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what-is-millwork-nyc-top-renovations-contractor-01Millwork includes all custom-made woodworks, manufactured in a mill. The finished products are installed commercially or in the houses. Millwork in houses includes items like doors, cabinets, window casings, crown molding, base trims, and wood paneling. In fact, you can safely assume that every space has some form of millwork items. These items are cut, shaped, and created in saw-mills, using raw lumber as a source. Wood flooring is also a type of millwork as most of the wood floorings come from the mill.

Wood materials commonly used in millwork are oak, cherry, maple, and pine. However, millwork is not restricted to these types of woods. Millwork comprises various kinds of woods and synthetic materials. Some examples of less commonly used woods include fir, hickory, and poplar.

Millwork vs. Furniture

Not all custom-made wood-work can be considered as millwork. Carpentry is a broad term comprising all types of wood-works. Millwork, casework, and furniture making are all types of carpentry. It is necessary that the millwork is built to fit a certain space like cabinets and trims of rails. The millwork is installed at its designated place and not elsewhere. Furniture, on the other hand, may be custom-built. It is built to withstand transporting and repositioning.

Materials Used in Millwork

top-nyc-contractor-for-millwork-02In the past, millwork was referred to as items or goods produced using wood and building materials. The meaning of millwork evolved as time passed. Now, any item made with a mix of wood and synthetic materials is millwork. Some builders and manufacturers do claim that their millwork comprises pure wood and is free from any synthetic materials.

Quality of Millwork

The quality of millwork depends on the raw materials used for its production. Basic and standard millwork can be created using bulk pieces of inferior wood. The care and finishing provided to the millwork is another factor determining its quality. Manufacturers or craftsmen who are skilled and more experienced will produce a better quality of millwork.


Millwork is commonly used in various trims. These trims could be a component of items, such as chair rail, staircase rail, and baseboards. The decorative trims involve grooves, carvings, or even attractive beadwork.

Most of the trims are for decorative purpose, but you can opt for plain trims as well. Trims also include shelves in closet, bookshelves, pantries, or staircases.


finishing-millwork-options-estimate-nyc-03Millwork is typically finished with a sealant, polish, stain, or paint. The finishing depends upon the types of wood and according to your preference as well. Previously, all millwork in homes was finished off in the same color. Now, mixed finishing is trending. You can use two different wood species for your kitchen cabinets and ceilings. You can finish your door trims and window panes with a stain but have painted doors and cabinets.

Millwork for Your Homes

The proper proportion of wood-work with the right design and trim style is the key to ensuring elegance and sophistication in your home. At Brener Construction Inc, we craft custom interior millwork to your needs and specifications. Our expertise includes architectural wood-works in NYC apartments. We use our artisan skills and techniques to add your style choices to any woodwork.

We have a track record of successful remodeling projects. Contact us for the highest quality of architectural wood-work for your apartment in NYC.

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