General Contractor For NYC Townhouse Renovation

When working on a townhouse renovation in NYC, choosing a reliable general contractor is a major decision. Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating your home, you need to consult a professional general contractor. But, before starting your search to find a GC, you need to understand their role. In this article, we will share some information that will help you find a reliable general contractor for townhouse renovations in New York City.

NYC Townhouse Renovation contractor New York

Role of a General Contractor

General contractors for townhouse renovations are similar to other contractors. They nearly follow the same procedure for renovations. Here are some roles of a general contractor:

1.     Designing

A general contractor can work with architecture and help you design the new look of your home. Whether you want major or minor renovations, you can seek help from a general contractor. For minor renovations, a general contractor will suggest a possible design that will go best with your theme. Furthermore, they will identify the potential safety hazards so as to reduce safety risks. Also, they will save substantial money and time for renovating your townhouse.

2.     Permitting

A general contractor knows all the relevant documents and permits for renovation and construction. This is another major benefit of hiring a professional contractor for rehabilitation projects.

3.     Hiring Subcontractors

General contractors also take care of subcontractors. They will hire electricians and plumbers on your behalf. Either you require a security installation company or flooring specialist, a GC will connect them with you. Furthermore, they will deal with the price and quality matters with the subcontractors.

4.     Purchasing Supplies

Besides managing subcontractors, a GC will purchase and manage all the supplies such as paint, kitchen cabinet, and flooring tiles. They ask you about your requirement and preferences, so you get the best options to choose from.

Cost and Budget of a General Contractor

While choosing a general contractor, you need to consider the cost and process of payment. Many factors are involved in this process, such as your budget, number of subcontractors, and location size. You should divide the cost into two different varieties. Hard costs are the expense of physical labor and materials. While soft costs include things such as permitting process and design consultations. You should also consider pre-construction costs, which include due diligence, budgeting, and meetings.

There are two major types of contractor fees structure. The first fee structure is pricing-based or flat fee pricing, which involves a percentage of the total cost. When you choose this method of payment, you expect transparency and lower costs. However, a flat fee involves less transparency, and you will end up paying more. In contrast, you can choose cost-based pricing, which involves fixed costs. This is a transparent process of payment for you. If you want to know more about the pricing policies before signing a renovation contract, you can consult with Brener Construction Inc.

Importance of a General Contractor’s Contract

Just like any other legal matter, you have to sign a contract with the contractor to close the deal. This agreement will include all the information, such as budget, payment method, and design. It is important to read the contract before signing. Some contracts also include contingency clauses that will cover all the financial and accident issues. For that purpose, a GC creates a draft with an experienced real estate lawyer. Here are some sections that a contract should include:

  • Start and completion date of the renovation project.
  • Payment schedule, basic budget, and material information
  • Bond and insurance information
  • Process of dealing with change in orders and other changes
  • Liabilities under various circumstances, such as Acts of God.
  • Responsibilities and delegation for cleaning site

NYC Townhouse Renovation Contractor

If you want to check what a GC contract looks like, you can search it on Google. You can also download the free template and modify it accordingly. You need to involve an attorney while creating and signing the contract.

NYC Townhouse Renovation Contractor: Conclusion

Choosing a reliable general contractor for a NYC townhouse renovation is not a simple task. Many risks are involved when it comes to hiring a contractor to renovate your house. If you are looking for one of the best contractors in New York City with extensive experience, you should consider Brener Construction Inc. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

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