Remodeling Your NYC Apartment: Pick a Contractor

When planning to remodel your NYC apartment, it is important to be aware of construction-related dos and don’ts, even if you are not a contractor.

We have put together a few tips to guide you as you begin remodeling your NYC apartment:

1.    Make Confident Decisions

We all dream of a hassle-free home remodeling experience; It really makes life easier when things are well organized and completely sorted out. To ensure this, we must take all confident decisions concerning the remodeling project before the wheels are put in motion. There are always good contractors around who can guide customers about possible situations that may arise during the course of the project.

Most problems arise due to small details such as the paint, faucet selection, or choice of trim. These details may seem too tiny to be significant, but in actuality, when the project begins, every little detail tends to cause huge delays. Faucets arriving two weeks late due to shipment delays may require rescheduling with the plumber. Even when the faucet is installed, it may collide with the medicine cabinet door each time it opens, which may extend our one week project into a four week one with all the offsets.

Contractor for NYC Apartment Remodel

2.    Set a Budget and Compare Prices

We must soundly use our money to invest in rooms we use the most in the house, such as the bathrooms and kitchen. If we use our budget wisely in remodeling rooms like the kitchen or master bedroom, we ensure the most returns on our investment if we ever decide to sell the house.

If we spend less on closet systems, vanities, lightings, and other such items for the secondary spaces of our homes, we ensure a greater investment return when we sell our home in the future.

Before the project begins, we must get a rough estimate of the costs of looks and styles that we wish to implement in our project.  Getting an accurate quote at the start is never possible. The contractor we appoint is the only one who can give us an exact estimate after assessing the current condition of our house. However, it is better still to start with a rough estimate as it helps in planning our budget well.

The best way to confirm whether we are getting an accurate estimate is to verify it with the professionals of the remodeling company we hire. They can also professionally fill us in on the particulars we desire and the other options at our disposal.

3.    Visit Some Bath and Kitchen Showrooms

When we plan to work on remodeling our NYC apartment and are living in the city, it is a good idea to visit some bath and kitchen showrooms to gain fantastic ideas and inspirations on the current trends in the market. We get to see different materials personally and how they work. Not to mention, we can get an accurate idea as to the pricing and make empowered decisions concerning our project.

NYC Apartment Remodel Contractor

4.    Contingency Fund

A contingency fund is a must when we plan a remodeling project. If we put aside at least 5% of our original budget, we will be well equipped to deal with the “what if’s” when and if they occur when our project is in well swing.

A realistic budget is a farfetched idea these days, but one we must practice strictly. We must never, as a rule, consume our contingency budget under any circumstances because that makes things more difficult later on.

If we follow the first rule strictly in the first place, we will surely get away with the contingency budget if we hire a great general contractor.

How to Pick a Good Contractor

When we first decide to get a remodeling project done, we must first get a few things into perspective before we bring in a professional.

  1. We should first have a clear vision of what we want before we bring in a contractor. A contractor, being a professional, may tend to dictate too much. If we map out a plan ourselves first, we will be better able to communicate to the contractor what we want and get it just like that.
  2. Most contractors can usually handle projects relating to bathroom or kitchen remodeling for such projects. If we aim for high design projects, only then do we need architects on board. But in such a case, we must also keep in mind that architects come with a lot of extra zeroes in the final quote.
  3. To be very certain of what our entire project can include, we must first be sure of how much we can comfortably spend. Our affordability dictates our project. The only drawback with a remodeling project is that we really can’t do much window shopping, unlike with other purchases we make. We first need to be sure as to how much we can spend on our project because our budget will largely influence the level of labor, we can bring in and the quality of labor we can afford.
  4. When beginning a remodeling project, we must check for referrals from neighbors, family, and friends. We must also bear in mind that every family’s project is unique, so we must not heavily rely on one person’s referral. We must also do a little homework ourselves and follow up with references provided and the license of potential contractors. A good and reliable contractor after all, is what truly makes the remodeling project a success.

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