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Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Are you considering popular flooring options for your NYC apartment remodel? Flooring is important as it elevates the décor of your house interior. New flooring also is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Besides that, people consider flooring as a means to enhance aesthetic appeal for their home’s interior. Hence, flooring options play a prominent role when opting for a remodel of your house (home improvement). However, before moving to the flooring options, let’s acknowledge the cost factors involved in installing new flooring.

What Determines the Cost of Installing New Flooring?

One of the major cost determinants is the square footage of the floor space in need of new flooring. Calculating the cost by measuring the width and length of the floor space will give you a nearly accurate cost estimate for your new flooring plan. Moreover, here are some other factors that will influence your flooring costs.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

  • Removal of old flooring
  • Disposal of old flooring
  • Subfloor replacements
  • Installation materials (nails, bolts, glues, adhesives, etc.)
  • House locations (near the city or not influences the cost of your flooring plan)
  • Labor
  • Moving furniture before and after flooring

Why Install New Flooring?

Before we jump onto flooring options for luxurious and stylish NYC apartments, here are some other reasons why people add new floor options to their house remodeling plans.

Freshness in Your Home

Getting new flooring for your home is just like getting a haircut. It allows you to see everything from a new perspective. Besides, new flooring is fun because it introduces a new color scheme to your home’s current palette. Hence, it reflects new décor for your house interior.

Costs Less Than You Think

The availability of a wide variety of options means that you get invaluable cost savings as well. However, that might only be possible if you are in touch with the best renovating company in your state. For someone living in NYC, you might want to seek the professional experience and expertise of Brener Construction Inc.

Safety Reasons

Safety reasons include the replacement of broken, cracking, or splintering wooden flooring. Besides wood, other flooring materials are susceptible to damage and deterioration if you fail to maintain them. This damage procures the need for new flooring.

Health Concerns

As traditional wood flooring is susceptible to absorbing water either from the general humidity, water spillage, or rain, various health concerns arise from it. For starters, the growth of mold or mildew can negatively affect your health. Or, things like sagging wood planks suffer from chances of breakage and splintering at any moment.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartments

Now, let’s go onto the various flooring options for NYC apartments. Read about them and pick a flooring option to enhance your property’s aesthetics and resale market value.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, especially from trees like oaks, chestnuts, and cherry, is among the most popular and trending flooring options. Regardless of the style you choose for your house, hardwood flooring can definitely improve its appeal. Moreover, easy refurnishing for scratches and the classy vintage look make it an impeccable option.

The domestic variety of hardwood flooring is available in strides (planks) varying in length and width.  Hardwood flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Simply sweep and mop the floor regularly to prevent dust and grime from accumulating. Further, you should incorporate inspections to detect any scratches, color damage (fading), mold, or even splinters.

Best Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Pottery-style flooring comprises a material made from a mixture of shale and clay. It is an extremely hard material that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and, more significantly, exotic patterns. Importantly, check the ceramic you pick for your house flooring remodel beforehand because some types of ceramics are susceptible to shattering easily.

Laminate (Hardwood)

Laminate flooring resembles engineered wood flooring. Conversely, explaining laminate flooring is relatively easy. It has a thin veneer that covers the layers of compressed fiber or even plywood beneath it. Fact: the layer on top is a photograph that lies beneath the transparent plastic coating.

Laminates are modern flooring options. Why? Firstly, they resemble traditional and classical hardwood flooring while also balancing the look with extensive features and benefits. Are you wondering what benefits laminate flooring can offer?

With laminate flooring, you enjoy a slip-resistant floor that is invulnerable to stains and scratches! But, do check the coat for the laminate flooring you choose. So, if you are already developing your remodel plan, check out some of the best laminate flooring options for an aesthetically pleasing floor.

Flooring for NYC Apartment Remodel: Final Thoughts

Brener Construction Inc. provides luxurious remodeling and renovation services in New York City. If you wish to seek a remodeling company for the installation of new flooring in your house, Brener Construction Inc. might be just what you are looking for.

Ring us at 646-455-3321 and schedule an appointment with our expert to get a quote or an estimate. Visit our website to learn about our recent projects and our various services ranging from residential to commercial projects.

Costs to Remodel a Kitchen

What are the costs to remodel a kitchen? In this article, we will be talking about how much it costs to renovate a kitchen, and the tips you can apply to save that cost.  Kitchen renovation is a huge project for contractors. It involves removing everything from the kitchen, including things like the framework, cabinets, and other types of equipment. It would be fair to say that it involves several workers.

Costs of Remodeling a Kitchen

The average cost of remodeling a kitchen can significantly vary depending on certain factors. First and foremost, the renovation depends on the types of installations that you want in your kitchen. Another factor is whether you want to remodel to increase the value of your kitchen, or if you just want to make it more spacious for a better cooking experience.

The purpose of your remodeling determines how much you will ultimately spend on the kitchen renovation. The average cost also depends on the size, depth, and current condition of your kitchen. If your house is old and there is a mold invasion in the kitchen, then the cost to remodel it could be higher.

The scale of remodeling and renovation falls into either a minor or major kitchen remodel.   The kitchen remodel that you are looking for may fall between these two extremes. Therefore, knowing what you want will give you an estimate of how much you will spend.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

A minor kitchen remodel could cost between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Minor remodels are a great way to increase the value of your house without spending too much. It also consumes less of your time, since contractors don’t necessarily have to take apart the whole kitchen.  It is an excellent example of how small changes can make a huge difference.

Most investments such as painting the cabinets can cost you around 200 to 600 Dollars if you do them by yourself. However, if you wish to hire a professional, then you may have to spend some extra bucks for a more professional job.

Another renovation idea that fits the small-scale remodel plan is tiles installation. They do not take much cost or effort to install, and changing old, worn-out tiles to new contemporary white ones will make your kitchen look more elegant, bigger, and modern.

Other installations can involve investing in countertops that you can get for cheap and enhance the look of your kitchen, along with other appliances.

Mid-Scale Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners that are willing to spend up to 15,000 – 30,000 Dollars can benefit from getting a midsize kitchen to remodel. This applies to people that need to fix some of the fundamental problems with the kitchen before they can properly remodel it.

costs to remodel a kitchen ny 2021-2022

You can however save money even when you opt for this type of remodeling. Contractors will advise you to start with a new structure. However, if you are happy with the existing layout of your kitchen, you do not have to change it, saving a decent amount of money in the process.

If your cabinets are also in good condition, then you can just refurbish them to make them shine. Even though in most cases, mid-size remodels call for cabinet upgrades, this is somewhere you can capitalize in both mid-size and small-scale remodels.

When choosing hardware, make sure that you invest in cheaper alternatives. You can find slick modern hardware.

Major Kitchen Remodel

This involves major structural changes to the kitchen, and is perfect for increasing the overall value of your home. The process includes things like breaking walls, electrical lines, replacing plumbing pipes, and changing the layout.

High-income homes that have massive kitchen spaces can especially benefit from this type of remodeling. For example, you can construct a space for a fresh vegetable and fruit pantry.

Besides a walk-in pantry, you can also install a luxurious dining space for as much as 30,000 to 64,000 Dollars. This price is high, but it promises a massive increase in value, and a hefty return on the cost, which makes it worth every penny.

Costs to Remodel a Kitchen: Conclusion

If you are a homeowner in New York who is having a hard time choosing between the different remodeling options and choices, then seek guidance and service from the experts at Brener Construction Inc. Contact them for expert contracting services, tailored to your needs.

Visit their website, or call them today at 646-455-3321.

Basement Renovation Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

As a homeowner, it’s only natural that you want to maximize the value of each and every room in your house. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably considered your basement at some point or another. It is a functional floor that you can use for a wide variety of activities and purposes. With the right renovation, it can provide a comfortable space for your family to spend some quality time together.

Sure, it sounds like a fun task to renovate your basement, but only when you get help from skilled renovation professionals in the industry. But do you know of any renovators in New York City? No need to worry. Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best companies in the industry, offering a wide variety of renovation and remodeling services for luxury houses and apartments in NYC.

What Can You Renovate Your Basement Into?

What options can you opt for when renovating your basement? What different purposes can your basement serve? Here are some:

  • A home Office
  • A playroom for children
  • A movie theater
  • A study room
  • A Spa, massage, or beauty space
  • Workshop
  • “Man Cave” for enjoying sports, kicking back, and relaxing
  • Studio apartment for arts, music, choreography, etc.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

What are the General Cost Factors in Basement Renovations in NYC?

While the thought of creating a comfort zone in your home’s spare functional floor (basement) sounds fantastic, you will have to consider different cost factors. These pertain to the type of idea you’re considering for renovation. Here are a few general cost factors that a basement renovation in NYC involves.

  • Building Permits
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Windows and Doors (trims and additions)
  • Painting
  • Framings
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Plumbing (for seepages or an addition of a bathroom or a kitchen)
  • Fixtures and Installations
  • Electrical Wirings
  • Soundproofing and waterproofing your basement
  • Dehumidifiers

Top 2021 Basement Renovation Ideas

Now that you’re aware of the cost factors you should consider before a renovation and the different purposes a basement can serve, it’s time you know that Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best service providers around. Here are the top 2021 ideas for your basement renovation.

Playroom for Children

Setting up a playroom for kids is one of the most popular basement renovation ideas out there. If not a playroom, it’ll be a great gathering space for teenage kids to gather after school. Of course, every parent wants their child to enjoy their own space so they can relax, study, or have fun. For younger children, parents can create a fun, colorful, safe, and secure play area. This way, they enjoy a change of scenery in daily activities. More importantly, it means that rainy days won’t stop your kids from carrying out their fun activities.

Adult Game Room

Who says adults can’t have their own game room? A nice pool table, dartboard, and ping-pong table can do lots to refresh the ambiance. While growing children and bachelor adults prefer an individual game room, you can create great family moments in your basement game room!


The global pandemic has brought normal routines to a grinding halt (with over 130 million patients worldwide). This means people are unable to pursue their fitness goals by joining gyms and community sports centers. Nevertheless, fitness and gym enthusiasts are finding a way around the situation by converting their spare basement floor into a professional home-gym space. Yes, it is entirely possible to create a workout space inside your house!

Now, you can say goodbye to costly gym memberships. With minute investments, you can create a personalized gym environment at home. Add a few dumbbell sets, a bench, pulleys, or whatever you prefer for your fitness workout. Be it weightlifting, Crossfit, or calisthenics; you can have it all in your basement. So, when it’s time to work out, just put on your sportswear, a pair of sneakers, and go down to your basement!

Studio Room

Creating a studio room is another activity many people have considered as a hobby, global pandemic or not. Homeowners have expressed a high demand to create a studio space in their basement. It’s a preference for musicians, painters, choreographers, and other creatives. After all, how else do people form a band with their friends? Renovating your home’s basement into a studio space means that you’re always ready for an impromptu jam session.

Choosing a Renovator- Brener Construction Inc. in NYC

It’s not like you can’t opt for a DIY basement renovation. But while it’s easy to clean up and add a few fixtures in your basement, only professional renovators can provide an expert touch. They have the training to form a classy and solid remodeling structure that persists for years to come. Therefore, choosing the best renovator for your basement renovation is essential.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021-2022

And as a renovating and remodeling company with more than 20 years of excellence, Brener Construction Inc. utilizes the best personnel, resources, and scheduling for all of their residential & commercial contracting services.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021: Conclusion

Did you like any idea from above? Do you have a better one for your basement? Meet with an expert and create a renovation plan for your basement renovation. But what then? Well, sit back and enjoy the timely completion of your basement renovation project!

Give Brener Construction Inc. a call 646-455-3321 or visit their website and get a quote or estimate for your basement renovation.

5 Trending Bathroom Upgrades For Your Condo Renovation

Renovating your condo and wondering what are some trending bathroom upgrades? Bathrooms are an essential part of a household, yet they get the least amount of attention. So if you are renovating your house or condo, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the most trending bathroom options to consider for your condo renovation.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

1.     Wallpaper in the Bathroom

It’s time to say goodbye to minimalist walls because wallpapers are making a comeback in bathroom décor. New, symmetrical, and modern wallpapers introduce diverse colors, patterns, and graphics that give your bathroom a 5-star hotel fantastic appeal.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

The latest wallpaper trends for bathrooms include no-glue variety wallpapers, which are a great way to start if you have never opted for bathroom renovation. Besides, the powder room is one of the best places to try out new dazzling wallpapers and surprise your guests the next time they come over.

2.     Heating System Bathroom

Are you tired of walking on the bathroom’s cold floor? Do the chills make you uncomfortable when you go for your morning shower? Well, here’s a solution in the form of a great bathroom renovation idea. Can you guess what it is?

A heating system under your bathroom floor! Yes, you can enjoy a warm and cozy bathroom in the mornings when the temperatures are closer to zero and you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Although installing under-floor heating systems is expensive, extensive benefits come along with it. Firstly, the heating system looks aesthetic with concrete, vinyl, wood, and a few more types of floorings. Getting an underlying heating system for your bathroom when your condo undergoes renovation is a fantastic idea to help make that morning trip to your bathroom a little easier.

A heating system can influence dust levels in your bathroom, but that’s not even the best part! The underlying heating system in your bathroom can also reduce noise levels.

3.     Open Shower Bathrooms

You might have wondered about an open shower space for your bathroom at some point, right? Well, if you are considering a renovation plan for your condo, don’t forget that renovating your bathroom is always a feasible option (if you have the budget!).

Those days of cautiously getting out of the tub and drying yourself are over. Now, you do not have to worry about slipping from the edge. With an open shower renovation idea, you can enjoy increased space and volume in your bathroom. On the contrary, some might be uneasy with the lack of privacy that appears in an open shower bathroom.

4.     Straight Pattern Tiles

Are you aware of the trouble a condo owner might face when choosing tiles and a pattern for the bathroom walls and floor? Well, the solution now lies in trouble itself.

Before, it was possible that the tiles you chose didn’t give you the aesthetic appeal you desired due to varying color patterns and accents. Yet, if you opt for rectangular tiles in a straight pattern for your bathroom floor and walls, you achieve a neat and classy look that can entirely transform the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom (a neat freak, if you may).

You can combine a bold straight pattern of tiles with white appliances and fixtures. This way, there is bound to be an area to highlight other visual aspects of the bathroom, such as mirrors or a bathtub with a pop of color.

5.     Wood Accent Bathroom Style

Can you guess which material is making a comeback for bathroom décor and aesthetic designing? Yes, it is the traditional wooden accent bathroom stacks that are coming back to life in 2021 condo renovations. The warm, natural tones of various wood types can complement a range of different colors such as green, white, blue, or any dark color.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation

So, it doesn’t matter how fast-paced and modern the bathroom styles and trends are in 2021, you can always choose a classical, and traditional bathroom look with the wooden accent stacks. These will certainly have an aesthetic effect that spices up the ambiance.

Trending Bathroom Upgrades for Condo Renovation: Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a renovating and remodeling company specializing in luxury residential and commercial level services, look no further. Here at Brener Construction Inc. in NYC, experts with 20 years of experience in renovating and remodeling properties ranging from houses to offices are keen to provide utmost satisfaction via condo renovation services.

So turn your condo renovation dream into a reality with a single phone call at 646-455-3321. Visit our website to inquire about our previous projects and learn about our services.

Home Improvement Contracting: What is Millwork?

Who is a home improvement contractor and what is “Millwork”? In-home improvement contracting, they take care of tasks such as labor, construction, resource management, furnishing, and everything else that is part of property remodeling.

Home Improvement Contracting Millwork

However, home improvement contracting (remodeling) means making structure modifications and finishing touches to visually change a property. Although home improvement contracting (remodeling) is a broad spectrum for many different activities, our focus topic in this blog is the concept of millwork and its aspects. So, what is millwork? And what are some common misconceptions surrounding millwork?

What is Millwork?

Millwork is a fabrication or woodwork production that takes place inside a mill. If you have heard the term ‘millwork’ before, you probably have some idea of what it is. From general moldings and trims, flooring, and wall paneling to crown moldings and much more, millwork building materials include them all. Also, do not assume the ceiling and sidings of a house or any other property as part of millwork.

Furthermore, millwork is always custom-made in mills with specific material types like soft or hard lumber. They usually fit in spaces due to customization, while woodwork production sources from various trees such as pine, oak, maple, fir, and poplar. They require detailed and accurate finishing in their production. Why? Because despite their functionality, they are mostly decorative.

Want to know more? Well, even the surrounds in elevators fall under millwork due to the necessity of fitting them into a specific space. Not to mention, the entire cost of millwork is two or three times greater than the cost of materials for production!

Common Misconception- Millwork vs. Casework

As carpentry refers to woodworking, it is safe to assume that millwork and casework are specific categories of woodworking. Although there are similarities between the two, each has distinct features that make them unique.

In reality, casework is typically prefabricated woodwork. Literally, like a box! Yes, it is the same as a cabinet, shelf, cupboard, or simply a case. The prime difference in the woodwork of millwork and casework is the production. While millwork is custom-made in mills, casework is normally ready-made in the form of cabinetry, storage, etc. Want to know why casework is less expensive than millwork? Because it is not custom-made! In fact, casework production utilizes standard measurements. The end products are complete or separate parts (i.e., ready for final assembly).

Types of Millwork


  • Weathervanes
  • Cupolas
  • Column Posts
  • Outdoor railings
  • Pergolas


  • Stairs
  • Mantels
  • Doors, cabinets
  • Railings

What are the Uses of Millwork?

There are only two main reasons why millwork serves as a building material. They are: for aesthetics and function. Essentially, it is critical to know that most of the exterior millwork building materials go through various tests. What are the tests for? It ensures that the millwork products are energy efficient, noise-canceling, and fire-resistant.

On the contrary, interior millwork fabrication serves ornamental, privacy, and sound reduction purposes. At the same time, it creates a classical and traditional aesthetic appeal for old-architecture enthusiasts.

Home Improvement Millwork Contracting

Choosing a Home Improvement Contractor for Millwork

After looking at some of the millwork items and learning about the aesthetic appeal that it can give the door, molding on your ceiling, or the railing, you might want to include it in your house remodeling plan. Well, how do you choose a home improvement contractor who can turn your detailed house view plan into a reality? Here are a few things to consider.

A Plan- Getting Started

Consult with an expert, let him or her know your house remodel idea as vividly as possible, and finally, create a cost estimate for the entire remodel plan. Bear in mind that an idea and a plan to make it happen are necessary.

Seek an Experienced Renovator or Remodeling Company

A remodeling company with fantastic experience and expertise in remodeling can ensure impeccable remodeling finishes and quality that exceeds your expectations.

Licensing and Registration

Before hiring a contractor, make sure that he possesses valid licenses and registration for construction and other building activities for the state you reside in.

Home Improvement Contracting and Millwork Conclusion: Consult the Top NYC General Contractors

Brener Construction Inc. aims to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining luxurious style residential and commercial services. If you live in New York City or have a residence there, you may have to do alot of research when choosing a home improvement contractor for your millwork job. Seeking expertise from an experienced and trusted general contractor is the first step towards making your home remodeling project a reality.

For the best remodeling and home improvement contracting in New York City, contact Brener Construction Inc.

Call us now at 646-455-3321 to meet with an expert. Visit our website to learn about our recent projects. Find our contact page.

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General Contractors In NYC

Are you looking for information about general contractors in NYC? Renovating in New York City is not as easy as it sounds, Along with the overpriced houses and apartments in the high-demand city, comes expensive labor. Hence, finding a good contractor that will do the job well, and more importantly, on time cam be incredibly difficult.

What Do General Contractors Do Exactly?

Anybody that has ever built anything knows how hard of a job it is to forecast, predict or analyze how the product is going to look like. Contractors have to take into account several variables for remodeling or renovating.

Good contractors can challenge adversity and adjust to any unwanted constructional surprises. Whether they are rebuilding a bathroom, football stadium, or renovating an apartment, they certainly have to overcome the unique hurdles that each job encompasses.

A general contractor takes responsibility for the result of a particular project. They confidently handle all the variables in construction and legally obligate themselves to complete the work, with the help of a binding document, which entrusts the contractor to the homeowner.

General Contractors In NYC

Finding a General Contractor in New York City

Regardless of whichever type of remodeling you are looking to get in your house, hiring a reliable, expert, and experienced contractor service is crucial.  The remodeling and renovation of your house can ultimately increase the value of your house and quality of living.

When looking for a contractor, it is important to note that licensing and insurance are just entry-level requirements for all contractors. There are many ways to eradicate the risks of hiring the wrong contractors to do your job. One of the ways includes surveying their previous work. This gives you a good idea of their work, helping you determine whether they have lived up to their promises of delivering the project within time.

Renovation is still, however, a tricky endeavor. Regardless of recognition, good history, or licensing of a particular service, it can still end up in a disaster if certain workers are not familiar with the project or design that you have in mind.

Hence, be wary of their work and evaluate whether they are compatible with the project design that you desire. In this instance, experience counts as the second most important factor. Lastly, a contractor will only do as good of a job as its current state of business.

This is why you should make sure that the contractor in New York has a current state of business with clients lined up to get service for them. If you want to avoid contractor horror stories, it would be best to avoid investing in a contractor service that is past its glory days.

Ask Around!

Before you settle for a contractor, it is better that you begin your search with references. Ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family about potential contractors. Focus on what they have to say about each contractor service.

Moreover, close in on all the details about money, the average time it takes, common mishaps, mistakes, and more. However, if you come across an excellent review of a particular contractor from a friend, this in no way promises the credibility of the contractor for your particular job.

This is mainly because each contractor has expertise in different kinds of renovation and remodeling. Thus, your sources of references should be like-minded people that closely or vaguely share the same situation as yours.

General Contractors NYC

This means that it is better if you received advice from people who have been in the same situation as yours. Unbiased referrals that come from trustees, who you can relate to the most, have high validity too.

You must also consider the subjectivity of a reference. A certain renovator’s experience with another contractor is prone to subjectivity. This entails, that what they might think is good, may be different from your definition and your preferences.

To them, a particular contractor that provides good quality of work may not even be close to what you expect in terms of quality. You can use the same example oppositely; a bad word of mouth for a contractor may not be as bad as they tell you.

Furthermore, it is unfair to hold a contractor accountable for underperforming on a short budget. Sometimes, all it takes to meet your expectations is a little bump in the investment. Under resourcing, a project is the worst thing you can do, when it comes to quality.

To Conclude: Consult Best General Contractors in NYC Brener Construction Inc.

Getting a qualified and trusted contractor in New York depends on your research skills, along with how well you can make decisions. Thankfully, we can make your job easier.

If you are looking for a contractor in New York that specializes in remodeling and renovations in New York or the Tri-State area, then consider engaging services from Brener Construction Inc. Call them today at 646-455-3321.

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Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Part of what a general contractor does is write, read and authorize contracts that pertain to remodeling and renovating a house, bedroom, bathroom, and more. Construction of the 21st century is highly specialized and is no longer a task for the generalist, as it was in earlier times.

Today, to get the best bathroom, you generally have to look for contracting services that have the upper hand in the bathroom renovation niche that for a long time, never existed. Typically, a general contractor knows the specialist that you can hire to remodel a bathroom.

However, if you also play your part in seeking contractors, remodeling your bathroom will become a lot easier.  Looking for a good contractor is like looking for a small gem in a big pile of sand. This is because you will come across many contractors that are not up to the mark.

Tips for finding a good Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Before you invest in a certain contractor, you must know how to identify between a good contractor from a bad one. Finding out that your contractor is not good enough after you hire them is a tough situation since you can do nothing about it.

Below are certain tips that can save you from the dreaded realization of hiring the wrong contractor for your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Build Your Contractor List

When you start the search for contractors in New York or any other area, you are likely to come across plenty of different names.  Finding contractors is easy, in terms of looking for bathroom-specific contractors; you have to resort to referrals.

Referrals help you identify whether a certain contractor is good for a bathroom to remodel, or are they better in other services. If you know a contractor has been great in the past, you will be less hesitant in hiring them for your bathroom.

Build your list by asking people in the construction business for good bathroom contractors. Get in the habit of communicating with people that are interested in contractors, or search internet for information on bathroom contractors.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors: Review Their Gallery

A good bathroom contractor will typically show pride in their work and carry with them, a gallery of their previous bathroom remodels. Pictures of their previous work are a critical part of a contractor’s portfolio.

Whether you are talking to the contractor through email, or in person, asking them about their previous work is vital. Proof of work shows a contractor’s experience, reliability, and worth of money. Extensive review research about a contractor will unveil all the red flags about them.

Ask the Contractors about Contact Information of their Previous Clients

Photos are great, but names, addresses, and numbers are better. This is something that most people will avoid doing because it feels like you are invading privacy codes or being intrusive.  This is far from the truth, as the information to a person’s landline is not classified.

Consider all those references to ask them for an honest review of their business with the specific contractor.  This will give you a more complete idea about the contractor’s job, their average time, and their professionalism.

If you can, ask the clients whether you can look at the finished product. This will further satisfy you before you sign the contract with the contractor.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors: Verify License

You must verify a contractor’s license to make sure they are trustworthy. This will ensure that they have the training to do whatever work you intend for them to do. Apart from the contract, also make sure that they have the proper insurance and bond.

You can ask them to bring proof of their liability insurance, or simply ask the name of their insurance agent and verify it. Either way, ensuring that they are equipped with all the legal documents protects you from any fraud or safety threats.

Top Bathroom Remodeling Contractors NYC

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors: Clarify their Plan

A good bathroom contractor will never start working without systematically formulating a plan that puts your remodeling desire into perspective.  This involves everything, from the design, placements to the materials that they will use.

Ask them about what they think about your remodeling idea, judge whether they give you expert advice on the little changes, or do they blindly try to attempt the remodel. Additionally, discuss the supply, in terms of costs, and whether they can cut down the cost by re-using some of the old material.

You have to manage them correctly, if you do not keep a close eye on the work, it can lead to a disastrous outcome. Contractors are likely to slack if you do not manage them properly, which is why you must ask them about their scope of work and plan in detail so that you can make sure nothing is left out.

Conclusion: Consult Brener Construction Inc. For Bathroom Remodeling

Now that you know about the important factors that come with hiring a contractor, make the right decision as to which one best suits your bathroom remodeling project needs. Let us make your job easier! If you are looking for a bathroom remodel in New York, let Brener Construction Inc. take care of it.  Call them today for a free consultation at 646-455-3321

Trending Kitchen Upgrade Options 2021-2022

What are the trending kitchen upgrade options for 2021-2022? The global pandemic has affected over 130 million people, bringing a stop to many activities in their daily lives. For one, they might be unable to enjoy those late-night dinners in restaurants with the perfect ambiance. But you don’t need to feel down if you miss going out to eat.

With these trending kitchen upgrade options for 2021-2022, you can completely transform your boring old kitchen into something special. Why not create a comfortable zone that allows you to have the best cooking experience? Sounds pleasing, right? Well, it is! These kitchen upgrades bring unique styles and sleek designs that can completely change how your kitchen looks. It can also perfectly reflect the rest of your house’s décor.

Trending Kitchen Upgrade Options 2021-2022

What are the Trending Kitchen Upgrade Options 2021-2022?

Altogether, the kitchen upgrade options of 2021-2022 accompany various changes for your personal cooking and dining space. What are those changes? They may not really focus on your kitchen. In fact, your interior designer or renovator might focus on other aspects of the interior. Prominently, they will focus on the walls, floorings, furniture, and accessories.

Well, not to ignore the obvious, but this year has been full of fatigue and stress, especially due to the global pandemic! Hence, the years following 2021 need to evoke emotions that enable us to live our life to the fullest again. So, without any further ado, why don’t you take a look at these trending kitchen upgrade options?

Trending Kitchen Upgrade Options

Minimalistic Kitchen

A minimalistic style entails simplicity. The idea behind this kitchen style is to improve the functionality while increasing the space (visually) of the kitchen. Typically, those in small or narrow apartments opt to suit their kitchen with this style.

However, the lightness and neutrality of the minimalistic kitchen style are what people prefer over the cluttered and appliance-full kitchens. Moreover, it is the calm shades and the appropriate lighting that makes this minimal style lighten up your house.

Besides that, geometrical designs along with a few built-in LED lights are incredible for this kitchen style. So what are you waiting for? If you like subtle styles, then this will be a no-brainer!

A Hunter’s Kitchen Style

People are slowly drifting from the once-favorite, gray and darker colors. Instead, they are deciding to go for warmer, brighter, and more modern color accents to go with their kitchens. While this may seem like a modern kitchen upgrade trend, it does not apply to a select few. A “hunter’s kitchen” is what best describes this kitchen style.

This style features sophistication while demonstrating aristocracy in the décor and sense of the appearance of the kitchen. To make this gray-accent style look noble and luxurious, you should simply go for unusual patterns and materials for your kitchen.

Eco-Style Kitchen

What some may call “natural minimalism”; we call it “eco-style.” The eco-style kitchen features a comfortably functional space in your kitchen that evokes harmony and blends natural essences with it.

In spite of the natural aura of this kitchen style, the color palette variety that exists for it is simply mesmerizing to see. They include pale yellows, white, clear glass, grays, sky blue, shades of brown, herbals (green shades), sand, and even black!

Want to know the boundaries of this eco-style kitchen? There aren’t any! It moves from the furniture to the walls and ceilings to natural lighting in your kitchen. And what’s more interesting is the influx of nature it brings in the form of fresh plants and flowers.

What are the Other Kitchen Upgrade Options?

Here are some of the kitchen upgrades, or more vividly, some kitchen changes that are gaining immense popularity.

Metallic and White Colors

White has been a favorite of people, be it the renovation and upgrade of the kitchen or the entire house. However, the influx of classical unique styles and decors has brought about a comeback for white materials. Furthermore, it is a particular favorite among minimalists!

As for metallic shades, well, you can’t possibly deny their looks and aesthetic appeal with high-tech kitchens.

Kitchen Upgrade Options trending for 2021-2022

Drawers- No Handles

“No contact” is the slogan for the global pandemic year. Consequently, the idea of no-handle-drawers is on the rise. Even the recessed handles are hitting the back of the kitchen décor line! A simple touch, and guess what? The futuristic and high-tech drawers open and close without burdening the visual space of your kitchen.

Smooth-Radius Facades

For coziness and fuzzy feelings when you are cooking or dining in the heart of your home, curvy and radius facades are the most viable options, right? The smooth linings and edges reflect the softness, even in high-tech kitchens.

Final Thoughts: Consult Brener Construction

Deciding on your kitchen upgrade idea from the 2021-2022 trends list can be pretty tricky, given that they all have great features. Nevertheless, make sure that you get in touch with the best remodeling and renovating company before choosing a style. As for New York City and the Tri-State area, Brener Construction Inc. is the trusted contractor to pick for your next kitchen upgrade.

Visit their website for services information and look through their recent projects in NYC. Despite the global pandemic’s hit to the service industry, Brener Construction Inc. is striving to provide luxury renovation services. Moreover, they offer renovations to residential and commercial spaces alike.

Call Brener Construction Inc. at 646-455-3321  to schedule an appointment to discuss your trending kitchen upgrade for 2021-2022!

Custom Bathroom Contractor

Do you ned a contractor for your new custom bathroom? A bathroom makeover is one of the most exciting yet exhausting experiences you will go through. Hence, it is best to hire a custom bathroom contractor who will take up all the responsibilities to construct your new bathroom to make the process more fun and less tiring.

Many people like following the DIY style of bathroom renovations or makeovers. Still, it can get very stressful when you’re handling everything on your own. Hence, people are likely to turn towards a bathroom contractor.

If you’re still not sure who a bathroom contractor is and why you should hire one immediately when customizing your bathroom, you should read through this article.

Custom Bathroom Contractor NY NYC

Why Should You Hire a Contractor for your New Custom Bathroom?

It is important to hire a bathroom contractor, especially if you want a customized look. From managing the interior to materials and electrical work, they take care of it all. Thus, you will not be stressed the whole time managing it by yourself. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should hire a bathroom contractor to renovate or construct an attractive-looking bathroom:

1.     Connections with the Best Suppliers

For high-quality customized bathrooms, you will need the best materials, and most of the time, it falls expensive when buying high-quality resources on your own from reputable suppliers. Professional bathroom contractors have contacts with big bathroom material suppliers, and they can get it at a low price.

They also have the best knowledge of what type of materials will look best because of their business experience. Doing it on your own may cost you ten times more than what you would pay to your bathroom contractor.

2.     Professionalism Makes the Process Smoother

When carrying out big projects like a customized bathroom, you want to achieve the best possible result, especially if you’re spending a lot of money. Hence, it is best to hire a bathroom contractor to help you achieve an attractive bathroom.

Plus, there are fewer chances of your bathroom having poor fixtures or any other issues that you might have to cater to afterward. Getting the job done from a professional also increases the value of your house, especially if you plan on selling it later.

3.     Provide you With the Best Workforce

For a completely new bathroom renovation, you will need skilled laborers to take care of different installations and fixtures in your bathroom. Bathroom contractors provide you with the best experts, such as plumbers, designers, electricians, and carpenters, during each phase of the construction project.

These experts have professional and experienced backgrounds as you wouldn’t want any poor quality work done that could cause plumbing issues in the future. Hence, the only people who can provide you with the best team are bathroom contractors.

4.     Save you Time and Efforts

If you want a customized bathroom look in a month, it’s not entirely possible to get it ready by yourself, especially with a hectic schedule. You have to give all your time and effort to your bathroom construction if you plan to do it on your own, and let’s face it that’s not entirely possible.

Bathroom contractors get the job done within the time frame you provide them with as they spend a maximum of eight hours or more every day on bathroom construction. Time is money, and if you want to save up all the time, you must hire a bathroom contractor for your customized bathroom.

The Perks of Having a New Customized Bathroom

It’s easy to admit that once you give a new customized look to your bathroom with the help of a bathroom contractor, you start to fall in love with it. Other than feeling good about a new bathroom, there are many other benefits of having a new customized bathroom:

Raises your Home Value

If you plan to sell your house soon, one thing that buyers notice is the unique aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and kitchen. By involving a bathroom contractor, the value of your house gradually increases and is more likely to compel potential buyers to buy it.

NYC Contractor for Custom Bathroom

Suits your Lifestyle

If you’re going for a customized bathroom makeover, you are more likely to keep your requirements in mind, making you feel comfortable while using the bathroom. For instance, if you have a house full of kids, you would want to make the bathroom more child-friendly by installing a child-friendly bathtub or shower.

Gives a Modernized Look

This is the best time to get your bathroom remodeled as there are so many new trends that add to the beautiful aesthetics of a bathroom, such as glass showers, Jacuzzis, bathroom spas, aesthetic lighting, and much more. This gives your bathroom a more modernized look and will compel your guests to appreciate your aesthetics whenever they come to visit.

Custom Bathroom Contractor: Conclusion

If you live in New York and plan to renovate, reconstruct, or repair your bathroom, you should contact Brener Construction. We will provide you with the best bathroom renovation services, adding to the overall look of your home and increasing its resale value.

CALL US TODAY: 646.455.3321

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Need the best kitchen renovation ideas? Getting your kitchen renovated is an exciting idea, yet at some point, it does get a bit hectic once the renovation process starts. But you don’t have to worry about the project at any stage if you hire a good and skilled kitchen renovation contractor. You can add a modernized touch to your kitchen and make it a vibrant space in many ways.

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It will make it more fun to cook your favorite meal in the kitchen. If you plan on getting your kitchen renovated soon and need some good inspiration, you should check out these trendy kitchen renovation ideas mentioned below.

1.    Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common flooring types used in many rooms around the house, but it looks amazing when you use it for your kitchen flooring. These are quite solid in nature and come from different trees such as oak, cherry, maple, and many more.

The best part about this type of flooring is that it’s durable and easy to clean if you spill some food or ingredient on the floor. Hardwood floors also add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, especially if you are going for a country or brown-themed kitchen. You can also choose to use marble flooring, if not hardwood.

2.    Unique Lighting

You need proper lighting in your kitchen, especially during the night time to do your tasks properly. So, if you’re getting your kitchen renovated fully, you also must get creative with the lighting. There are so many ways you can add creative lighting to your kitchen. You could add different spotlights under your kitchen island or above your dining area.

You can also use different types of lighting fixtures together and place them around your kitchen. If you don’t want bright light all the time, you can get dimmers placed. It will also allow you to set the brightness in the dining area of your kitchen according to your mood or the ambiance you need.

3.    Install a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are one of the trendiest installments to a kitchen. These not only give your kitchen a unique look, but they also make it spacious. Kitchen islands usually appear in the middle of the kitchen and act as the perfect countertop. The best thing is you can personalize your kitchen island to match the interior of your kitchen.

For instance, you could install a small stove and sink on your kitchen island, a small rack that allows you to keep your plates and utensils. You can also make it a small dining area by adding some chairs around it. Plus, you can install different electric outlets to use your kitchen machinery.

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas NYC

There’s a lot more you can do with your kitchen island, but this depends on its size. If you want to add a sink, stoves, and electric outlets to it, you will obviously have to get a bigger kitchen island.

4.    Appealing Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen without any cabinets makes it look quite naked, and since you’re getting your kitchen renovated, it’s a must that you get some new and trendy kitchen cabinets installed. You can choose to get either wood kitchen cabinets or marble kitchen cabinets. This depends on the atmosphere and theme of your kitchen.

It is best if your kitchen cabinets match your flooring, as you wouldn’t want anything in this space that may look out of shape or flow. Hence, your cabinets must complement the other elements in your kitchen.

A piece of good advice is not to add too many cabinets in your kitchen as it takes up a lot of space. You could get cabinets that have handles, or if you want to go for something unique, you can buy ones that you just have to push open. As long as you have enough budget, you can get the fanciest kitchen cabinets of your choice.

5.     Open Shelves

If you want to save up space in your kitchen, and simultaneously want to add a unique touch to it, try installing open shelves instead of too many closed cabinets. Open shelves are quite meaningful to many homeowners as it reminds them of their grandmother’s house.

You could get two or three shelves installed on top of each other at a distance, and keep all your fancy tins filled with spices or cookies. You could also place your electric appliances as this also makes it easier to get hold of them when you start cooking or baking.

Besides, you can add many other things to your open shelves and show off your entire antique cutlery to your guests whenever they visit your kitchen.

Final Words

Now that you’ve come across some of the best kitchen renovation ideas, you may also want to give a complete makeover to your kitchen. You can never go wrong with these ideas, especially if you hire the right kitchen renovation contractor.

If you plan on getting your kitchen renovated anytime soon, you should get in touch with our team of experts at Brener Construction. We will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams and assist you in every phase of your kitchen renovation process.