What is the best time of the year to start Your Construction Projects?

construction projectsDeciding and planning the perfect time to begin your projects can be crucial to the completion of your project in a favorable way. This however, is dependent on the weather conditions that you have in your region. Most countries in Asia hardly have severe winters; most of the year is quite sunny and humid. Comparatively, countries such as the US, Canada and so on, have rather cold snow-filled winters.

The season you start building in, is also dependent on how easily permits are available in your jurisdiction. A majority of people begin planning for their projects in the summer, which is a season where getting a building permit is quite difficult. Plus, you may also experience a lot of difficulty in hiring the right construction company for the job. All this considered the most important factor is the estimated completion time of the project. Most remodeling projects are indoors and require 1 to 3 months. Project where you have to build something from scratch are the ones that require a longer period of time.

construction projectsCommercial projects may have an even longer time period and require more careful thought concerning their commencement. While making this decision you need to weigh the pros and cons of each season in relativity to the needs of your project.


Following are the evaluations of each season from point the construction of view:


Winter is a relative season, some areas experience severe weather that makes it impossible for construction companies to continue work, but other countries experience a moderate and pleasant winters, which makes it ideal for construction to begin. Remodeling and residential construction may be considered in these months. From a cost perspective, the cost of materials and tools severely drops, but on the other hand, construction companies may increase their charges due to the harsh conditions.



construction projects

This is the ideal weather in most countries; the weather is moderate and humid. This is the most suitable for commercial projects with lengthy timelines. Beginning in the summer can often provide you with extra months to cater to any delays without the added hindrances caused by the weather.


Spring is relatively pleasant in most countries; however, it is the pre-autumn weather that has a cold and wet atmosphere, which is not ideal for laying foundation. Remodeling and indoor work can be performed in this season. Excessive rainfall in some countries makes it rather difficult to continue any construction work.


Fall or autumn is usually drier in many countries and is a good opportunity to begin work that has a rather shorter period of completion. Autumn is pre-winter, so starting a larger project may not be feasible. However, if you experience a pleasant winter, you can begin a larger project in this time period. This weather may be a good time to hire a construction company and availability may be high.

Bottom Line

How you experience each season in your part of the world plays a vital role in your decision. Summer, even though it may be considered ideal, may be less ideal for countries that experience heat waves and unbearably high temperatures. The policies in your region may also be crucial in governing your decision.

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