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Brener Construction Inc. are experts in NYC apartment renovations. We are a locally owned company with over 20 years of experience serving in the greater New York City area. We specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom updates, and all of your flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing & millwork needs. Our team dedicates a great deal of attention to customer service and always believe that… Continue Reading

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Along with prompt project completion, we offer project planning assistance beforehand to ensure that you have peace of mind from start to finish. Whether it be a large project or small project, you can count on our team of specialists to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations. Continue Reading

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Ideas for a Bathroom Makeover

There are countless bathroom makeover ideas. But, what kind of ideas you favor will depend on your needs and requirements. Most people go for a bathroom makeover based on two needs, either functionality or appearance. Sometimes, people might even go for both since renovation is already a costly project. So, what’re the most amazing bathroom… Continue Reading

Home Improvement Ideas for 2022

You will find countless home improvement ideas for your humble abode. In fact, do you know that the home improvement market is experiencing impressive growth? By 2025, the overall sales revenue for the home improvement markets in the US is expected to reach a whopping $622 billion! That means you have a plethora of improvement… Continue Reading

Flooring Upgrade: How to Pick a Great Contractor

A flooring upgrade isn’t child’s play, and you must be very careful about choosing the perfect contractor for the job. One of the prime reasons behind choosing the best contractor is that the process involves your home’s foundation. Hence, one accidental blow during the demolition process can weaken your house’s entire structure. For your information,… Continue Reading

NYC Townhouse Gut Renovation

Townhouse gut renovation refers to the complete remodeling of a house, in this case, a townhouse in New York City. The main difference between remodeling and gut renovation of a house is that the entire interior structure gets demolished during gut renovation. Hence, a total renovation which may involve slight work on the exterior as… Continue Reading

Total Kitchen Makeover: Things to Consider

Is your old kitchen in need of a total kitchen makeover? Renovating the kitchen is a difficult task that requires creativity as well as expertise. This project becomes more complicated when you are planning to do DIY. A kitchen makeover may seem like an easy task, but it requires a high level of expertise. Therefore,… Continue Reading

General Contractor For NYC Townhouse Renovation

When working on a townhouse renovation in NYC, choosing a reliable general contractor is a major decision. Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating your home, you need to consult a professional general contractor. But, before starting your search to find a GC, you need to understand their role. In this article, we… Continue Reading