest room, children’s play area, or study room, you can use your basements for nearly any purpose you want. Here’s some information to help you understand what goes on during a basement renovation.

What Types of Work and Contractors a Basement Renovation Involves?

House remodeling and renovation contractors include basement specialists as well. They can identify, detect, and solve basement problems while remodeling and renovating the space according to your specifications. Other than that, general contractors also play a role and help to deliver material and similar resources for the completion of the project.


Waterproofing is one of the most important basement works. Assuming that most pipelines and water sources dwell underground your house, basements are most susceptible to water leaks, seepage, molds, mildew, and similar problems. What’s more, waterproofing helps keep the basement secure from flooding during heavy rain. While it is optional, many reliable and honest contractors can help you understand its benefits.

Utilities and HVAC

If you have old HVAC and other utility systems in your house, you can have them checked during a basement renovation. This way, your contractor will perform electrical work to detect any problems or issues. Moreover, they will be able to maintain, inspect, and repair the electrical system during the basement renovation.


Basement renovation involves lighting work as well. Basements are usually in the dark, which often restricts their use on a frequent basis. However, lighting can help make the basement more usable and livable. Depending on what you’re turning your basement into, you can go with ambient lighting, task lighting, or both. Your contractor will fix and install the lighting fixture most appropriately.


Insulation allows you to retain the temperature and prevent heat or cool loss. For a basement, insulation will mean that the hot or cool air does not escape outside. Therefore, temperature control will create a comfortable space while energy efficiency will result in lower energy bills.


Plumbing is essential if you have issues relating to underground water sources, house pipelines, and more. Also, basement renovation will include plumbing if you wish to add water sources such as a bathroom, toilet, sinks, faucets, etc.

How to Hire the Right Type of Basement Improvement/Renovation Contractor?

Choosing the right contractor is necessary for the completion of all the different work and tasks above. So when you are looking for the right basement renovation contractor, ensure to spend enough time and consider all important aspects. An honest contractor will discuss the pros and cons of the project with you. They will guide you regarding what should change and what does not need any modification. Besides that, here are some factors that you can consider when searching for the right basement renovation contractor.

Basement Renovation Contractor

Portfolio: learning what the contractor has done before and the achievements under their belt can help you get the idea if they are the right choice to deliver results. Taking a look at their previous projects will suggest their level of expertise.

Reputation: this is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing the right renovation contractor. Good contractors are always busy, and hence checking with their schedule will help you get an idea of their availability.

Customer Satisfaction: you can check the previous customer and client reviews to learn the level of services the contractor and their team deliver.

License: check for registration and licensing to learn more about the authenticity of their services. Make sure they have permits that allow them to carry out renovation projects in your neighborhood and region.

Basement Renovation: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best basement renovation contractors in NYC? You are at the right place because Brener Construction Inc. is the best when it comes to renovating and remodeling projects of all scales. Our extensive experience makes us capable of delivering multiple solutions to a renovation or remodeling problem. We are one of the top remodeling and renovation contractors in NYC and the Tri-State area.

Give us a call at (646) 455-3321 to set a meeting with one of our experts and discuss the feasibility of your basement renovation project. 

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Best General Contractors NYC: What to Look For

How do you choose the best general contractors in NYC for your renovation project? The biggest challenge after considering remodeling your home is finding a professional contractor with expert insight who can efficiently plan a project. A common method to find a renovation expert is through reference. You can ask your friends and family to refer the best service provider. But, the best way to find a general contractor is through proper research. You need to consider a few factors while choosing one for your home improvement. In this article, we will discuss some major factors that you should know:

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best General Contractors in NYC

The first mistake you might make while planning a renovation is the choice of company. Many homeowners go to a service provider with unreasonable demands and less experience. Remember, home renovation is an expensive project. You cannot make mistakes when picking a renovation company as this will reflect on the outcome of your renovation project and home.

Best General Contractors NYC

If you hire a contractor with little information about completing the project, you will end up wasting a massive amount. Here are some factors that you must consider while selecting a renovation service:

1.     Make a List

You can start your hunt for the best contractor by making a list. That’s where you will need help from your family and friends. Also, search on the internet and go through the reviews. After creating the list, contact the professionals and interview them. Ask them about their famous projects in NYC, so you get a better idea about their expertise. You should ask for before and after pictures for better understanding. Write down the pros and cons of each service provider and narrow down the list. Communicating with the workers in your neighborhood will make the following tasks easier. You can also use this list for future consideration. For instance, if a company is best in kitchen renovation but you are currently thinking about bathroom renovation, you can utilize that list later on.

2.     Credentials

Now, set a meeting with the remaining companies from the list and discuss your requirements. Before the contractor visits your home, go through their websites. Their websites will give your plenty of information about their expertise. Most licensed service providers in NYC mention their certification and licensing on their websites. If they haven’t mentioned anything, they might not be as professional as a contractor with a license. The process to find the best construction workers can be hectic and lengthy. But, if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money, you have to go through this process.

Picking the best contractor will give you mental peace and reassurance that nothing will go wrong. Even if something does, a professional would have dealt with it before. Many homeowners consider smaller businesses to encourage entrepreneurs, but you cannot do that at the cost of your investment. Therefore, you should cross-reference and ask for their credentials.

3.     Experience

An experienced renovator gives long-term benefits because they have the knowledge and skills to handle similar projects. They are aware of getting appropriate materials, tools, and techniques to successfully complete a project. This means they will remodel your home the way you want. Even if they find any flaws in your plan or idea, they will give you’re the best advice. Contacting a skillful contractor will offer quality work and save you money in the long run as well.

When you collaborate with a professional team, they will inspect your home and share the best insights about the possibility of getting the task done. They will choose the best and reasonable materials based on quality and price. Moreover, the risks of mistakes are lower with a professional and skilled service provider.

Best General Contractors NYC NY LI

Undoubtedly, construction and renovation projects involve numerous risks. Without a professional service provider, you may end up buying poor-quality materials and tools. However, when a high-precision worker is looking after your home renovation, they know what they are doing. If you are looking for an experienced and skillful contractor in NYC, you can consider Brener Construction Inc as they have 20 years of experience in the construction market.

4.     Communication

Communication is key when it comes to hiring a professional. Without speaking to contractors, you can’t determine if they’re eligible for this project. Send them emails and check their social media accounts to see if they are active. A reliable service provider will include their contact number and location on their website. You have to check all these factors to ensure that they are professional enough to handle your renovation project.

5.     Proper Documentation

Home renovation is expensive and requires plenty of experience. You cannot leave your investment in the hands of an unprofessional team. Therefore, check the proper documentation and contract before signing them. Many contractors quote an amount that differs from their contract. Therefore, you need to go through the complete estimate and costs. Also, when you check the expertise and documents before signing the contract, the service provider will know that you are attentive. Therefore, they will give you the best service.

Best General Contractors NYC: Conclusion

Home renovation isn’t an easy project. It requires expertise, experience, and the right knowledge for optimum results. Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your home, you should consult the right contractor. Give us a call and consult with a highly qualified project manager. With over 20 years of experience in general contracting, Brener Construction Inc. has provided the highest level of construction quality, build standards, and customer service in the industry.

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Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

What are some of the best bathroom remodeling ideas? Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to create an ambiance that reflects your preferences and interests. Moreover, since remodeling involves updating the existing structure, features, and layout, it may also increase the overall value of a property (considering a house in this case). By choosing the latest bathroom remodeling trends and ideas, you can enjoy the benefits of additional features and convenience in your bathroom. Here’s what you should consider beforehand to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is successful and remains a source of comfort rather than constant headaches.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas

Consider and Be Clear about these Factors

Foremost, you should be clear about what you expect. This means that you have to keep a theme, an idea, and some references to make sure that you are able to get the bathroom that you wish for. For such a project, it is best to hire a professional contractor’s team. Thus, you can share your concerns and ideas with the professional leader to let them know and explain what you want.

One thing you should stay informed of is the budget cap that you can hit. In simple words, you have to keep a relative idea regarding what sort of costs you can incur during your bathroom remodel. Certain fixtures, layout concepts, installations, and additions can substantially increase the costs. Therefore, define a budget to adjust the project accordingly.

Importantly, be detail-oriented. This implies that you keep every important thing in check with your ideas and concerns. Go through all the material to ensure their quality, check up on the schedule regularly, and visualize what kind of appearance (aesthetic) you want. It will help you to reduce the chances of error.

The most important consideration: hire the right people. By adhering to this, you ensure that only the right professionals deliver the results that you wish for. Qualities of reliable, compliant, and responsible professional bathroom remodel contractors include honesty, swift checking, timely completion, minimal wastage, and so on.

Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Low-Flow Toilet and Tank

There are several benefits to keeping the water storage vessel of the toilet inside the wall. Interior décor experts call this idea the hidden-tank toilet. If you have a small bathroom, especially with the idea of showerheads, doors, and tubs that you want, you can save ample space. Be it a contemporary or modern bathroom character, the sleek looks and stylish adjustment of hidden-tank toilets blend right in with various bathroom décors. Keep in mind that since the tank will be inside the wall, you must maintain a comprehensive maintenance routine and repair check.

On the other hand, low-flow toilets are helpful in conserving water. Every flush in this toilet saves water. Thereafter, they are the best choice if you wish to improve the value of your house while also reducing your water bill in the meantime.

Tubs are Optional

Tubs have become a common fixture in every bathroom that you may come across. You will rarely see any large bathroom without a bathtub. However, this idea brings the concept of making bathtubs optional. It is debatable as bathtubs are a source of aesthetic appeal, and you may tend to go that way if you plan on reselling soon. Conversely, if it’s about your personal preference, you don’t have to unnecessarily install a bathtub, especially if you use a shower instead of that. The available space can make the existing shower space luxurious.

A Heated-Flooring Bathroom

Heated flooring is the latest development in the house addition and bathroom remodeling projects. Living in cold or slightly remote areas, you can benefit from heated flooring. You don’t have to step on the icy floor to feel the shivers moving up and down your body. Modern developments make heated flooring smart. The system can heat the floor, walls, and surroundings as soon as it detects a temperature change. Besides, using modern technology in your house can increase the value.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas NYC

Go Neutral with Main Fixtures

Going neutral is also a norm of bathroom remodel nowadays. After spending long hours and days in the house due to the pandemic, people have considered a vast range of options and details to change the outlook and interior of their home. Going neutral eliminates the need to add multiple shadings and choosing between several color accents. You can simply pick neutral colors and go with a single or double-shaded bathroom overall.

Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Conclusion

Do you wish to adapt your bathroom to any of the ideas above? Do you prefer any other exclusive bathroom remodel ideas? Surely, you can achieve the bathroom of your imagination by hiring Brener Construction Inc. Give us a call at 646-455-3321 to inquire about any of our services. Our experience, knowledge, and skills give our clients peace of mind throughout any home renovation project. We ensure to deliver exactly what our clients wish throughout the renovation of their house.


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Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

What are the options and costs associates with upgrading kitchen cabinets?Traditionally, dated kitchens were popular, but as time went by, people started to find them puzzling. With so many fixable pieces, these types of kitchens also increased monthly expenses. Maybe you can hide the dingy countertops with shiny accessories or cover the dirty floor with a rug, but managing old and worn cabinets is a great challenge. Over time, you start to notice worn-out finish, missing hardware, and jammed doors. Fortunately, modern kitchen cabinets won’t cause you a headache. If you have plans to replace your old kitchen with a new one, you need to consider a few things. This article will share valuable information that you need to know before changing your cabinetry under budget.

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

1.     Replace Hardware

The best way to upgrade your cabinets is by changing the hardware. Trendy materials, such as copper and brass, will give your kitchen cabinet a modern touch. Furthermore, the transformation won’t take much time either. However, the quality of the new materials depends on the woodworking skills. You can also do it yourself, but the quality will not be as good as that of a professional. Many homeowners think that replacing old materials can be expensive. However, DIY is much more expensive, especially when you have little experience. Furthermore, it will take more time and effort. Overall, the results would be inaccurate and messy. So, it would be better if you leave this job for professionals.

2.     Put Up Wallpaper

Have you ever used peel and stick wallpaper for your walls? Guess what? You can use this wallpaper to cover the flaws of your cabinets as well. The wallpaper acts as the ground base for brighter accessories. In this case, choosing neutral options is the best option. However, if you want to offset darker backsplash, use colorful patterns. When you visit the market for wallpapers, you will find numerous attractive patterns. You can apply these wallpapers to your cabinetry to transform them into something new.

3.     Expose the Shelves

Exposed inner shelving will also transform the feel of your kitchen. For that, you need to remove the doors to give your kitchen an airy and open feel. This is an incredible idea to convert the dated details and change the entire look of your cabinetry. Also, you do not have to tear out the components. You can simply unscrew the hinges and remove the doors. Using this technique, you can enhance your kitchen’s look with pretty baskets and ceramic food containers. The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to consult with a professional unless you never picked up a tool in your life before. Exposed shelves will enhance the look of your cabinets without even renovating or using advanced tools.

4.     Add More Texture To A Shaker

With shaker-style cabinets, you cannot use the exposed shelf technique. Instead, you can cut the middle section and include a wicker cane material. This will instantly improve the texture of your home without a hitch. You can implement this idea by soaking the material in water before attaching it to the cabinets. Nail the material while it is still wet, so you do not have to use much strength. When the cane dries out, it will shrink and tighten up to give a smooth touch. You should do the same with the other few cabinets. However, leave some cabinets, so the details stand out.

5.     Roll On A Fresh Coat Of Paint

This might be the first fix that you think of. However, painting the cabinets can be overwhelming. You can consult a professional for better advice. Contact Brener Construction Inc. for expert advice on kitchen remodeling. A professional can guide you as to which sandpaper, primer, and paint to use for the cabinet. Furthermore, you should also ask them about dry time after each coat. To choose the paint color, try painting on a foam board and create a large swatch. Now, move around your kitchen from darkest to brightest parts. That way, you can determine the feel of the color throughout the day.

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets | Updating cabinets

6.     Hire a Professional

You should also consider hiring a professional renovation contractor to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. An expert will give you the best advice for the cabinet. When you choose an expert with extensive experience, you don’t have to worry about the procedure. Depending on the type of cabinets, experts can offer fantastic services. Also, they will share the best and trendy ideas about cabinet renovation.

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets: Conclusion

Do you live in New York City and want a complete renovation of your kitchen cabinets? If so, you should consult with Brener Constuction Inc. and consult with our experts. In our company, we have one of the best teams in NYC with over 20 years of experience.

Call us at 646-455-3321 and speak to our technician for more information and to get started.