Basement Renovation Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

As a homeowner, it’s only natural that you want to maximize the value of each and every room in your house. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably considered your basement at some point or another. It is a functional floor that you can use for a wide variety of activities and purposes. With the right renovation, it can provide a comfortable space for your family to spend some quality time together.

Sure, it sounds like a fun task to renovate your basement, but only when you get help from skilled renovation professionals in the industry. But do you know of any renovators in New York City? No need to worry. Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best companies in the industry, offering a wide variety of renovation and remodeling services for luxury houses and apartments in NYC.

What Can You Renovate Your Basement Into?

What options can you opt for when renovating your basement? What different purposes can your basement serve? Here are some:

  • A home Office
  • A playroom for children
  • A movie theater
  • A study room
  • A Spa, massage, or beauty space
  • Workshop
  • “Man Cave” for enjoying sports, kicking back, and relaxing
  • Studio apartment for arts, music, choreography, etc.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021

What are the General Cost Factors in Basement Renovations in NYC?

While the thought of creating a comfort zone in your home’s spare functional floor (basement) sounds fantastic, you will have to consider different cost factors. These pertain to the type of idea you’re considering for renovation. Here are a few general cost factors that a basement renovation in NYC involves.

  • Building Permits
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Windows and Doors (trims and additions)
  • Painting
  • Framings
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Plumbing (for seepages or an addition of a bathroom or a kitchen)
  • Fixtures and Installations
  • Electrical Wirings
  • Soundproofing and waterproofing your basement
  • Dehumidifiers

Top 2021 Basement Renovation Ideas

Now that you’re aware of the cost factors you should consider before a renovation and the different purposes a basement can serve, it’s time you know that Brener Construction Inc. is one of the best service providers around. Here are the top 2021 ideas for your basement renovation.

Playroom for Children

Setting up a playroom for kids is one of the most popular basement renovation ideas out there. If not a playroom, it’ll be a great gathering space for teenage kids to gather after school. Of course, every parent wants their child to enjoy their own space so they can relax, study, or have fun. For younger children, parents can create a fun, colorful, safe, and secure play area. This way, they enjoy a change of scenery in daily activities. More importantly, it means that rainy days won’t stop your kids from carrying out their fun activities.

Adult Game Room

Who says adults can’t have their own game room? A nice pool table, dartboard, and ping-pong table can do lots to refresh the ambiance. While growing children and bachelor adults prefer an individual game room, you can create great family moments in your basement game room!


The global pandemic has brought normal routines to a grinding halt (with over 130 million patients worldwide). This means people are unable to pursue their fitness goals by joining gyms and community sports centers. Nevertheless, fitness and gym enthusiasts are finding a way around the situation by converting their spare basement floor into a professional home-gym space. Yes, it is entirely possible to create a workout space inside your house!

Now, you can say goodbye to costly gym memberships. With minute investments, you can create a personalized gym environment at home. Add a few dumbbell sets, a bench, pulleys, or whatever you prefer for your fitness workout. Be it weightlifting, Crossfit, or calisthenics; you can have it all in your basement. So, when it’s time to work out, just put on your sportswear, a pair of sneakers, and go down to your basement!

Studio Room

Creating a studio room is another activity many people have considered as a hobby, global pandemic or not. Homeowners have expressed a high demand to create a studio space in their basement. It’s a preference for musicians, painters, choreographers, and other creatives. After all, how else do people form a band with their friends? Renovating your home’s basement into a studio space means that you’re always ready for an impromptu jam session.

Choosing a Renovator- Brener Construction Inc. in NYC

It’s not like you can’t opt for a DIY basement renovation. But while it’s easy to clean up and add a few fixtures in your basement, only professional renovators can provide an expert touch. They have the training to form a classy and solid remodeling structure that persists for years to come. Therefore, choosing the best renovator for your basement renovation is essential.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021-2022

And as a renovating and remodeling company with more than 20 years of excellence, Brener Construction Inc. utilizes the best personnel, resources, and scheduling for all of their residential & commercial contracting services.

Basement Renovation Best Ideas & Cost Factors for 2021: Conclusion

Did you like any idea from above? Do you have a better one for your basement? Meet with an expert and create a renovation plan for your basement renovation. But what then? Well, sit back and enjoy the timely completion of your basement renovation project!

Give Brener Construction Inc. a call 646-455-3321 or visit their website and get a quote or estimate for your basement renovation.

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