NYC Penthouse Remodel: Things to Consider

Are you thinking about remodeling your nyc penthouse? Living in a penthouse in NYC is one of the coolest experiences a New Yorker will have as they get the chance to observe the busy streets and high rise buildings from their penthouse. You are lucky if you are one of them. Like every penthouse owner, you may also want to renovate or remodel your NYC penthouse due to the many modern trends and structures introduced in the market. You must make a proper plan and hire professionals to give your penthouse the look you want up to your living standards.

NYC Penthouse Remodel

Penthouse remodeling is not exactly an easy project to plan, but it’s worth it. If you plan on remodeling your penthouse, you must hire the right penthouse remodeling contractor or construction firm as they will help you out with all the planning and structure for your penthouse remodel. Read further to know what all you should consider when remodeling your penthouse in NYC.

Penthouse Remodel Costs

Before beginning with your penthouse remodeling, you should be aware that a penthouse remodeling costs a ton of money and that you will never get a fixed amount. During the remodeling, many unexpected costs might appear. This is why you should have a fat balance as there are many costs you have to consider. This is one of the reasons you should get a remodeling contractor as they help you with the costs by sticking to the budget you have given them.

Plumbing Costs

If you are getting a whole new look for your bathroom or any other room in your penthouse, you will have to get some major plumbing work done. Once plumbing starts, plumbers might discover some hidden issues such as broken drains, which will add to the cost of plumbing.

This calls for installing new drains and pipelines. Plumbers usually install these pipelines under the floor, which means you will need to install new flooring for your penthouse.

If you are getting proper remodeling done, you will want to get everything new in order to avoid any issues after the remodeling is over. For instance, you may get new pipelines, sinks, faucets, drains, etc., installed in your penthouse.

Electric Work Costs

Electric work costs consist of all the new wiring and electrical connections you will need in your penthouse. Your plumber will install new appliances as well as repair the existing ones, following the safety standards.

The costs of electric work depend on many things. For instance, if you are getting new modern lighting fixtures installed in your kitchen or any other room, it may call for additional charges. The cost also depends on what condition your old wrings are in and if it needs any changes.

Ceiling Costs

If you are changing the ceilings by creating two floors or adding a modernized touch to it as part of your remodeling project, you should prepare yourself for some additional heavy costs. It is a complex task that requires ceiling leveling and involves reassessing the ducts, ceiling lights, sprinklers, and many other things. Sometimes many ceilings tend to have leaks, especially in penthouses. This may require stripping down the walls and mending the corners of the wall.

NYC Penthouse Remodel Contractor

Penthouse Remodel Ideas

You can do so many things to upgrade your penthouse and give it the desired modernized look, making it breathtakingly beautiful. Remodeling a penthouse calls for some stunning upgrades, and if you are looking for some ideas to add a modern feel to it, continue reading.

§  Private Roof Terrace

If you have had enough of plain glass windows, you can build a roof terrace that connects to your bedroom or lounge. Hence, you can enjoy the view of the bustling streets of New York while sipping your hot chocolate.

§  Small Fireplace

You can get a small fireplace in your living room, which will come handy during cold winter nights in New York. The fireplace helps to add a comfy touch to your penthouse and enhances the look.

§  Glass Bathrooms

You can get glass windows in your bathroom and enjoy the beautiful view while taking a nice relaxing bath. Don’t worry about privacy as you can get tempered windows or blinders, which you can operate with a remote.

§  Staircase

If you have a two-story penthouse or want to create one, you can install modern stairs that create a house-like vibe in your penthouse. This does require a lot of work as you will have to break down the ceilings.

You can incorporate the latest trends or create a customized look for your penthouse; all you have to do is use your creativity and match it with the comforts of your living. It is best to visit different showrooms or penthouses for some good inspiration.


Now that you have an idea of what to expect and consider when remodeling your penthouse, you should first hire the best remodeling contractor in NYC. You can get in touch with our team at Brener Construction. We provide the best penthouse remodeling services, and our professional team of experts will assist you in every phase of the remodeling project. So get ready to achieve the penthouse of your dreams.

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