Common Myths about Construction Companies Debunked


The construction industry has been the subject of myths, jokes, and rumors for decades, and even though some jokes are funny, the myths and misconceptions have resulted in a lot of damage to the construction companies and the industry in general. Here we will look at the most common myths about construction companies and see if they are true or not.



There Is No Room for Construction Companies to Advance

This is a popular myth where people believe that there’s no way for construction workers to get ahead to achieve anything. It might be common for some construction workers to not to take it upon themselves to progress for one reason or another, but this doesn’t affect the whole industry and the companies involved.

One way of advancing a career in the construction industry is by working your way to the top, from the ground level of a skilled tradesman to a qualified managerial salary position. Another way is to utilize your knowledge and experience to start your own company and serve as general manager/owner.

Construction Companies Don’t Take Appropriate Measures to Protect Their Workers/Working in a Construction Business Is Dangerous

Sure, construction sites and construction work involve heavy and dangerous materials and tools, but nowadays, construction companies are implementing all the safety standards and regulations that have resulted in a substantial decline in the number of deadly injuries in the industry. In fact, the Department of Labor Statistics suggests that these deaths have been decreasing every year ever since 2006.

Today, construction companies develop and follow comprehensive risk management plans, and offer regular training, monitoring, and compliance with the safety procedures of the employees present on the construction site. In addition to that, the construction tools are manufactured in a much safer way, and the personal safety protection equipment, for instance, steel toe work boots and other similar gear are now becoming safer and more efficient than ever.

Hard Costs for General Contracting Is Negotiable

The fact that experienced and reputable construction companies will meticulously calculate the hard cost for your project, after taking into account the team of subcontractors that will be used, along with the services, materials, and labor that will be used. Based on the calculations, the company will add a certain percentage of profit for their service.


What this means that negotiations for the hard price, without damaging the outcome and quality of the project are almost impossible. Of course, an experienced and reliable construction service company should be able to reduce the costs by opting more cost-effective substitutes for different parts of the construction project and the materials, but without compromising on the quality and the final result.

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