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Custom Bathroom Contractor

Do you ned a contractor for your new custom bathroom? A bathroom makeover is one of the most exciting yet exhausting experiences you will go through. Hence, it is best to hire a custom bathroom contractor who will take up all the responsibilities to construct your new bathroom to make the process more fun and less tiring.

Many people like following the DIY style of bathroom renovations or makeovers. Still, it can get very stressful when you’re handling everything on your own. Hence, people are likely to turn towards a bathroom contractor.

If you’re still not sure who a bathroom contractor is and why you should hire one immediately when customizing your bathroom, you should read through this article.

Custom Bathroom Contractor NY NYC

Why Should You Hire a Contractor for your New Custom Bathroom?

It is important to hire a bathroom contractor, especially if you want a customized look. From managing the interior to materials and electrical work, they take care of it all. Thus, you will not be stressed the whole time managing it by yourself. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should hire a bathroom contractor to renovate or construct an attractive-looking bathroom:

1.     Connections with the Best Suppliers

For high-quality customized bathrooms, you will need the best materials, and most of the time, it falls expensive when buying high-quality resources on your own from reputable suppliers. Professional bathroom contractors have contacts with big bathroom material suppliers, and they can get it at a low price.

They also have the best knowledge of what type of materials will look best because of their business experience. Doing it on your own may cost you ten times more than what you would pay to your bathroom contractor.

2.     Professionalism Makes the Process Smoother

When carrying out big projects like a customized bathroom, you want to achieve the best possible result, especially if you’re spending a lot of money. Hence, it is best to hire a bathroom contractor to help you achieve an attractive bathroom.

Plus, there are fewer chances of your bathroom having poor fixtures or any other issues that you might have to cater to afterward. Getting the job done from a professional also increases the value of your house, especially if you plan on selling it later.

3.     Provide you With the Best Workforce

For a completely new bathroom renovation, you will need skilled laborers to take care of different installations and fixtures in your bathroom. Bathroom contractors provide you with the best experts, such as plumbers, designers, electricians, and carpenters, during each phase of the construction project.

These experts have professional and experienced backgrounds as you wouldn’t want any poor quality work done that could cause plumbing issues in the future. Hence, the only people who can provide you with the best team are bathroom contractors.

4.     Save you Time and Efforts

If you want a customized bathroom look in a month, it’s not entirely possible to get it ready by yourself, especially with a hectic schedule. You have to give all your time and effort to your bathroom construction if you plan to do it on your own, and let’s face it that’s not entirely possible.

Bathroom contractors get the job done within the time frame you provide them with as they spend a maximum of eight hours or more every day on bathroom construction. Time is money, and if you want to save up all the time, you must hire a bathroom contractor for your customized bathroom.

The Perks of Having a New Customized Bathroom

It’s easy to admit that once you give a new customized look to your bathroom with the help of a bathroom contractor, you start to fall in love with it. Other than feeling good about a new bathroom, there are many other benefits of having a new customized bathroom:

Raises your Home Value

If you plan to sell your house soon, one thing that buyers notice is the unique aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and kitchen. By involving a bathroom contractor, the value of your house gradually increases and is more likely to compel potential buyers to buy it.

NYC Contractor for Custom Bathroom

Suits your Lifestyle

If you’re going for a customized bathroom makeover, you are more likely to keep your requirements in mind, making you feel comfortable while using the bathroom. For instance, if you have a house full of kids, you would want to make the bathroom more child-friendly by installing a child-friendly bathtub or shower.

Gives a Modernized Look

This is the best time to get your bathroom remodeled as there are so many new trends that add to the beautiful aesthetics of a bathroom, such as glass showers, Jacuzzis, bathroom spas, aesthetic lighting, and much more. This gives your bathroom a more modernized look and will compel your guests to appreciate your aesthetics whenever they come to visit.

Custom Bathroom Contractor: Conclusion

If you live in New York and plan to renovate, reconstruct, or repair your bathroom, you should contact Brener Construction. We will provide you with the best bathroom renovation services, adding to the overall look of your home and increasing its resale value.

CALL US TODAY: 646.455.3321

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Need the best kitchen renovation ideas? Getting your kitchen renovated is an exciting idea, yet at some point, it does get a bit hectic once the renovation process starts. But you don’t have to worry about the project at any stage if you hire a good and skilled kitchen renovation contractor. You can add a modernized touch to your kitchen and make it a vibrant space in many ways.

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It will make it more fun to cook your favorite meal in the kitchen. If you plan on getting your kitchen renovated soon and need some good inspiration, you should check out these trendy kitchen renovation ideas mentioned below.

1.    Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common flooring types used in many rooms around the house, but it looks amazing when you use it for your kitchen flooring. These are quite solid in nature and come from different trees such as oak, cherry, maple, and many more.

The best part about this type of flooring is that it’s durable and easy to clean if you spill some food or ingredient on the floor. Hardwood floors also add to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, especially if you are going for a country or brown-themed kitchen. You can also choose to use marble flooring, if not hardwood.

2.    Unique Lighting

You need proper lighting in your kitchen, especially during the night time to do your tasks properly. So, if you’re getting your kitchen renovated fully, you also must get creative with the lighting. There are so many ways you can add creative lighting to your kitchen. You could add different spotlights under your kitchen island or above your dining area.

You can also use different types of lighting fixtures together and place them around your kitchen. If you don’t want bright light all the time, you can get dimmers placed. It will also allow you to set the brightness in the dining area of your kitchen according to your mood or the ambiance you need.

3.    Install a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are one of the trendiest installments to a kitchen. These not only give your kitchen a unique look, but they also make it spacious. Kitchen islands usually appear in the middle of the kitchen and act as the perfect countertop. The best thing is you can personalize your kitchen island to match the interior of your kitchen.

For instance, you could install a small stove and sink on your kitchen island, a small rack that allows you to keep your plates and utensils. You can also make it a small dining area by adding some chairs around it. Plus, you can install different electric outlets to use your kitchen machinery.

Best Kitchen Renovation Ideas NYC

There’s a lot more you can do with your kitchen island, but this depends on its size. If you want to add a sink, stoves, and electric outlets to it, you will obviously have to get a bigger kitchen island.

4.    Appealing Kitchen Cabinets

A kitchen without any cabinets makes it look quite naked, and since you’re getting your kitchen renovated, it’s a must that you get some new and trendy kitchen cabinets installed. You can choose to get either wood kitchen cabinets or marble kitchen cabinets. This depends on the atmosphere and theme of your kitchen.

It is best if your kitchen cabinets match your flooring, as you wouldn’t want anything in this space that may look out of shape or flow. Hence, your cabinets must complement the other elements in your kitchen.

A piece of good advice is not to add too many cabinets in your kitchen as it takes up a lot of space. You could get cabinets that have handles, or if you want to go for something unique, you can buy ones that you just have to push open. As long as you have enough budget, you can get the fanciest kitchen cabinets of your choice.

5.     Open Shelves

If you want to save up space in your kitchen, and simultaneously want to add a unique touch to it, try installing open shelves instead of too many closed cabinets. Open shelves are quite meaningful to many homeowners as it reminds them of their grandmother’s house.

You could get two or three shelves installed on top of each other at a distance, and keep all your fancy tins filled with spices or cookies. You could also place your electric appliances as this also makes it easier to get hold of them when you start cooking or baking.

Besides, you can add many other things to your open shelves and show off your entire antique cutlery to your guests whenever they visit your kitchen.

Final Words

Now that you’ve come across some of the best kitchen renovation ideas, you may also want to give a complete makeover to your kitchen. You can never go wrong with these ideas, especially if you hire the right kitchen renovation contractor.

If you plan on getting your kitchen renovated anytime soon, you should get in touch with our team of experts at Brener Construction. We will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams and assist you in every phase of your kitchen renovation process.

Renovating a Brooklyn Apartment

Living in an apartment in Brooklyn may be one of the best experiences with a populated view of the beautiful New York City. However, at some time, your apartment may need some fixing to give it a more modernized feel or create more room for people. This is when you start to think that your Brooklyn apartment needs to get renovated.

Renovating A Brooklyn Apartment

You can get the job done with the help of a good apartment renovation contractor. Renovating your Brooklyn apartment is quite exciting, but it requires a lot of planning, time, and of course, budget. If you plan on getting your beautiful apartment in Brooklyn renovated, read further to know what to expect during the whole renovation process.

Renovation Timeline: How Long Will It Take?

Since you plan on getting your whole apartment renovated, there are a few steps or timeline that you must be aware of before the process begins. First, there is no specific time frame as this depends on how much work there is and the skill of your general contractor.

The general contractor and their team will foresee everything from inspection to designing to installation of fixtures. Once you have received the necessary approval from the Department of Buildings or your own building, the contractor and his team of experts will start with their work.

If you plan to renovate your whole bathroom or kitchen and achieve an upgraded look, this will take 4-6 weeks for each room. This also depends on the updates and fixtures you want to get done in your kitchen and bathroom. If you want small adjustments like changing or upgrading your floors and walls, it will take around four weeks, including all the fixtures, plumbing, and electrical work.

Some people plan on getting their whole apartment renovated, which does take over a month or so depending on the type of apartment and the number of rooms you have and upgrades you need. The lesser changes and rooms, the sooner you will get your apartment ready. However, again, this also depends entirely on the construction company you have hired.

What Costs are Involved

Any renovation for your apartment requires you to keep a healthy budget to get high-quality work done. The first cost that you should keep in mind is the overhead costs that include the overall cost of the labor work. The labor costs are usually quite pricy in NYC, but you must opt for one that will provide you with high-quality services.

Best Brooklyn Apartment Renovation Contractor 2021

The next thing is the cost of the flooring. This depends on the type of flooring you choose. If you are on a tight budget, opt for cost-effective floorings that also provide the right feel to your apartment.

If you are going for extensive renovation in your kitchen and bathroom, you have to keep a big budget. Some buildings require a comprehensive insurance policy. This takes up a lot of time and money.

The best way to stay within your budget is by not going for overly modernized fixtures and furniture. This does save up a lot on the cost and helps you achieve a decent apartment even if you use regular materials that are far more reasonable.

Things You Should be Aware Of

There are a few things that may get in the way of your apartment renovation; hence you should keep a lookout for potential issues and get them sorted before it causes you to stop the renovation.

The first thing you should take care of is the regulations in your building. You can do that by contacting the Department of Buildings to know about violations. If any regulations are causing you not to go further, you can get approval (it might take time). Your building’s board determines these approvals.

The second thing you should take care of is the restrictions involved in construction. Some buildings don’t allow the use of certain heavy machinery due to noise that other apartment owners may have to bear.

Moreover, some buildings have a specific time frame in which the construction can take place, e.g., you may not be able to carry out construction during weekends or after sunset. It is best to handle all these matters beforehand so that you can achieve a smooth renovation process without any delays. This will also save a lot of time and money, bringing you peace of mind.


There is no denying that apartment renovation in Brooklyn does require a lot of planning and money. If you want to be stress-free during the renovation time and focus on other important things that might be a part of the renovation process, you should get in touch with the best construction company in NYC.

At Brener Construction, we will cater to all your renovation requirements and help you achieve the apartment you have always dreamt of living in. Our experts have experience and skills to turn your dream apartment into a reality.

NYC Penthouse Remodel: Things to Consider

Are you thinking about remodeling your nyc penthouse? Living in a penthouse in NYC is one of the coolest experiences a New Yorker will have as they get the chance to observe the busy streets and high rise buildings from their penthouse. You are lucky if you are one of them. Like every penthouse owner, you may also want to renovate or remodel your NYC penthouse due to the many modern trends and structures introduced in the market. You must make a proper plan and hire professionals to give your penthouse the look you want up to your living standards.

NYC Penthouse Remodel

Penthouse remodeling is not exactly an easy project to plan, but it’s worth it. If you plan on remodeling your penthouse, you must hire the right penthouse remodeling contractor or construction firm as they will help you out with all the planning and structure for your penthouse remodel. Read further to know what all you should consider when remodeling your penthouse in NYC.

Penthouse Remodel Costs

Before beginning with your penthouse remodeling, you should be aware that a penthouse remodeling costs a ton of money and that you will never get a fixed amount. During the remodeling, many unexpected costs might appear. This is why you should have a fat balance as there are many costs you have to consider. This is one of the reasons you should get a remodeling contractor as they help you with the costs by sticking to the budget you have given them.

Plumbing Costs

If you are getting a whole new look for your bathroom or any other room in your penthouse, you will have to get some major plumbing work done. Once plumbing starts, plumbers might discover some hidden issues such as broken drains, which will add to the cost of plumbing.

This calls for installing new drains and pipelines. Plumbers usually install these pipelines under the floor, which means you will need to install new flooring for your penthouse.

If you are getting proper remodeling done, you will want to get everything new in order to avoid any issues after the remodeling is over. For instance, you may get new pipelines, sinks, faucets, drains, etc., installed in your penthouse.

Electric Work Costs

Electric work costs consist of all the new wiring and electrical connections you will need in your penthouse. Your plumber will install new appliances as well as repair the existing ones, following the safety standards.

The costs of electric work depend on many things. For instance, if you are getting new modern lighting fixtures installed in your kitchen or any other room, it may call for additional charges. The cost also depends on what condition your old wrings are in and if it needs any changes.

Ceiling Costs

If you are changing the ceilings by creating two floors or adding a modernized touch to it as part of your remodeling project, you should prepare yourself for some additional heavy costs. It is a complex task that requires ceiling leveling and involves reassessing the ducts, ceiling lights, sprinklers, and many other things. Sometimes many ceilings tend to have leaks, especially in penthouses. This may require stripping down the walls and mending the corners of the wall.

NYC Penthouse Remodel Contractor

Penthouse Remodel Ideas

You can do so many things to upgrade your penthouse and give it the desired modernized look, making it breathtakingly beautiful. Remodeling a penthouse calls for some stunning upgrades, and if you are looking for some ideas to add a modern feel to it, continue reading.

§  Private Roof Terrace

If you have had enough of plain glass windows, you can build a roof terrace that connects to your bedroom or lounge. Hence, you can enjoy the view of the bustling streets of New York while sipping your hot chocolate.

§  Small Fireplace

You can get a small fireplace in your living room, which will come handy during cold winter nights in New York. The fireplace helps to add a comfy touch to your penthouse and enhances the look.

§  Glass Bathrooms

You can get glass windows in your bathroom and enjoy the beautiful view while taking a nice relaxing bath. Don’t worry about privacy as you can get tempered windows or blinders, which you can operate with a remote.

§  Staircase

If you have a two-story penthouse or want to create one, you can install modern stairs that create a house-like vibe in your penthouse. This does require a lot of work as you will have to break down the ceilings.

You can incorporate the latest trends or create a customized look for your penthouse; all you have to do is use your creativity and match it with the comforts of your living. It is best to visit different showrooms or penthouses for some good inspiration.


Now that you have an idea of what to expect and consider when remodeling your penthouse, you should first hire the best remodeling contractor in NYC. You can get in touch with our team at Brener Construction. We provide the best penthouse remodeling services, and our professional team of experts will assist you in every phase of the remodeling project. So get ready to achieve the penthouse of your dreams.

Tel: 646-455-3321

Kitchen Remodelers

Are you looking for information about kitchen remodelers? Remodeling your whole kitchen is a fun and exciting thing to do; however, it is a lot of hassle and requires proper decision making. Once you have a clear idea about how you want your new kitchen to look with all the specific details, you have to take the remolding step further by hiring a kitchen remodeler. Kitchen remodelers are easy to find. However, you must find a professional and experienced remodeler if you want your kitchen to look top-notch.

It can get confusing to choose the right or best kitchen remodeler out of so many. Hence this article will guide you on finding the right kitchen remodeler and the specific things you should take into account while finding one.

Kitchen Remodelers NYC 2020-2021


How to Find the Best Kitchen Remodeler

Mentioned below are a few tasks you should carry out when finding a kitchen remodeler. These steps will help you find just the right kitchen remodeler who will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

1.     Create a List of Well Known Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

The first thing you should do is create a list of reputable kitchen remodelers you think can handle the job of revamping your new kitchen. While making this list, you should take recommendations from family and friends who may have recently got their kitchen remodeled. Or you can always head onto the online sources, such as Google for recommendations and reviews.

2.     Research Each Remodeling Contractor Thoroughly

Researching each remodeling contractor does take a lot of time, but the effort pays off once you’ve achieved the kitchen of your dreams. You have to make sure to go through each remodeler’s profile before you shortlist the best 3 or 5 remodelers.

You can do this by going into their profile or website online and check out the reviews by people who may have hired them. This way, you will also find out if the contractor is licensed and properly insured.

Another factor that makes a big difference when selecting your kitchen remodeler is the business ratings; you will find these ratings on different sites, such as Yelp and Google. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of researching, you can directly ask your friends and family to advise you on the best one.

3.     Get in Touch with your Selected Kitchen Remodeler

Once you’ve chosen a few or top three kitchen remodeling contractors, you should get in touch with each of them and conduct a brief interview on the phone or face to face. This interview will give you a chance to get to know the work strategy of your remodeler better. It will allow you to ask the appropriate questions regarding the remodeling of your kitchen.

Make this conversation productive by asking the right questions, such as their history, how many projects they have completed, etc. You can also request them to show you a picture of a kitchen they have recently remolded. It will help if you also talk about the payment, materials to be used, and the people who will work on the project.

4.     Describe what type of Kitchen You Want to Each Contractor

You need to provide your contractor with the precise details on what changes you want in your kitchen and what type of materials you would like them to use. It will help ensure you get the right quote from your contractor so that you can compare it with others.

You should provide them with the type of cabinets you need, material for the coloring and countertops, electrical placements, the overall designs, and the time frame for when you want your kitchen ready.

The more detailed description you give to your kitchen remodeling contractor, the better results you will achieve within your budget. Now, compare specific details and quotes from the shortlisted contractors.

5.     Finalize and Sign the Deal

After you’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above to choose the right kitchen remodeling contractor, you can finally set on one kitchen remodeler and sign the deal. You have every right to make bargains before signing the contract, which is also necessary.

Make sure to go through every detail in the contract before signing it and also check it has all the details a contract should have, including project’s cost and deadline.

Top Kitchen Remodelers & Contractors NY 2021

Benefits of Hiring a Kitchen Remodeler

Many people prefer remodeling their kitchen on their own as they find it much feasible and cheaper. However, it’s a lot of work, and if you want the perfect looking kitchen, it is best to hire a professional kitchen remodeler. Mentioned below are a few benefits of hiring a professional kitchen remodeler:

  • Kitchen remodelers are likely to use high-quality material that they can get at a much more reasonable price than you.
  • Hiring a kitchen remodeler will give you the time to work on other important things and reduce your stress, which you would’ve have attained while remodeling your kitchen on your own.
  • It is less likely for a kitchen remodeler to mess up, which also helps in increasing the value of your kitchen, especially if you plan to sell your house.


If you live in New York or the Tri-State area and are searching for the best professional kitchen remodeler in the town to give your kitchen a dreamy makeover, you should get in touch with Brener Construction. We will ensure you to provide you with high-quality services, catering to all your needs and requirements. Call us and get a quote today!

General Contracting Work for Luxury Apartments in New York

If you’re planning to get your luxury apartment in New York renovated or remodeled, you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you on how to start with your luxury apartment renovation and what you need to consider. The first thing you need to do is hire a general contractor who will take care of every tiny detail in the renovation of your luxury apartment.

While there are many general contractors in New York, you must find one that is reputable and specializes in renovating luxury apartments. Hiring the best luxury construction firm will make you realize how much relief it is when starting any construction or renovation. To learn more about general contractors for luxury apartments, read further below.

General Contracting Work for Luxury Apartments in New York

Traits That Make a Contractor Best for Luxury Apartments

You may not realize this, but certain things and traits differentiate between a normal general contractor and a luxury general contractor. You need to be aware of these traits to achieve the perfect luxurious apartment of your dreams and meet all its lavish needs. Mentioned below are some traits you must look for in a contractor before hiring them for your luxury apartment’s renovation.

1.     Fully-Experienced

Your general contractor should have good experience in dealing with projects that involved the construction of luxury apartments. Not to mention unexpected costs and situations might occur during the renovation. The more experience they have, the faster and effectively they will be able to handle uncertain situations.

This also helps with saving costs, as the fast decision-making takes place, and increases the chance of getting the work done faster. Moreover, the general contractor must also have experience in dealing with good suppliers and getting the right materials at a reasonable cost.

2.     Responsible

A good luxury general contractor takes full responsibility of your luxury apartment project and shows how responsible they are through their managerial skills. This means that the general contractor will be accountable for anything that may go wrong during the project, and he will take full responsibility to assure that it gets fixed or doesn’t happen again.

This leaves you at ease, knowing that you don’t have to worry about paying any extra cost in case of any casualties. Plus, it also allows you to focus on other things linked to the renovation or construction of your luxury apartment.

3.     Pays Attention to All the Details

Detailing is very important when it comes to managing a luxury apartment’s renovation because it is all the exquisite glamorous details that make an apartment luxurious. Luxury contractors guide you on how to make your bathroom or even cabinets look different from the casual ones.

Luxury contractors are masters in getting all the details right in your apartment. They have the skills to change everything that will serve justice to your luxury apartment, from interior and flooring to electrical and plumbing fixtures.

General Contracting - Luxury Apartment New York City

You will notice this once your contractor starts presenting you with different options and luxurious materials that you can include in your ceilings, walls, staircase, floorings, etc.

4.     High-Quality Services

A luxury contractor will provide top high-quality services that will keep you stress-free. You will not feel like something is missing or not properly done, whether it’s small household maintenance or full apartment renovation.

Even though you might not be directly involved in the fixtures and other construction work, but once your apartment gets ready, you will be able to see all your ideas delivered the exact way you wanted.

A luxury apartment contractor will advise you on different options, but will also put emphasis on what you want. Your contractor will ensure you get the perfect luxurious apartment of your dreams.

5.     Effective Communication

The best luxury apartment contractors believe in effective communication. They discuss every minor detail and assist you in every phase of the construction work, meeting the highest standards. This ensures that they provide you with the best quality services and showcases how confident and willing they are in using the best materials and labor force for your luxury apartment.

6.     Follow-Up Services

The best luxury contractors stick with you even after your luxury apartment is ready. They provide you follow-up services to make changes or minor adjustments that you may want after your apartment is ready. This showcases how determined and committed the contractor is to your project and how your comfort is their number one priority.

Try Brener Construction Inc. for Your Luxury NYC Apartment Work

A contractor’s job isn’t easy, especially when it comes to handling projects like luxurious apartments. As a homeowner, you need to find the right one that will deliver you the luxury apartment of your dreams.

You wouldn’t want to hire any random general contractor, but one that specializes in luxury apartments. If you’re looking for the best general contractors in NYC, you should get in touch with Brener Construction Inc. Our team of experts has the required experience and skillset to deliver you with the finest construction work for your luxury apartment.

Tel: 646-455-3321

Apartment Renovation NYC

Apartment renovation in NYC is a lot of work. Still, it’s also an exciting experience as you get to remodel the apartment you wish to live on while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. There are many reasons you would want to get your apartment in NYC renovated. It could be because you want to create more space, improve the aesthetics, or add value to it so you can sell it to potential buyers in NYC.

Apartment renovation NYC: Best Contractors

There’s a lot of decision making involved when it comes to renovating your apartment as you need to be precise with every detail. Whether its renovation, remodeling, or repair project, you must find the best construction firm in NYC to manage the process and help you achieve the apartment of your dreams. If you wish to learn furthermore about apartment renovations and what all you need to do, continue reading this article.

How to Start your Apartment Renovation in NYC

There are a few steps you need to follow to ensure a smooth start off with your apartment renovation in NYC. These include:

1.     Choose the Right Contractor

For any renovation work, you must hire an apartment renovation contractor as they will guide you on what all you can do with your apartment and provide you with the best services. Sometimes the ideas offered by contractors can get a bit overwhelming. Still, you have to learn to be confident with the decisions you make as second-guessing might make everything harder and delay the renovation. Make sure you go through the details of the best contractors in NYC and choose a reputable one with the right skillset and experience.

2.     Set Your Budget

Without proper budgeting, it can be impossible to get started with your apartment renovation. Make sure to keep your budget big enough to execute your dream of giving a high-quality look to the apartment.

Getting an apartment renovated isn’t an inexpensive affair and puts a lot of load on the pockets. Still, you would rather spend more on high-quality materials and achieve a greater return on investment than spending poorly and achieving nothing but a low-quality apartment.

Your renovation contractor will help adjust all the costs within your budget, but for that, you need to choose an experienced contractor. You can easily create a budget by first looking into the types of material you want and the layout. Moreover, you can also create a contingency fund that will allow you to stretch the budget to a limit.

3.     Tour different Bathrooms and Kitchen Showrooms

It is a must that you first gain some inspiration from the different kitchen and bathroom showrooms as this will give you an idea of the different ways you can renovate specific rooms and what types of materials to use.

Touring will also give you some knowledge of what to avoid and what you should include in your apartment renovation. You will be able to ask all the necessary questions and gain insight into some valuable apartment renovation knowledge.

4.     Examine all the Materials

If you’re hiring an apartment renovation contractor, they will take full responsibility for getting high-quality materials from the best suppliers. However, before they start renovating, you must look at all the materials bought; thus, you can examine the quality of the products.

Best Apartment Renovation NYC 2020-2021

If it is not satisfactory, you can get it changed as it’ll be too late once it’s already used. Also, check out the team that the contractor brings along with them; you may be allowed to take a brief interview and examine their work skills.

Tips on How to Keep the Renovation Costs Down

If you think your apartment renovation is crossing your budget, you don’t have to worry as you can use some of these tricks mentioned below to manage the costs and still achieve the apartment of your dreams.

  • When it comes to layout changes, you can reduce the cost and look for alternatives. For instance, instead of adding heavy lighting fixtures, you can use natural light as lavish lighting fixtures are quite costly. This is when you need a good contractor as they will provide options on how you can give an attractive look within your budget.
  • Avoid getting your material from high-end brands as these are more costly and sometimes aren’t up to the quality they promise. You contractor must go for high-quality products that they can even get from wholesalers.
  • Take a look at different contractors or architects that will help you with your renovations. Not all of them charge the same amount. Hence you must choose one who you will find cost-effective and one that doesn’t go over the budget.

Final Words: Call Brener Construction for Your NYC Apartment Renovation

If you want a smooth and stress-free apartment renovation experience, you should get in touch with Brener Construction right now. We will help you in every phase of your apartment renovation and achieve the best-looking apartment in NYC.

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation: What to Expect

When you think of getting  NYC townhouse gut renovation, there are many factors to consider. Many people are unaware of the exact meaning of gut renovation. Gut renovation is basically a complete renovation of your townhouse in which you change every fixture, appliance, and surface.

This is more complicated than a normal renovation project or household maintenance as gut renovation includes reworking all electric wiring, plumbing and also includes stripping all interior finishes.

Many things could go wrong during a gut renovation, especially in NYC, as there are many agreements you have to abide by, and unfortunately, there are certain don’ts. Hence for this, you will need a creative and skilled building renovation contractor to help you out with everything involved in your townhouse gut renovation.

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation Information

Gut Renovation Process

Gut renovation usually takes a long time; however, it depends on how big or small your project is. If you hire a professional townhouse renovation contractor, you might get the job done faster than expected without any major mishaps. Mentioned below is a standard timeline of a gut renovation project and how it starts off.

1.     Stripping Down

The first phase involves stripping roof membrane, interior fixtures, windows, etc., as the contractor will build everything from scratch. This step can be both satisfying and shocking as almost every inch of walls break down and involves a lot of destruction. After this, your building contractor and their team will put up protectants and move to the next step, i.e., building a new townhouse.

2.     Examination of the Building

Before starting with the building process, the contractor and their team will carry out a detailed inspection to see if there are any flaws or issues that might interfere with the renovation process.

3.     Layout Assessment

In this step, the builders will go through the architectural planning that you may get done from a professional architect if you’re going for something unique and modern. If required, the builders will install new framing all over and carry out a final round of inspection.

4.     Electric and Plumbing Work

Once the frame is put up, the next step is to fix electric units, including specific wiring and plumbing. This is a crucial step, as the electricians and plumbers have to take care of any leaks or short circuits that could take place.

5.     Final Installations

Once all the internal work such as plumbing and electric workings is complete, the builders will move to install all the finished fixtures. These include stairs, cabinets, electric fixtures, and plumbing fixtures such as faucets and sinks that you would want in your townhouse.

6.     Final Touches Inspection

Now you are heading to the final stage, i.e., getting your brand new NYC townhouse. In this step, the builders will add all the final touches, such as painting the walls, trimming, and molding. Once this gets done, the building contractor will clean every corner. They will ask to tour the townhouse and see if you are satisfied with the result or if there are still any minor details missing.

What Factors to Consider in your Gut Renovation Budget

Before starting any project, you have to keep a budget in mind to cover all the gut renovation costs. Sometimes you may have to stretch your budget as a gut renovation is a costly affair. Consider all the requirements mentioned below to include in your budget.

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§  Area Requirements

Every area has some strict rules and minimum insurance coverage for buildings that you must keep that in mind while creating your budget. The NYC Department of Buildings requires you to obtain permits for any construction work, and these permits may cost you almost $5000.

§  Architect Costs

These costs are necessary and depend on which general contractor you are hiring. General contractors work with experts who have the required skills to take care of every step, from designing to fixtures.

§  Overhead Costs

It is important to keep in mind all the overhead costs that may surface during any phase of the process, so you don’t have to stop the work if your budget runs out. Sometimes your overhead costs are likely to increase; thus, you should have a healthy budget to cover all additional costs.


Now you’re fully aware of what all to expect from a townhouse gut renovation, including all the main costs you have to bear. So, are you ready to get your townhouse gut renovated? Well, if you are, it is impossible to carry out a gut renovation on your own. It is a time-consuming task that requires planning and experience, hence you will have to hire a professional general contractor. They will work with you throughout the renovation process and deliver you with the perfect townhouse in NYC. Hence, you must hire a professional construction firm that meets all criteria and requirements to build your townhouse from scratch.

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Need New Flooring? Different Types and Installation Process

What are the different types and installation process for flooring? If you plan on getting some good flooring inspiration for your new home or renovation, you’ve come to the right place as we discuss different types of flooring and the flooring process. Installation of new flooring may seem overwhelming and a big deal nowadays, as there are so many types of new floorings to give your house a modernized touch and feel.

types and installation process for new flooring

Types of Flooring

As mentioned, with so many different types of flooring, it can get a bit difficult to choose the right one for your place. Make sure you go through the details of each type of flooring so that you know if it suits your taste and environment of the place you’re living in. Here are the different types of flooring:

1.     Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is a type of flooring that looks just like wooden flooring; however, t is much more reasonable in price than other wood floorings.

The topmost layer of engineering hardwood consists of genuine hardwood that includes a number of layers made of ply plank. The ply planks turn in different directions and have much better moisture.

This type of flooring is perfect for areas where there is more humidity; however, you cannot easily refinish engineered hardwood floors as it consists of very thin veneer. If you’re looking for cost-effective flooring, engineered hardwood is the best option for you.

2.     Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common types of flooring that can sometimes fall a bit expensive but leaves you with an amazing finish. Hardwood flooring consists of one piece of hardwood that comes from different types of trees, which can be any of your choices.

The planks of this flooring are usually thick by three-quarters of an inch, and different widths ranging from three to five inches.

There are two types of hardwood wood; one is a pre-finished wood, which includes the finish before installing of planks. The other is unfinished hardwood, which will need refinishing to maintain the moisture and shine.

3.     Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another suitable option if you’re looking for budget-friendly flooring. Laminate floorings include a finished top layer with sealed layers of plywood and sometimes fiber that provides you with proper stability.

These are somewhat similar to engineered wood floorings. However, laminate floorings don’t include real wood in the top layer, but it looks just like wood thanks to the photo editing technology. You can also get stone, stained, or ceramic coatings on this type of flooring.

4.     Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most versatile floorings as it comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors that would suit any areas of your house. Ceramic tiles include a mixture of shale and clay, which helps create a hard ceramic texture. You can choose different types of ceramic tiles, such as porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, quarry tiles, and glazed ceramic tiles.

5.     Carpeted Flooring

Carpet flooring is also versatile flooring that comes in different textures and colors. The best type of carpet flooring is one that includes a good amount of fiber, as this makes it more long-lasting. There are different types of carpet flooring that include different materials such as polyester, wool, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene.

Other Types of Flooring

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Cork Flooring
  • Stone Flooring
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Polished Concrete Flooring

Installation Process for Flooring

The flooring process consists of two basic steps that help you achieve the right flooring for every room in your house. Here are the steps involved in the basic flooring process:

Installation process for new flooring

Creating the Flooring Base

The first step is the formation of the flooring base, which will provide a proper surface for the covering of the floor. You can choose different materials for this level. In this step, first, the builder fills the specific area with soil, and then waters and packs it tightly.

The builder will use a small layer of broken brick to jam pack the soil. Next, there is a layer of concrete cement leveled out for the floor covering.

Covering of the Floor

This is the second step in the installation of your new flooring. In this step, whatever type of flooring you choose gets placed on the base of the floor. You can use any of the flooring option mentioned above, but the most commons are concrete flooring. If you want a modernized touch, you can use marble or hardwood.

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General Contractor NYC

Do you need a general contractor in NYC? When you think of starting any new project that requires construction or renovating your house, apartment, or workplace, the first thing that comes to your mind is project planning. The only people who can help you are construction companies, and for that, you need to find the best contractor. General contractors are the main people who can help you build your projects from the designing process to the final construction.

You need to hire a well-reputed construction firm to help you out with the project, whether it’s a renovation, painting, flooring, etc. This article will guide you on everything you need to know about a general contractor and how to find an efficient one.

What is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is a primary contact who lays out the constructions and takes responsibility for everything that goes on during the construction. This person is in direct contact with the property owner and considers all the requirements the owner wants in their project. The contractor is like the leader of the project who oversees each and everything. This is why it is a must to hire a general contractor for any project, whether big or small.

Best General Contractor NYC

How to Choose the Right General Contractor?

You need to take certain things into account when choosing a general contractor to handle and supervise your project. Choosing the right one is very important as it saves a lot of time and money, and helps you turn the vision you have had in your mind since day one into reality. Mentioned below are the things you should consider when choosing a general contractor:

1.     Your Contractor Should Have the right Supplies and Resources

When hiring a general contractor, make sure they have adequate resources to speed up the work and achieve a high-quality finish. For instance, your general contractor should have the right team that will take part in the project and the right number of workers as per the project’s requirements. You should also see if there is anything unique in the services they provide and work they do, e.g., a unique control in the costs and how they handle their schedule.

2.     The Level of Experience

You will come across many general contractors in NYC, but the main question is that does the general contractor have the experience to handle your project the right way? Hence it would be best if you choose someone who is highly experienced in the specific project you want them to work for. The best way to determine their experience level is by going through online reviews or taking recommendations from people who have recently hired a general contractor.

3.     Communication Skills

Proper communication is the key to achieve the project of your dreams; hence you have to find a general contractor who can effectively communicate with the subcontractors, customers, and the property owner. It is also a must to see if the contractor can connect with your ideas and work according to those instead of just vomiting out their own opinions and plans. This is all very important to consider if you want to achieve a smooth and successful construction experience.

4.     Strong Financial Record

You need to see if your general contractor is responsible enough to properly handle the financial costs and not keep changing it. A good general contractor is one that manages all the costs of the project within your budget. It will help if you do not consider a contractor who wants an upfront payment or someone that might charge too less because this could mean poor quality work.

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What are the Main Duties of a General Contractor?

Manages the Project

A general contractor is in charge of managing the whole project. This includes hiring subcontractors, purchasing equipment and materials for the construction, and keeping track of funds to prevent the project from stopping anytime.

Plans the Project

A general contractor has to first create a project plan before starting with any construction. This plan includes all the tasks and resources required during the time of construction.

Deals with Legal Issues

It is the responsibility of the contractor to attain all the necessary licenses and permits to carry out the project and ensure to pay all and any legal fees.

Constantly Tracks the Project

To avoid any mishaps or uncertainties during the project, the general contractor constantly keeps checking everything involved in the project, such as the safety of the construction site, availability of materials, quality control, and unexpected costs.

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