Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Do you want to remodel your kitchen into a star chef kitchen? Or you wish to make few upgrades to your old kitchen design? We have you covered with unique kitchen renovation ideas.

Color Schemes

The classic white for the kitchen never goes out of style. You can do loads with an immaculately clean white kitchen. You can choose an all-white look or go rustic with wooden floors and cabinets.

Go for a two-toned kitchen for a subtle look that adds color. You can choose to go monochromatic with a white and black or a white and theme. Add subtle shades like Sage green or Agaean blue to a single wall or kitchen cabinets in combination with white.

Add a statement to your kitchen with a colored wall. You can opt for a subtle light color, like lavender, or go bold with a tangerine or pumpkin shade of orange. You can add a red brick wall for a natural rustic look.

Who says kitchens have to look all white and bright. Make your kitchen look elegant and regal with matte black paint. If you don’t like black, you can still opt for matte in other shades, like metallic grey, ash grey, or coffee brown.


Choose from different textures for your backsplash. You can go for glossy porcelain tiles or simple yet elegant marble tiles. The wooden backsplash looks simple and stylish. The exposed brick-wall (painted of course) on the backsplash or a certain wall portion adds a laid-back, yet rustic feel to your kitchen.

Play with colors, designs, and patterns for a creative backsplash. Use a combination of two or more colors for a colorful and fun look and feel. You can add geometric patterns to your backsplash for an artsy look.

Countertops and Kitchen Sinks

You need to ditch those marble countertops for good. There are so many ideas for countertops for remodeling your kitchen.

You will find a variety of wooden countertops to choose from. Wooden countertops are always in vogue. You can go rustic, chic, or elegant with various wooden countertops.

Don’t shy away from black countertops. They add sophistication and a modern touch to your kitchen. Black countertops with light colored wood are a perfect combination.

Customize your countertop to add character. Add lined patterns, such as vein-like lines or symmetrical lines, for a new fresh look. Get creative with your black countertops by adding stars and galaxies, or dots and patterns.

Lacquered copper countertops are in. This unique countertop shines in your kitchen. The lacquer layer keeps your copper countertop from losing its sheen.

Kitchen sinks evolved from sink boards to a stylish integrated system. You can opt for a sleek cutout kitchen sink on the countertop. Or a chunky deck with mini shelves for sponges and soaps.

Oversized kitchen sinks are trending this year. They go well with a big spacious kitchen.


You have endless flooring options, which your choices including wood, marble, vinyl sheets, and many different types of tiles. Go for tiles that offer a wooden look, but are glossy, to add a unique and sophisticated touch. There are a variety of mixed marbled designed tiles you can choose for creative flooring.

Go Minimalist

If you want minimum clutter and maximum space in your kitchen, you can go minimalist. Your minimal kitchen can be all white, metallic grey or rustic with wooden floors and cabinets. Keep the essentials and appliances under an appliance garage or sliding cabinet to keep your kitchen minimal and simple.

Complete Your Kitchen Goals

These are some basic ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Contact us to get the kitchen of your dreams. We are here to renovate and customize your kitchens the way you want.

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