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All About Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering upgrading your kitchen cabinets? Traditionally, dated kitchens were popular, but as time went by, people started to find them puzzling. With so many fixable pieces, these types of kitchens also increased monthly expenses. Maybe you can hide the dingy countertops with shiny accessories or cover the dirty floor with a rug, but managing the cabinets is a great challenge. Over time, you start to notice worn-out finish, missing hardware, and jammed doors. Fortunately, modern kitchen cabinets won’t cause you a headache. If you have plans to replace your old kitchen with a new one, you need to consider a few things. This article will share valuable information that you need to know before changing your cabinetry under budget.

Upgrading kitchen cabinets

1.     Replace Hardware

The best way to upgrade your cabinets is by changing the hardware. Trendy materials, such as copper and brass, will give your kitchen cabinet a modern touch. Furthermore, the transformation won’t take much time either. However, the quality of the new materials depends on the woodworking skills. You can also do it yourself, but the quality will not be as good as that of a professional. Many homeowners think that replacing old materials can be expensive. However, DIY is much more expensive, especially when you have little experience. Furthermore, it will take more time and effort. Overall, the results would be inaccurate and messy. So, it would be better if you leave this job for professionals.

2.     Put Up Wallpaper

Have you ever used peel and stick wallpaper for your walls? Guess what? You can use this wallpaper to cover the flaws of your cabinets as well. The wallpaper acts as the ground base for brighter accessories. In this case, choosing neutral options is the best option. However, if you want to offset darker backsplash, use colorful patterns. When you visit the market for wallpapers, you will find numerous attractive patterns. You can apply these wallpapers to your cabinetry to transform them into something new.

3.     Expose the Shelves

Exposed inner shelving will also transform the feel of your kitchen. For that, you need to remove the doors to give your kitchen an airy and open feel. This is an incredible idea to convert the dated details and change the entire look of your cabinetry. Also, you do not have to tear out the components. You can simply unscrew the hinges and remove the doors. Using this technique, you can enhance your kitchen’s look with pretty baskets and ceramic food containers. The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to consult with a professional unless you never picked up a tool in your life before. Exposed shelves will enhance the look of your cabinets without even renovating or using advanced tools.

4.     Add More Texture To A Shaker

With shaker-style cabinets, you cannot use the exposed shelf technique. Instead, you can cut the middle section and include a wicker cane material. This will instantly improve the texture of your home without a hitch. You can implement this idea by soaking the material in water before attaching it to the cabinets. Nail the material while it is still wet, so you do not have to use much strength. When the cane dries out, it will shrink and tighten up to give a smooth touch. You should do the same with the other few cabinets. However, leave some cabinets, so the details stand out.

5.     Roll On A Fresh Coat Of Paint

This might be the first fix that you think of. However, painting the cabinets can be overwhelming. You can consult a professional for better advice. Contact Brener Construction Inc. for expert advice on kitchen remodeling. A professional can guide you as to which sandpaper, primer, and paint to use for the cabinet. Furthermore, you should also ask them about dry time after each coat. To choose the paint color, try painting on a foam board and create a large swatch. Now, move around your kitchen from darkest to brightest parts. That way, you can determine the feel of the color throughout the day.

upgrading kitchen cabinets -new paint 02

6.     Hire a Professional

You should also consider hiring a professional renovation contractor to upgrade your kitchen cabinets. An expert will give you the best advice for the cabinet. When you choose an expert with extensive experience, you don’t have to worry about the procedure. Depending on the type of cabinets, experts can offer fantastic services. Also, they will share the best and trendy ideas about cabinet renovation.

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets: Conclusion

Do you live in New York City and want a complete renovation of your kitchen cabinets? If so, you should consult with Brener Construction Inc. and follow the expert’s guide. In our company, we have one of the best teams in NYC with 20 years of experience.

Call us right now at 646-455-3321 and speak to our experts for further guidance.



All About Bathroom Remodeling

Are you considering starting a new bathroom remodeling project? You can spruce up your house by making a few changes and remodeling some areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It is one of the most used places in the house, yet not many homeowners acknowledge this fact. Not to mention, remodeling your bathroom by replacing tiles, walls, fixtures, and paint can create a fresh aesthetic appeal.

While the area might not comprise more than a few hundred square feet, the work that goes into remodeling a bathroom is extensive. So, it is best to hire professional bathroom remodeling contractor if you are not a DIYer yourself and lack the necessary skills.

All About Bathroom Remodeling

With new fixtures, appliances, and décor, your bathroom might present a unique character. It can make your morning showers and baths relaxing and comfortable. So, hiring the right contractor and considering the facts below can become key to having the bathroom of your dreams.

Budget and Planning

One of the first things that take place before a bathroom remodel is planning and consideration. This consideration convinces you that you need to remodel your bathroom. Reasons could include broken fixtures, décor, internal damage, or extensive repair costs, etc. This leads to planning which helps you with drafting a budget for a bathroom remodeling project. Bear in mind that working with a professional contractor can help you with budgeting in the most cost-saving manner right from the start. Here’s a basic breakdown of the different elements of a typical bathroom remodel:

  • Demolishment
  • Clearing of rubble, studs, and debris to safely expose
  • Repair to any internal damages
  • Addition of electrical and plumbing features
  • Addressing layout
  • Work on walls
  • Application of paint, tiles, shower heads, doors, fixtures, lighting, and appliances (if any)
  • Addition of any extra accessories

What Drives the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel Project?

The factors we have mentioned below drive the costs of a bathroom remodeling project. There are many other aspects to consider, but missing out on these can be detrimental to your budget, planning, and hopes for a new bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

If there’s a change in the layout of your bathroom, it’ll lead to a substantial increase in the overall project cost. Moving walls, fixtures, and essential plumbing or electrical output accessories can be time-consuming. Further, they require expertise, calculation, planning, design drafts, and finalization of a layout concept. Since you are making changes to the overall appearance of your bathroom, it will incur higher costs compared to other factors.

Adding Plumbing

Toilets, tubs, sinks, and faucets are part of the bathroom plumbing. Removing and replacing them (as a part of the layout or separately) will lead to higher costs.  If your bathroom remodel project includes plumbing, it will also be a part of additional costs, so be sure to confirm this with your contractor. Costs of plumbing will depend on whether you are repairing, installing, or reinstalling plumbing fixtures.

Electrical Jobs

Do you wish to move the electric outlets away from direct water sources and higher? This may involve a complete breakdown of your bathroom’s electrical work to ensure everything is in line. Furthermore, if you plan to add an electrical fixture or two to your bathroom, it may also involve working with your bathroom’s electrical work.

Flooring Options

You may have heard and seen various flooring options that are available for bathrooms. From laminate and ceramic tiles to vinyl sheets, there is an expansive range of options that you choose from. Now, when going for a bathroom remodel, you may decide to replace the flooring, and when the installation of a new floor comes into play, it substantially raises your costs. However, it is not a cause of worry since you will just have to bear the costs, which your contractor will re-compensate in the form of high-quality results.

Bathroom Remodeling contractor NYC

General Fixing

It is one of the prevalent causes of why homeowners choose to go for a remodel. From minute tasks such as painting and faucet replacement on a small scale to intricate jobs requiring sink and freestanding tub installation, general fixing includes various bathroom remodel activities.

Why is it Important to Hire the Right Professionals?

Keeping a check and balance on the costs, work status, etc., throughout a bathroom remodel project isn’t a child’s play. That’s one reason why many DIYers accidentally endure higher costs than what they may originally incur by hiring professional services.

What makes a professional bathroom remodel contractor more suitable than conducting the entire project on your own?  Firstly, it is their knowledge and extensive experience that puts them at the top of the list. They know how to deal with problems like those in your bathroom and more. Further, their knowledge lets them seek solutions from different angles while being compassionate, cost-saving, and considerate.

Moreover, their network and professional connections can make the project a lot smoother and cost-friendly. They may hire known and reputable sub-contractors who deliver the material relatively quickly.

All About Bathroom Remodeling: Conclusion

Do you wish to hire the most reliable, reputable, and expert bathroom remodeling contractor in the business? Well, you are at the right place. Our due diligence and immense experience working in the NYC remodeling and renovation industry set us apart. Our expertise, knowledge, and skills make Brener Construction Inc. one of the best home renovation contractors in NYC and the tri-state area.

Call us today at 646-455-3321 for a free consultation about your bathroom remodeling project!


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All About Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling projects may vary depending on the expertise and efficiency of the professionals that you hire for the job. It is safe to say that a professional and reliable company will provide more benefits while a non-reputable business will cause delays and discrepancies. Thus, you should always be aware of any remodeling job that you undertake with the help of professional contractors. Knowing every step of the way is key to organizing the project and ensuring optimal results.

All about Kitchen Remodeling

While you don’t have to watch the sub-contractors after hiring a professional contract company, your opinions will still matter. The kitchen is the heart of a house and the center of everyone’s attention for a variety of reasons. So, it is essential to consider some factors when hiring a professional for a kitchen remodel job. Let’s discuss what you should know about kitchen remodeling.

Main Cost Factors That Come Into Play

Although there’s an extensive range of things that you should consider as costs drivers, we have mentioned some of the most important ones below.

Kitchen Countertops and Islands

Kitchen countertops have always remained in trend. However, you have to pay close attention to their detail since the use of different materials, the technique of installation, and the follow-up maintenance increase the costs of a kitchen remodel project. As there are so many countertop materials available, every type offers different benefits which reflect different qualities. While the countertops and islands are vital aspects of a kitchen, it is totally up to you which one you pick.


You may have already guessed the cost factor. Cabinetry is an essential part of the kitchen and comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and designs. The range is wide and involves different types of cabinets such as partial overlay, inset, and full overlay. Along with improving functionality, kitchen cabinets reflect the overall style of the kitchen. Hence, they enhance the décor as well.

Labor Remuneration

You have to pay attention to who will install things in your new kitchen. Are the professionals qualified and reliable? Do they offer the types of installation and remodeling services that you wish to have for your kitchen? By choosing the right type of professional kitchen remodeling contractor, you can rest assured that there will be significantly low chances of errors and a high success rate. Regardless, the labor cost will be a major cost driver.

Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is always optional. However, homeowners frequently include flooring in their kitchen remodeling projects. Note they can add substantial costs to your project. You have to choose between various options that include but aren’t limited to Vinyl, linoleum, traditional wood, tiles, and stone, and more. The higher the quality and durability of the flooring material, the higher you will have to pay. However, by hiring the right professional contractor, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of suitable flooring in the long run.

Hiring the Right Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

  • Take a look at the positive and satisfied customer review rate to learn about the contractor you are considering. Often, you hear about contractors and professional renovation companies through word of mouth. Paying attention to reputation will help you pick the right kitchen remodeling contractor.
  • Check the previous accomplishments and achievements of the contractor under your consideration. This will highlight what they can and can’t do or if they can help you achieve your dream kitchen.
  • Lastly, look at the schedules and inquire about the service range of the professional kitchen remodeling contractor. The good ones remain to be the busiest in the market. However, it will be worth waiting as they provide the best services.

Why Do You Need the Right Contractor for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Choosing only the best kitchen remodeling contractor is important because risking the project outcome and completion time period on DIY techniques can be devastating. The right contractor has a wide professional network that helps you get in touch with the right sub-contractor, such as those offering plumbing, millwork, flooring, painting, and so on.

All about Best Kitchen Remodeling contractor NYC

They have access to high-quality remodel material from reliable and efficient sources. Moreover, they are best in all tasks due to their experience and have multiple solutions for kitchen remodeling problems. By ensuring timely delivery, saving on your material, time, and energy, a professional kitchen remodel contractor gives you peace of mind and satisfactory results.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor: Conclusion

Do you wish to get in touch with the best kitchen remodel contractor near you? Brener Construction Inc. is one of the top renovation and remodeling contractors in NYC. We offer an extensive range of remodeling services that cover all essential aspects of home renovation, including kitchen remodeling. What distinguishes us from the rest is our broad experience in dealing with multiple types of remodeling projects in different parts of a house, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Call today for a free consultation:



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Who are Home Improvement Contractors?

Home improvement contractors (i.e., home renovations and remodeling contracts) refer to the changes, upgrades, or improvements that you want to make to your home. Considering that home improvements range from entire interior upgrades to simple garden works and maintenance, you might not be able to renovate your entire home yourself, right?

Consequently, numerous home improvement contractors offer services in the US. This explains why the home improvement and renovation industry in the US is worth around $300 billion USD!

What Does a Home Improvement Contractor Do?

What is the primary role of a home improvement contractor? It involves the detailed planning and execution of home improvements, renovations, and upgrade ideas. They are responsible for carrying out all phases of a home renovation and implement the changes you desire for your home.

They start with a consultation session to understand your home renovation and improvement ideas. Subsequently, they develop plans that incorporate your ideas. After identifying the elements of your home improvement plan, your home improvement contractor creates a budget. This can include how much it will cost to upgrade your house interior or, perhaps, complete some garden work and maintenance.

Home Improvement Contractors

Afterward, while considering a budget and timeline, home improvement contractors implement home upgrades and renovations. They purchase material/ equipment, hire sub-contractors (if needed), and then begin your house renovation process.

Education of a Home Improvement Contractor (USA)

Home improvement contractors have a typical bachelor’s degree with experience in small to complex home improvement projects. Moreover, they possess knowledge of building codes, regulations, laws, permits, and licensing. There is no need for home improvement contractors to pursue postsecondary or master’s degrees. After all, most homeowners elect home renovators with adequate knowledge and home remodeling experience.

Skills and Abilities of the Best Home Improvement Contractors

The best home improvement contractors possess the following common skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Detailed Planning
  • Use of Plans and Equipment
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Listening
  • Compassion for Your Home
  • Adequate Knowledge of Several Renovating Methods
  • Robust Communication
  • Dexterity, Patience, and Friendliness
  • Management (often they are able to perform physical labor)

Tips to Choose the Best Home Improvement, Contractor

How do you select the best home improvement contractor for your house upgrades? Sure, the skills and qualities above are convincing factors when opting for a home improvement contractor. Though, how do you further determine that the home improvement contractor you are choosing is the best one to turn your dream home into a reality?  Take a look at some of the tips below to make sure.

Best Home Improvement Contractors

Your Plans

First and foremost, let your home improvement contractor know what you have in mind. Do you want to replace the entire interior style and incorporate a new one? Are you trying to reflect your renewed and more confident personality with changes in your garden and yard? Or, do you want to modernize your home and install the latest fixtures to make your lifestyle more efficient?

Sharing your ideas will give your home improvement contractors a chance to present you with relevant project options along with their completion timelines and cost estimates. Wouldn’t that be satisfying?

Get in a Contract

The best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly in your home renovation and improvements is to ensure strong communication. How do you do that? Draft a contract that outlines your and your home improvement contractor’s responsibilities. Furthermore, mention the timelines, schedules, plans, costs, and some additional space for changes (addendum).

Sources and Relevance

Consider you want a modern and minimalist house interior and renovation change. On the other hand, your home improvement contractor has experience and expertise in completing luxurious residential renovations and upgrades. Isn’t there a conflict? Exactly.

Therefore, it’s important to know firsthand that your home improvement contractor can complete your desired home improvement changes. What’s more, you need to ascertain that your home improvement contractor has reliable sources and a network of efficient workers. That is, he carries a circle of sub-contractors and suppliers (material, labor, etc.) to facilitate your home improvements/ renovations.

Licensing and Permits

It’s important to ensure that your home improvement contractor has relevant certification and carries a license to work in your state. Besides that, you must determine that your home improvement contractor can manage to get the building permits required for your house upgrades.

Quality of Projects- Previous Projects and Portfolio Assessment

If you have yet to make up your mind about choosing a certain home improvement contractor or company, remember that reviewing their previous projects can help you in great detail. How? Well, for starters, it helps you evaluate the type of end results they can provide. Secondly, consumer reviews will give you some clue as to their working methods and ethics.

Altogether, it helps you build confidence in choosing the best home improvement contractor for your house upgrades.

Home Improvement Contractors: Conclusion

So, are you ready to seek out the best home renovators and contractors to make upgrades to your home? If you are in NYC, then Brener Constructions Inc.’s services will leave you impressed.

You can check out their portfolio for previous projects here. Brener Construction Inc. is a home remodeling, improving, and renovating company with 20 years of experience. Currently operating in NYC and the Tri-State area, they offer residential and commercial space improvements (renovations).

To schedule an appointment with an expert from Brener Construction Inc., give them a call at 646-455-3321. Or, visit their main website here for more info.

What are the Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom?

What are the costs to remodel your bathroom? Within a home, a bathroom is where individuals can get some peaceful alone time. Besides being a place to shower and relieve oneself, people’s experience in the bathroom sets the mood for the rest of the day. Whether you prefer a small powder room or a large suite-style master room, varying sizes, configurations, modeling styles, and fixtures are available. So, living in a luxurious place like New York City or somewhere else, you might require a bathroom remodel at some point. After all, you can’t afford to switch houses so often

Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

Well, for one, the idea of remodeling your bathroom does not necessarily entail the replacement of broken pipes and door hinges. In fact, you might simply be looking to restore the visuals of your bathroom to create a relaxing and calming space when nature calls. On the other hand, you might have made renovations to major parts of your house. Hence, you are remodeling your bathroom so that it aligns with the new style and décor of the house.

What are the other reasons? Of course, a bathroom cannot persist in staying the same forever, right? It wears down at some point. At that point, remodeling is essential. You might be looking to improve the resale value of your home. Perhaps, you are conscious about your or your family’s safety due to broken tiles and sinks in your bathroom.

Furthermore, poorly-maintained bathrooms with humid and warm environments create the perfect space for fungus growth. Hence, health concerns call for a bathroom remodel at the very least. On the contrary, you might just be trying to accommodate an increasing and growing family.

What Influences the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

How do you determine the cost of a bathroom remodel? Well, there isn’t one way. The remodeling process ranges from electrical, heating, lighting, fixtures, amenities placement to plumbing. Hence, to determine the final costs of a bathroom remodel, you must consider the factors that influence it. So, let’s get straight to the point.


One of the first considerations of the cost of remodeling a bathroom comes from the layout. Choosing a better layout can create avenues for further improvement of your bathroom. For example, after choosing a layout that incurs the movement of fixtures or even the walls, you get space for additional installations. Moreover, after a change in layout, you might get a chance to achieve the aesthetic appeal that you desired for your bathroom.

Keep in mind that layout costs vary according to the changes you want to make to the bathroom’s structure and square footing. After all, only good contractors like Brener Construction Inc. in New York City can help accommodate the best bathroom layouts in your house.

layout and Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom


Laminates, Ceramic tiles, Vinyl Sheets, or engineered woods are homeowners’ top picks when choosing materials for a bathroom remodel. Of course, you would love to see an aesthetically appealing floor that also entails various hazard-free attributes such as slipping, mold growth, water resistance, etc.

Essentially, the type of floor plan and material type that you choose in accordance with the layout of your bathroom will influence the costs of remodeling. After all, you cannot ignore where you walk in a bathroom, right?


Let’s not forget the sinks, faucets, taps, and other plumbing-related jobs that are part of a bathroom remodel. Rather, you should be up-to-date with your bathroom remodeling plan so that you know which portion of remodeling costs come from plumbing (pipes, valves, fixtures, etc.).

Electrical Work

Furthermore, electrical work also influences the remodeling costs of a bathroom. Wondering why? Well, besides the lights and other electrical appliances such as heaters, one additional thing requires significant attention. What is that? The electrical outlets! Not everybody puts electrical outlets in their bathrooms, at least not below children’s height. So, the idea of adding more fixtures, outlets, or even new lighting appliances will incur additional costs during your bathroom remodel.

Installations and Décor

You might enjoy the concept of beautifying, or at the very least, adding a little personal touch to how your bathroom looks. Different décor options, such as materials, appliances, paints, wallpapers, and color schemes, influence remodeling costs.

Do you Need a Permit to Remodel Your House?

Yes, as a matter of fact, you do need a permit to start remodeling your bathroom. However, certain types of remodeling such as painting, replacing tiles, or adding a new sink might not require a permit from your local housing authorities. Only major renovations and remodeling projects do.

Costs of Remodeling a Bathroom: Conclusion

Remodeling a bathroom creates immense joy as it provides an opportunity to develop the most used structure in your house. And for that, you must rely on the best contractors, such as Brener Construction Inc. Contact us via our official website here.

Give us a call at 646-455-3321 to get estimates of your bathroom remodeling ideas.

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2021-2022

What are the top kitchen remodeling ideas? Renovating houses has always been at the heart of décor lovers. The ability to express their personality and their style via their home’s physical appearance is what they love. Decorating both the interior and the exterior of a house has pertained to the most diligent and passionate decorators. However, the remodeling of a kitchen carries a unique sense of style and authenticity of the people living in a house.

top kitchen remodeling ideas

As much as the remodeling task might appear to be fun or leisurely, it is not always the case. Aesthetics, layout and the costs of remodeling your kitchen are important factors. Remodeling contractors like Brener Construction Inc. (official website here) offer the best skills and knowledge in New York City. So, what are you waiting for? Are you tired of looking at your simple and boring kitchen during this global pandemic? Read on to learn about the top 5 kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021!

Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1.     Quartz Style Kitchen

Quartz still persists in being the king of kitchen remodeling in 2021. There are certain qualities that quartz, as a kitchen material, possesses that led to its reign over other kitchen materials. What are those qualities? Well, quartz is capable of lasting forever! (Virtually, of course) besides that, it is extremely robust, hard, and made up of granite that is anti-microbial. Maybe consider the pandemic when reading about anti-microbial these days.

Furthermore, it is among the high-class materials that require the least maintenance to preserve their beautiful looks. In addition, with the lack of variety, quartz countertops are a sight for sore eyes due to technological improvements. The influx of new realistic stone patterns, colors, and various finishes make the quarts countertop a definitive choice among kitchen decorators.

Want to know more? There are sinks made of quartz too! With a countertop and sick made of the same material, depicting the same pattern and color, you can enjoy a modern aesthetic appeal.

2.     Handle-less Kitchen Design

Modern-day trends, whether décor, technological, environmental, or personal outlook, all function with a design that enables multi-tasking to a great extent. But are you among those who do not prefer traditional handles either on the doors or the cabinets around your kitchen? Well, that is amazing because the latest kitchen remodeling idea involves the addition of recessed handles for cabinets. These recessed handles design also applies to the kitchens.

Recessed handles are a sleek option that comes in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. So, making a choice is going to be difficult. But rest assured because you might end up creating a style in your kitchen that looks appealing and inspires.

Want another extra tip? If you are going for a new refrigerator in your kitchen, then you can opt for one that also has recessed handles. Hence, promote your kitchen style and décor across the appliances throughout the kitchen.

3.     Open Shelving

Have you heard about open shelving? Of course, you have! Even today, there are some people who have the knack to enjoy usability and style at the same time. And guess what? Open shelving provides that.

This highly trending kitchen remodeling idea is that it combines two of the most important things in a kitchen. It combines functionality (in the form of storage space) and beauty (colors, materials, textures, and styles). Furthermore, people have made remarks that open shelving deemed them to purely consider the necessities in their storage capacity.

4.     Kitchen Larders

Larders have always carried the most traditional look for a kitchen. If you agree with the previous statement, then this kitchen remodeling idea is for you. The popular stand-alone pantry or cupboard is capable of storing large dry goods. It also lets you maintain the small components and kitchen goods in an organized manner.

Therefore, consider this traditional look as it takes relatively less space in your valuable kitchen while offering a classical touch to go with the most neutral and ancient designs and colors.

5.     Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has always been a favorite among traditional and classical décor enthusiasts. Conversely, the technological advances in décor and interior designing have achieved an amazing objective. They preserved the classical hardwood kitchen décor while eliminating the potential setbacks that the wood flooring brought with it. And how did this happen? Well, ceramic varieties made it possible with their wide variety of sizes and styles.

Top kitchen remodeling ideas flooring

Ceramics are the go-to options for the newest decorators and interior designers, thanks to a multitude of benefits. It is easy to maintain, resembles natural stone and wood textures, and has the same texture appeal as the depicted material.

Top kitchen remodeling ideas for 2021-2022: Conclusion

For the best remodeling contractor that you can avail in the Tri-State area, contact Brener Construction Inc. They possesses 20 years of home renovating and remodeling experience.

Give them a call at 646-455-3321 if you want to get a quote for your kitchen remodeling idea. Visit their website and browse through our previous projects to determine the strength and quality of our luxurious remodeling.

Projects for Home Improvement Contractors

What are some common projects for home improvement contractors? Hiring a contractor for a complete home renovation product can be incredibly costly. The true cost of renovation is not just a matter of money, but also a cost of your time and resources.  Contrary to popular belief, renovating, remodeling, redecorating, or flipping are all separate concepts.

Projects for Home Improvement Contractors

A home improvement project may fall under the umbrella of a remodeling or renovation project. Plenty of home improvement projects and ideas can increase the value of your home. Some of them may not even require you to completely remodel and start from scratch. Instead, even a few small installations and projects can contribute to your home’s improvement.

Problems of DIY Home Improvements

Most people live in houses that were built in the early 90s or 80s. This makes it difficult for people to renovate because it is not compatible with some of the contemporary designs.  For starters, the walls are not thick, so it makes it impossible for the contractor to make installations in the house.

Additionally, you also have to encounter the issue of aluminum wiring, which is an integral part of houses of those days. They possess a fire hazard when contractors try to implement simple home improvement designs.

These were all problems that fueled the need for home renovation.  You must remember, back in the old days, there was no standard for the construction of homes.  Inventors were free to follow any design and use any material to build houses.  This is why most residential houses can be very difficult to renovate. In other words, the older the house gets the more issues you have to deal with.

Will Renovations Add Value to Your Home?

One of the biggest factors that affect the return on your investment is the location. Where you live ultimately determines how much you will get on a resale value. Many people like to boast their home improvement efforts and try to convince you how doing so can offer you great returns.

Even though most of that is somewhat true, you must keep in mind that the cost of renovation divides largely between the cost of renovation and labor. The combination of these two costs is about the amount that you will most likely get as a return.

The rest of the cost is the operational cost and taxes, which you are less likely to get a return on, depending on if you close a good deal.

Common Projects for Home Improvement Contractors

DIY Home Improvement Skills that Will Add Value to your Home

If you want to eradicate the cost of labor for some basic home improvement measures to get a bigger return, then you must have the skill to perform some home improvement techniques yourself.


Painting is a very low-cost investment. All you need is a few gallons of paint, some basic tools, and some pointers to get started. This makes it a great home improvement project for contractors that you can also do yourself.

Painting the exterior of your house is likely to increase its value by five percent. This number is massive when you compare it to the cost and money it takes to do the job. Hence, if you have a team of contractors working on your house, ask the general contractor for a paint job as well.

Replace the Garage Door

Think about it this way, your garage door makes up most of the exterior of your home. It is one of the first things that a potential buyer will notice as they come across your house. Unlike painting, changing the garage door is not a project for you.

You need to contact a contractor to ensure that your installation is perfect. To ensure that your new garage door installation is flawless, make sure that you hire a garage door installation specialist.  Because they specialize in a specific thing, they provide you with the most cost-effective and quick results.

Surprisingly, this simple garage door exchange can help you get a massive 90 dollars to return on your investment. Thus, instead of focusing too much on heavy installations such as wiring, interior design, or decorations, you should invest in little things with big returns firstly.

Stone Walls

This is another project for home improvement contractors that can help you get a hundred percent return on your investment. However, you have to be willing to splash an enormous amount of money on the material and the labor cost.  Nevertheless, you can capitalize on a stone veneer for massive gains on return.

Projects for Home Improvement Contractors: Conclusion

If you are looking for home improvement contractors who can provide the right type of project for your house, then head on over to Brener Construction. We deal with all houses in New York and provide you contemporary renovations of the highest quality.

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Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Are you considering popular flooring options for your NYC apartment remodel? Flooring is important as it elevates the décor of your house interior. New flooring also is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Besides that, people consider flooring as a means to enhance aesthetic appeal for their home’s interior. Hence, flooring options play a prominent role when opting for a remodel of your house (home improvement). However, before moving to the flooring options, let’s acknowledge the cost factors involved in installing new flooring.

What Determines the Cost of Installing New Flooring?

One of the major cost determinants is the square footage of the floor space in need of new flooring. Calculating the cost by measuring the width and length of the floor space will give you a nearly accurate cost estimate for your new flooring plan. Moreover, here are some other factors that will influence your flooring costs.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

  • Removal of old flooring
  • Disposal of old flooring
  • Subfloor replacements
  • Installation materials (nails, bolts, glues, adhesives, etc.)
  • House locations (near the city or not influences the cost of your flooring plan)
  • Labor
  • Moving furniture before and after flooring

Why Install New Flooring?

Before we jump onto flooring options for luxurious and stylish NYC apartments, here are some other reasons why people add new floor options to their house remodeling plans.

Freshness in Your Home

Getting new flooring for your home is just like getting a haircut. It allows you to see everything from a new perspective. Besides, new flooring is fun because it introduces a new color scheme to your home’s current palette. Hence, it reflects new décor for your house interior.

Costs Less Than You Think

The availability of a wide variety of options means that you get invaluable cost savings as well. However, that might only be possible if you are in touch with the best renovating company in your state. For someone living in NYC, you might want to seek the professional experience and expertise of Brener Construction Inc.

Safety Reasons

Safety reasons include the replacement of broken, cracking, or splintering wooden flooring. Besides wood, other flooring materials are susceptible to damage and deterioration if you fail to maintain them. This damage procures the need for new flooring.

Health Concerns

As traditional wood flooring is susceptible to absorbing water either from the general humidity, water spillage, or rain, various health concerns arise from it. For starters, the growth of mold or mildew can negatively affect your health. Or, things like sagging wood planks suffer from chances of breakage and splintering at any moment.

Flooring Options for NYC Apartments

Now, let’s go onto the various flooring options for NYC apartments. Read about them and pick a flooring option to enhance your property’s aesthetics and resale market value.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, especially from trees like oaks, chestnuts, and cherry, is among the most popular and trending flooring options. Regardless of the style you choose for your house, hardwood flooring can definitely improve its appeal. Moreover, easy refurnishing for scratches and the classy vintage look make it an impeccable option.

The domestic variety of hardwood flooring is available in strides (planks) varying in length and width.  Hardwood flooring is extremely easy to maintain. Simply sweep and mop the floor regularly to prevent dust and grime from accumulating. Further, you should incorporate inspections to detect any scratches, color damage (fading), mold, or even splinters.

Best Flooring Options for NYC Apartment Remodel

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Pottery-style flooring comprises a material made from a mixture of shale and clay. It is an extremely hard material that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and, more significantly, exotic patterns. Importantly, check the ceramic you pick for your house flooring remodel beforehand because some types of ceramics are susceptible to shattering easily.

Laminate (Hardwood)

Laminate flooring resembles engineered wood flooring. Conversely, explaining laminate flooring is relatively easy. It has a thin veneer that covers the layers of compressed fiber or even plywood beneath it. Fact: the layer on top is a photograph that lies beneath the transparent plastic coating.

Laminates are modern flooring options. Why? Firstly, they resemble traditional and classical hardwood flooring while also balancing the look with extensive features and benefits. Are you wondering what benefits laminate flooring can offer?

With laminate flooring, you enjoy a slip-resistant floor that is invulnerable to stains and scratches! But, do check the coat for the laminate flooring you choose. So, if you are already developing your remodel plan, check out some of the best laminate flooring options for an aesthetically pleasing floor.

Flooring for NYC Apartment Remodel: Final Thoughts

Brener Construction Inc. provides luxurious remodeling and renovation services in New York City. If you wish to seek a remodeling company for the installation of new flooring in your house, Brener Construction Inc. might be just what you are looking for.

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Costs to Remodel a Kitchen

What are the costs to remodel a kitchen? In this article, we will be talking about how much it costs to renovate a kitchen, and the tips you can apply to save that cost.  Kitchen renovation is a huge project for contractors. It involves removing everything from the kitchen, including things like the framework, cabinets, and other types of equipment. It would be fair to say that it involves several workers.

Costs of Remodeling a Kitchen

The average cost of remodeling a kitchen can significantly vary depending on certain factors. First and foremost, the renovation depends on the types of installations that you want in your kitchen. Another factor is whether you want to remodel to increase the value of your kitchen, or if you just want to make it more spacious for a better cooking experience.

The purpose of your remodeling determines how much you will ultimately spend on the kitchen renovation. The average cost also depends on the size, depth, and current condition of your kitchen. If your house is old and there is a mold invasion in the kitchen, then the cost to remodel it could be higher.

The scale of remodeling and renovation falls into either a minor or major kitchen remodel.   The kitchen remodel that you are looking for may fall between these two extremes. Therefore, knowing what you want will give you an estimate of how much you will spend.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

A minor kitchen remodel could cost between 10,000 to 15,000 dollars. Minor remodels are a great way to increase the value of your house without spending too much. It also consumes less of your time, since contractors don’t necessarily have to take apart the whole kitchen.  It is an excellent example of how small changes can make a huge difference.

Most investments such as painting the cabinets can cost you around 200 to 600 Dollars if you do them by yourself. However, if you wish to hire a professional, then you may have to spend some extra bucks for a more professional job.

Another renovation idea that fits the small-scale remodel plan is tiles installation. They do not take much cost or effort to install, and changing old, worn-out tiles to new contemporary white ones will make your kitchen look more elegant, bigger, and modern.

Other installations can involve investing in countertops that you can get for cheap and enhance the look of your kitchen, along with other appliances.

Mid-Scale Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners that are willing to spend up to 15,000 – 30,000 Dollars can benefit from getting a midsize kitchen to remodel. This applies to people that need to fix some of the fundamental problems with the kitchen before they can properly remodel it.

costs to remodel a kitchen ny 2021-2022

You can however save money even when you opt for this type of remodeling. Contractors will advise you to start with a new structure. However, if you are happy with the existing layout of your kitchen, you do not have to change it, saving a decent amount of money in the process.

If your cabinets are also in good condition, then you can just refurbish them to make them shine. Even though in most cases, mid-size remodels call for cabinet upgrades, this is somewhere you can capitalize in both mid-size and small-scale remodels.

When choosing hardware, make sure that you invest in cheaper alternatives. You can find slick modern hardware.

Major Kitchen Remodel

This involves major structural changes to the kitchen, and is perfect for increasing the overall value of your home. The process includes things like breaking walls, electrical lines, replacing plumbing pipes, and changing the layout.

High-income homes that have massive kitchen spaces can especially benefit from this type of remodeling. For example, you can construct a space for a fresh vegetable and fruit pantry.

Besides a walk-in pantry, you can also install a luxurious dining space for as much as 30,000 to 64,000 Dollars. This price is high, but it promises a massive increase in value, and a hefty return on the cost, which makes it worth every penny.

Costs to Remodel a Kitchen: Conclusion

If you are a homeowner in New York who is having a hard time choosing between the different remodeling options and choices, then seek guidance and service from the experts at Brener Construction Inc. Contact them for expert contracting services, tailored to your needs.

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Basement Renovation Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

As a homeowner, it’s only natural that you want to maximize the value of each and every room in your house. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably considered your basement at some point or another. It is a functional floor that you can use for a wide variety of activities and purposes. With the right renovation, it can provide a comfortable space for your family to spend some quality time together.

Sure, it sounds like a fun task to renovate your basement, but only when you get help from skilled renovation professionals in the industry. But do you know of any renovators in New York City? No need to worry. Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best companies in the industry, offering a wide variety of renovation and remodeling services for luxury houses and apartments in NYC.

What Can You Renovate Your Basement Into?

What options can you opt for when renovating your basement? What different purposes can your basement serve? Here are some:

  • A home Office
  • A playroom for children
  • A movie theater
  • A study room
  • A Spa, massage, or beauty space
  • Workshop
  • “Man Cave” for enjoying sports, kicking back, and relaxing
  • Studio apartment for arts, music, choreography, etc.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

What are the General Cost Factors in Basement Renovations in NYC?

While the thought of creating a comfort zone in your home’s spare functional floor (basement) sounds fantastic, you will have to consider different cost factors. These pertain to the type of idea you’re considering for renovation. Here are a few general cost factors that a basement renovation in NYC involves.

  • Building Permits
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Windows and Doors (trims and additions)
  • Painting
  • Framings
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Plumbing (for seepages or an addition of a bathroom or a kitchen)
  • Fixtures and Installations
  • Electrical Wirings
  • Soundproofing and waterproofing your basement
  • Dehumidifiers

Top 2021 Basement Renovation Ideas

Now that you’re aware of the cost factors you should consider before a renovation and the different purposes a basement can serve, it’s time you know that Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best service providers around. Here are the top 2021 ideas for your basement renovation.

Playroom for Children

Setting up a playroom for kids is one of the most popular basement renovation ideas out there. If not a playroom, it’ll be a great gathering space for teenage kids to gather after school. Of course, every parent wants their child to enjoy their own space so they can relax, study, or have fun. For younger children, parents can create a fun, colorful, safe, and secure play area. This way, they enjoy a change of scenery in daily activities. More importantly, it means that rainy days won’t stop your kids from carrying out their fun activities.

Adult Game Room

Who says adults can’t have their own game room? A nice pool table, dartboard, and ping-pong table can do lots to refresh the ambiance. While growing children and bachelor adults prefer an individual game room, you can create great family moments in your basement game room!


The global pandemic has brought normal routines to a grinding halt (with over 130 million patients worldwide). This means people are unable to pursue their fitness goals by joining gyms and community sports centers. Nevertheless, fitness and gym enthusiasts are finding a way around the situation by converting their spare basement floor into a professional home-gym space. Yes, it is entirely possible to create a workout space inside your house!

Now, you can say goodbye to costly gym memberships. With minute investments, you can create a personalized gym environment at home. Add a few dumbbell sets, a bench, pulleys, or whatever you prefer for your fitness workout. Be it weightlifting, Crossfit, or calisthenics; you can have it all in your basement. So, when it’s time to work out, just put on your sportswear, a pair of sneakers, and go down to your basement!

Studio Room

Creating a studio room is another activity many people have considered as a hobby, global pandemic or not. Homeowners have expressed a high demand to create a studio space in their basement. It’s a preference for musicians, painters, choreographers, and other creatives. After all, how else do people form a band with their friends? Renovating your home’s basement into a studio space means that you’re always ready for an impromptu jam session.

Choosing a Renovator- Brener Construction Inc. in NYC

It’s not like you can’t opt for a DIY basement renovation. But while it’s easy to clean up and add a few fixtures in your basement, only professional renovators can provide an expert touch. They have the training to form a classy and solid remodeling structure that persists for years to come. Therefore, choosing the best renovator for your basement renovation is essential.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021-2022

And as a renovating and remodeling company with more than 20 years of excellence, Brener Construction Inc. utilizes the best personnel, resources, and scheduling for all of their residential & commercial contracting services.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021: Conclusion

Did you like any idea from above? Do you have a better one for your basement? Meet with an expert and create a renovation plan for your basement renovation. But what then? Well, sit back and enjoy the timely completion of your basement renovation project!

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