High-End Residential NYC Apartment Renovation: What to Consider?

What is there to consider in an NYC apartment renovation? If you live in one of the NYC’S elitist areas and are lucky enough to live in a high-end residential apartment, you must do your best to maintain and upgrade its looks. You have to create a luxurious aesthetic style in your apartment that will make you fall in love with it even more. You can consider getting a renovation done of certain rooms or interior, which you think needs an upgrade.

High-End Residential NYC Apartment Renovation

Renovating a high-end residential apartment in NYC can get a bit overwhelming and stressful, but if you hire the right apartment renovation contractor, you won’t have to worry about anything. If you need some guidance on approaching your high-end residential apartment’s renovation, you have come to the right place.

How to Approach High-End Apartment Renovation in NYC?

1.     Decide the Overall Look and Theme for your Apartment

Many people think selecting the type of stairs, furniture, and walls is the first step when renovating their apartment. This is not the right way to start with your renovation. If you are getting full property renovation done, it is best to begin with the basics.

First, you must decide whether you want a classic or modern loft living style. You can also add a traditional touch in the interior of your apartment. Also, select the color scheme you want.

Once you have decided on both these things, you can gradually start working on what type of furniture and other elements you want. Make sure that all elements blend with the overall look of your apartment.

2.     Think about your Functional Needs in the Apartment

High-end residential apartment renovations aren’t just about the looks; you should also consider your comfort around it and others who will live with you in the same apartment. It will help if you think about ways to create space so that you can move freely.

If you have children in the family, choose designs that are child-friendly and give them space to move around. In addition, use this opportunity to give a makeover to your kitchen and bathrooms as well. Get electrical outlets and other fixtures installed, and think of how you can let more natural light in your apartment.

3.     Hire a Professional Construction Team

If you want a high-quality apartment look after your renovation, do not make it a DIY project. You must hire a professional apartment renovation contractor who will guide you at every step, from selecting theme and design to installing top-notch amenities and final touches. A luxury construction firm will provide you with the best team.

Best High-End Residential NYC Apartment Renovation

It’s always good to get advice from professionals who have been in this business for years. If you like, you can get in touch with professional architects or friends who have recently got their apartments gut renovated. Taking help and advice from others isn’t a bad thing and may prevent you from making bad choices during your high-end apartment renovation.

Add a Modern and Personal Touch to High-End Residential Apartment

There’s so much you can do with your apartment to give it a modernized touch. But for that, you need a fat budget as customizing different rooms does cost a lot, especially if you go for unique high-end furniture. Read further below to gain some inspo on how to add a personal touch in your NYC apartment renovation:

§  Hardwood Flooring

Flooring is the main feature of your apartment that helps create a luxurious look. If you want to go for something classy and comfortable, you can choose hardwood flooring. This type of flooring comes from different types of trees and helps give your apartment a glossy finished look.

You can consider getting other types of flooring as well. Make sure to choose one type of flooring for your whole apartment, and if you’re changing it, make sure it blends with the vibe of the room.

§  Customized Kitchen Cabinets

If you don’t want to go with the regular cabinets in your kitchen, you can get a high rise or European ones that give your kitchen a striking look. This does cost a lot and usually have a long shipping time. So make sure you order them right away.

·       Other Ideas for a Customized Look

  • Marble Flooring
  • Mini Fireplace
  • Cocoon Bathroom Tubs
  • Book corner Shelf
  • Long Lighting Fixtures
  • Big glass windows for more lighting
  • Built-in Mini-Bar
  • Built-in Closets

These are just a few ideas to customize your luxurious NYC apartment. You can do a lot more; use your creativity and gain some amazing inspo from the internet, your best friend, and even the team working on the renovation project.

Renovate your High End NYC Apartment with Brener Construction

Now that you know how to renovate your high-end residential NYC apartment, you should get going with the decision making, but also do not forget to hire the best construction firm. If you are looking for the best renovation contractors in NYC, Brener Construction is at your service.

We will help you with all your renovation requirements and assist you in every phase of your high-end residential apartment renovation. Our team will provide you high-quality service and make your apartment a place you will never want to leave.

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