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Renovating Your NYC Home? Things to Consider

Renovating your home can be a wise move. When you buy a new apartment, you may need to paint the walls, add new flooring, install new taps and cabinets to the kitchen, and the list goes on.

Renovating NYC apartment is not an easy task to pull off. You need to consider a number of factors before you begin. You need to set your budget, choose the right contractor, and whatnot. This blog post offers you some effective renovation tips NYC to make the task easier for you:

You May Require a Permit

Construction in New York City without a DOB permit is illegal. Similarly, some renovation projects require permits too. If you are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, you are likely to need a permit. Simply put, you need a permit for the following work:

  • Redirecting the gas pipelines
  • Changing the layout of the plumbing lines
  • Adding the electrical outlets
  • Changing the general wiring circuits
  • Adding a bathroom to your home
  • Breaking a load bearing wall

Following are the minor alterations that you can easily make without a permit:

  • Painting
  • Changing the flooring
  • Installing cabinets
  • Plasterwork

Confide in Your Owner

If you live in an apartment building, you need to confide in the owner. The rules and regulations regarding renovations are strict. Take your owner into confidence and discuss why you need to make renovations. Make sure your work abides by the building’s regulations.

Choose a Proper Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for renovating NYC apartment is crucial. The fate of your apartment lies in your contractor’s hand. You need to find a registered and licensed contractor. You won’t get a permit if you hire an unregistered contractor. Registered contractors have experience and know their jobs well. They follow safety standards and regulations, providing you with quality work. Also, you need to find a contractor with a solid team. Do note that the leading contractors for renovation provide insurance coverage to their customers.

Top contractors in NYC will offer you their portfolios and references. The rule of thumb is that the more projects there are in a contractor’s portfolio, the better they are. Also, you need to ask for references and also follow up with them to get a clear idea of the quality a contractor can offer.

The top contractors have a proper team, including architects, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other handymen, to cover all your renovation needs. You wouldn’t want to hire an electrician and plumber separately while a contractor is painting your house. You would need expert advice of an architect for renovating apartment before the work begins.

Your Budget

You must determine the budget for your home renovation project. You must know the amount of money you can afford to spend and the areas of your home where you will spend it. You must be ready in case something goes wrong and you might need to go a little over your budget. You need to discuss your budget plans with your contractor. Set a 5% contingency budget for emergencies.

You may find working with a cheap contractor better for renovating in NYC. But with low costs comes cheap materials and sub-standard work.

Renovate Your NYC Home

Finding it hard to choose a contractor for renovating your home? We introduce you to New York’s best-contracting company for renovating your homes. Brener Construction is NYC’s leading construction firm for your apartment’s renovation and remodeling. Contact us to renovate your apartment and create the home of your dreams.

NYC Apartment Gut Renovations

nyc-contractor-construction-co-gut-renovation-apartment-01In NYC real estate, ‘gut renovation’ implies renovation that involves stripping/demolishing the property to its bare bones – down to the framing of the structure – to be built up from scratch.

From pipes and plumbing, to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, a gut renovation considers the building’s current condition, spatial challenges, material quality, and the alteration requirements. Informally, gut renovations are also used to denote renovations where every visible surface is changed in the place. However, a proper gut renovation involves replacing everything except the girders.

A gut renovation gives you the chance to ‘build’ your New York apartment as you want it to be, however, the magnitude of work means it won’t be as budget-friendly as simpler renovations.

How Much Does A Gut House Renovation in NYC Cost?

top-contractor-for-gut-renovation-nyc-bk-queens-manhattan-02An average gut renovation will cost you around $100-$200 per square foot (psf) – varying upon the type of material you’re willing to use. For many people, quality cannot be compromised upon when renovating their apartment – which increases the cost initially, but pays off in the long run.

There are several components of the cost structure. The scope of gut renovating work includes:

  • Basic demolition
  • Framing repairs – Repairs to the skeletal, load-bearing structure of the building
  • Insulation
  • Electrical repairs – Wiring, outlets, and switches
  • Plumbing
  • Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Visible surfaces – bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, lounge, bedroom, etc.

The price is significantly affected by the choices you make when choosing items such as tile, flooring, paint, lighting, etc. New York is not particularly famous for being a cheap city to live in, and renovating an apartment in New York costs more than other places in the country.

When gut renovating your apartment, the $100-$200 psf range is likely to get you pre-fabricated stock items, easily available at common retail outlets. Even then, careful supervision and attention to detail are likely to tilt towards the $150+ range.

Customized Gut Renovations

apartment-full-renovation-tips-costs-info-dos-dont-03Tastes and preferences are like fingerprints – everybody has them, and everyone’s unique. If you are looking for your place to reflect your lifestyle, your gut renovation cost jumps right up to the $250-$350 psf range.

The increase in renovation cost will reflect in your home – with room to include details such as customized joints, millwork, and hardware. You can choose to include custom or semi-custom cabinets and more aesthetic countertops for your kitchen, such as Caesarstone.

Paying more than $300 psf is a heavy amount, even in New York City. The workmanship and customization at this level are top-notch, such as detailed lighting and expensive bathroom detailing.

A gut renovation should reflect what homeowners want their homes to look like, without compromising on structural stability and building regulations. A licensed and experienced construction firm will not only ease the burden on your shoulders, but also ensure your home looks exactly the way you want it to.

At Brener Construction Inc., we have experienced professionals who have spent years constructing dream homes for people. Whether it’s gut renovation or basic repairs, Brener’s licensed experts are on to the task with utmost dedication and commitment to turn your apartment into what you would proudly call home.

Our magnificent portfolio is proof of our expertise to execute renovation works easily, adding value to your place. We will not only make your home attractive to live in but also make it lucrative for potential buyers.

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment and allow us to renovate your home to truly reflect your style.

Electrical and Lighting Work When Renovating Your NYC Apartment

top-lighting-electrical-contractor-apartments-nyc-01Home renovations and remodeling are not small undertakings. People want their dream apartment to dazzle and be as close to perfection as possible. From layout designs to color schemes – choosing and picking materials can be overwhelming and tiring.

However, in order to complete a 5-star home renovation project, electrical and lighting work must be well-planned and well-directed. While the whole process can be very daunting if you take it upon yourself, a professional contractor will make it a breeze.

This blog post will guide you on how to make sure the electric and lightning work in your New York apartment is top-notch.

Planning Electrical Work in a New York Apartment

electrical-work-apartment-tips-ideas-construction-co-nyc-02Each electrical plan is unique, and takes into consideration the rooms you want to remodel and the devices that will be present in each of the rooms. For instance, the kitchen is one of the most power-reliant places in the house with heavy-duty power appliances such as stove, fridge, and microwave to name a few.

Living rooms also require ample power outlets for television sets, desktops, and lamps. While not excessively power-absorbing – it does need some planning as to where the electric outlets will be placed.

Plan Your Light Sources

Lighting is an integral part of home renovation and its appearance. Good lighting can make all the difference to how you feel about your dream apartment.

There are a variety of factors that can be considered when planning your lighting needs:

  • The size of the room
  • How do you plan to use the space?
  • What type of lightning and ambience you wish to create?
  • Is there a ceiling fixture that needs to be wired?
  • Are there lightning sources that need electrical outlets?
  • Is there a need for smaller, task based lighting options such as stove lights, cabinet lights, and study lamps?

Electrical plans and lighting sources go hand in hand, and they can significantly impact your wiring. Make sure you plan how you want to light your place before proceeding with any rewiring or remodeling.

Other Factors That Can Influence Lightning and Electrical Planning

cool-lighting-nyc-apartment-tips-ideas-03One of the most enthralling aspects of home renovation is the chance to let your interior designing skills shine. However, keep in mind the fact that home renovation is an integrated process – everything is interconnected.

Therefore, everything needs to be considered when planning an electrical and lightning renovation. Such as:

Furniture Placement

Furniture is a vital part of a home. Apartment dwellers spend days pondering over the perfect place for their furniture but miss out on one critical aspect: outlet access.

Consider where your new furniture will go and where you want the outlet areas to be placed. A built-in entertainment unit on one wall should have access to multiple electrical outlets to power the television, sound system, gaming console, etc.

Additionally, look into overhead lighting that really accentuates the look and feel of the furniture.

Holiday Rearrangements

Holidays and electrical and lightning renovation have more in common than you think. It is important to visualize how you would like to decorate or re-arrange for holidays and gatherings in your electrical plan.

Extra outlets are required when putting up a glowing Christmas tree – and if you like to re-arrange for larger gatherings – consider adding extra outlets to your electrical plan.


Electrical and lighting renovation requires skill, tenacity, and experience. Brener Construction Inc. are New York’s leading electricians, providing safe and hassle-free solutions for you.

Our services include inspection, installation, repair, and maintenance. We are certified to provide all types of electrical services, and all of our work is done in accordance with safety standards. For a reliable and cost effective electrical solution, look no further than Brener Inc., when choosing an electrician for your NYC apartment.

Combining Multiple Apartments – Things To Consider

important-info-combining-apartments-construction-top-nyc-contractors-01Growing families and changing needs mean people are frequently on the lookout for bigger, more spacious apartments. Unfortunately, finding your dream house in New York is incredibly hard. For a lot of people, leaving their neighborhood and utilities they’ve spent their lives around is a tough decision.

One solution that many people opt for is combining two apartments into one. While it is certainly not a pocket-friendly option, combining apartments provides you with maximum comfort by not robbing you of the conveniences your neighborhood has to offer.

How Can You Combine Multiple Apartments Into One?

When your home starts to feel increasingly congested as your needs and children grow, it is rational to consider buying the next apartment and knock down the walls – saving yourself the trouble to pack all your belongings to move.

When combining homes, there are two options for potential buyers.

While buying the apartment next door (horizontal combination) is the first thought that comes in mind, many people also opt to buy the apartment right above them and build a duplex (vertical combination) apartment.

Why Combine Apartments Instead of Buying A Bigger Space?

nyc-construction-experts-multi-apartment-combo-03There are several benefits of forging two apartments into one rather than just buying a bigger space.

Firstly, resources spent on searching for a bigger space can be efficiently invested in combining two apartments – and we are not adding important factors such as neighborhood, access to facilities, etc.

Additionally, combining multiple apartments gives you the liberty to design and decorate your dream apartment as you like. Buying another space doesn’t warrant any structural changes, wall knockdowns or even adding a staircase as you can in your duplex.

With a combined apartment, you are already demolishing the wall in between – and you might add more customization to the newly added space. A bigger kitchen, increased lounge space or luxury bathrooms; you get what you want without compromising on your children’s school, your commute time or your favorite pizza parlor.

There Is More Than Just Acquiring An Apartment

nyc-construction-experts-multi-apartment-combo-03There is more to combining multiple apartments than just offering your neighbor a good value for their place. Some of the complications include:

Apartment Laws

Breaking down walls, changing the original apartment layout and rerouting a number of connections is tinkering with the existing structure – and building laws in New York require you to obtain prior permissions before proceeding.

Some buildings may outright prohibit you to combine multiple apartments due to potential damage to the building structure. Some only allow for horizontal combinations due to the fact that duplexes are more complex to build.

Building Regulations

Buyers must follow the condo, building association or co-operative’s alteration agreement if any. Some associations practice a ‘no wet over dry’ rule which means that all plumbing and construction should be done in accordance with other apartments. Generally, it includes that a wet room (kitchen, bath) can’t be made over a dry room (bedroom, lounge) to avoid unnecessary leaks.

Time Duration

The time taken to complete the work largely depends on the nature of the work, as horizontal combinations are generally easier than vertical combinations. Typical combinations usually take upwards of 6 months and require expert surveillance to avoid mishaps.

Combining two apartments requires much more expertise than basic renovations. There is a whole lot to be done with respect to electrical work, plumbing, repainting the whole space and making sure the flooring looks perfect. You require a trusted construction company, like Brener Construction Inc., to build your dream residence.

If you want to discuss the possibility of combining two apartments into one for your apartment, call Brener Construction now for a free consultation.

Things To Consider When Planning to Change your Apartment Layout

tips-renovate-nyc-apartment-layout-ideas-top-contractor-01Modern homes are built with an open plan — a seamless, spacious design that accommodates an open kitchen integrated with a lounge, and private bedrooms separated by walls.

However, older homes are not as spaciously designed and might require knocking down apartment walls. Older homes were designed to accommodate more ‘rooms’ – for living, dining, and kitchen – and therefore may require a layout change to equip with modern times.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Changing Your Apartment Layout

Changing your apartment layout is not the easiest of tasks, and there are quite a few things to consider before you pick up the sledgehammer.

Do You Really Need A Layout Change?

Weigh the pros and cons of your decision. What is the primary reason behind your decision to knock down a wall? Do you want to integrate the lounge with a kitchen? Keep an eye on the kids as you cook your meal?

There are several ways to go about an apartment layout change, and rushing things can lead to a cramped, ill-designed shape. It is best to consult an experienced layout construction expert to have a better idea of how to go about the layout change and how to make the best possible use of the newly-available space in your apartment.

Is It A Load Bearing Wall?

apartment-renovation-contractor-nyc-ues-uws-02Some walls serve the very important purpose of bearing the weight of the structure other than just dividing spaces. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bigger kitchen due to a load-bearing wall.

It just needs more expertise and insight than a DIY task. When removing a load bearing wall, it is important to plan on how you will replace the element for structural stability.

Additionally, some building regulations might require you to obtain the permission of the respective regulatory authority to proceed with your planned layout change.

One way to simplify the task is hiring veteran construction experts, like Brener Construction Inc. Not only will they adequately replace the load bearing element, enabling you to build the house of your dreams, but also ensure all regulations are met.

What Is The Wall Made Of?

Walls are originally built when the building is constructed, meaning they are concealing a lot more than just bricks and concrete. If there are electrical outlets placed in the wall, then you’re certain to find electrical wiring there.

Some walls may also include plumbing or HVAC system piping you need to be wary of. Rerouting these lines can be a daunting task for even the best of DIY experts. Hiring professional and certified electrician and plumbers will not only save time spent on relocating piping but also save you cash as professional work doesn’t require frequent repairing.

Older Walls May Contain Harmful Substances

best-layout-apartment-renovation-remodel-expert-construction-design-co-03If you live in an older apartment, there is a probability that your walls may contain lead and asbestos. In case you didn’t know – these elements were banned from US households as exposure to them can cause cancer.

While newer households do not contain lead elements, getting it checked before you knock down the wall will only calm your fears. If you reside in an older apartment, the probability of coming across such elements is only increased.

If you are unsure about your wall, the safest bet is to get the wall checked from an expert. Undertaking unnecessary risks can lead to health implications. Consulting an expert before knocking down your apartment wall can save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Should You DIY or Hire An Expert?

Changing an apartment’s layout can come off as an easy task, but it can quickly become a nightmare if not analyzed closely. There are a lot of factors in play – such as rerouting any possible lines that may go through the wall, replacing the load-bearing element or properly disposing of any lead element.

Even cleaning the mess is not as easy as it may come across, as the dust and particles need to be cleaned thoroughly. This is where Brener Construction Inc. comes in.

As New York City’s leading construction company, our experts have successfully completed dozens of apartment layout change plans to our client’s utmost satisfaction. Call us today 646-455-3321 to schedule a free appointment for your apartment layout change.

The Top Four Most Popular Apartment Renovations

Apartment renovationsHave you been looking around your Manhattan-based apartment and thinking that it has definitely seen better days? Does the space leave you feeling uninspired and not exactly confident about how it looks? Maybe you’ve been holding off on entertaining of late because your apartment isn’t exactly inviting. Whatever the reason for doing it, an apartment renovation can be an excellent way to improve the look and functionality of your space. Even as a landlord, it’s important to consider when renovations are necessary in order to attract tenants and keep them.

So, what are the most popular apartment renovations? Let’s take a closer look.

Combining Apartments

Here in Manhattan, and New York City in general, space is limited. People seem to constantly be looking for and wanting more living space, but that can be very hard to find. One solution is to combine apartments. Rather than just buying one apartment, why not buy two adjacent apartments and create one large space? This will give you the space you’re after to create your dream apartment.

Making the Space Open Concept

Apartment renovationsPerhaps buying two apartments isn’t on the cards for you, but you still want it to feel more spacious and open. A simple solution may be to open up the rooms. However, this is something you don’t want to do on your own, as you don’t want to be messing with supporting walls.

Replacing the Existing Flooring

Flooring can often seem like an afterthought, but in reality, it has a huge impact on how an apartment looks and feels. Simply by changing out the existing flooring and doing nothing else, you’ll be able to completely transform how the space looks. Perhaps you want to carry the same flooring throughout to create flow, maybe you need to repair areas that are damaged, or perhaps you’re thinking about using a different colored stain on a hardwood floor. Each of these is popular.

Updating the Kitchen

Apartment renovationsWhen it comes to the most popular apartment renovation, gutting or updating the kitchen is right up near the top of the list. This can include such things as customized cupboards, replacing the counter and backsplash, installing new hardware and lighting, and even adding new appliances.

Give Us a Call

If you do decide to go ahead with any of these renovations, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment with the absolute best of the best when it comes to apartment renovators here in Manhattan.

Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!

How to Make the Best Use Out of Space in Your Studio Apartment

Studio apartment A studio apartment can be the perfect solution for those looking to get a place on their own but who don’t have the need or budget for all kinds of extra space. When you give the design of the space thought and consideration, it’s more than possible to make the space feel much larger than originally anticipated. Not only that but you can create a number of functional areas in the apartment despite its open concept nature.

If you’ve recently moved into a studio apartment and are looking to make the best use out of the space, then you’ll want to check out these tips.

Create a Design Plan

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a large space or a small space, a design plan is essential in making the best use of your space. A design plan gives you the opportunity to get all the major items in place, and then you can start to design and work around them creating a flow throughout.

Make Various Zones

Studio apartment A studio apartment provides people with open concept living, which is so popular right now, but sometimes it’s nice to have the area broken up a bit. This is where creating zones can come in handy. These can include a living zone, a bedroom zone, and a kitchen area. Bookcases, screens, and furniture can act as perfect room dividers.

Get Rid of All Clutter

Studio apartment Clutter is a giant waste of space. Everyone is guilty of having at least a bit of clutter in their space, but when you’re living in tight quarters there’s just no room for it. Decluttering will instantly open up the space.

Skip the Oversized Furniture

While oversized furniture may look comfy and plush, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t work for all homes, apartments, and condos. Rather than just shopping for pieces that catch your eye, it’s important to shop for items that fit the space available.
Bring in the Professionals for Renovations

While DIY projects and décor can transform a place, sometimes it takes more than just the basic fixes. It may be necessary to have professional renovations done to really ensure the vision that you have is translated properly. Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan, who can literally give all new life to your space.

Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!

The Do’s and Dont’s of Apartment Renovation

Apartment RenovationDepending on your approach, apartment renovation can either be an exciting adventure or a draining endeavor. Whether you are initiating a minor project like putting up a wall shelf or undertaking a new home improvement project, here are a few important do’s and don’ts you should know about apartment renovation:


Read the Lease

Apartment RenovationIt is not wise to start brewing up ideas for your apartment renovation without reading the rental contract. The contract will list down exactly which ideas you are allowed to execute and what you should probably skip. It may also include a special clause that describes the processes you must undergo to renovate your apartment. If there are special instructions, follow them carefully, to avoid any mishaps. If you don’t, you may have to face the wrath of the landlord or worse, there could be a lawsuit coming your way.

Speak to the Landlord

Don’t forget to talk to your landlord about the renovation idea. Before you initiate any kind of project, you will need permission from the landlord and property manager. You will have to convince your landlord and get him to understand that the renovation project will add value to your apartment. Once your landlord is onboard, you may proceed. In some cases, the landlord might deduct some expenses from the rent.


Don’t Rewire Anything

Despite how glamorous you want the renovation project to be, it is best you do not rewire anything in the apartment. Call an expert if there is a problem you need to solve. Any kind of rewiring could void your lease, leading to an eviction. Not to mention, working with wires on your own can lead to an electrical shock. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can potentially cut down the power of the entire building. Your neighbors won’t be too happy about that, would they?

Don’t Surprise Your Neighbors

Apartment RenovationIf your home renovation project is going to produce a lot of fumes, noise or will generally be a distraction to your neighbors, it is best you to talk to them about it beforehand. It is important as some people in the building may have health conditions and might not be able to be around paint fumes. Also, the use of power tools and other construction tools can be disturbing for neighbors with young kids. In short, the less disruption you cause, the happier your neighbors will be.

Don’t Damage the Apartment

Do not attempt a DIY renovation projection if you don’t know what you are doing. Hire a professional instead. The thought of saving a few extra bucks might sound tempting but you could end up doing more harm than good. Not to mention, you will have to buy the right tools.

Follow these important dos and don’ts for a smooth renovation project. Your apartment will feel more like home once you have made changes that will enhance your needs and lifestyle.

Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!

Questions to ask before Hiring a construction company

Choosing the right people, whom you can trust to bring your dream to life, is a daunting task. Finding a company that will deliver a well-constructed project in your budget the right way is the key. Your contractor is either capable or he is not, there is no in-between. To ensure the right work is delivered on the right time with the use of the right material it is necessary to question a few companies and narrow down a list of potentials.

The success of the project is completely in the hands of the company you hire. Here are a few suggestions as to what needs to be examined before finalizing your decision.

Do they possess a contracting license?

Make sure that the company has a license to build in your area and are validated. You need to know what the requirements of your city and state are, and whether the construction firm fulfills those requirements. You also need to make sure they have the license for the type of building you are planning to construct.

Do you have the necessary insurance?

There are multiple risks associated with a construction project, any mishap can occur depending on the size and type of your building. It is necessary to check whether the potential company has insurance to cover those mishaps.

What is your payment timetable?

Before stepping into a contract with the potential construction company it is necessary that you understand their payment schedule and discuss your own. It is only wise to not to make a full payment until the project is completed according to your specifications. It is advised to choose a company that best suits you payment abilities and budget.

What is the project completion period?

It is essential to take the estimated time period for your project. It is crucial from both financial and material aspects. Make sure to know whether or not they are working on other projects as well as yours. You need to ensure that they prioritize your project. But if it turns out they have a much bigger fish to fry, it is a good idea to steer clear of hiring such a company.

Will there be any sub-contractors?

Construction companies often hire sub-contractors for jobs that they outsource, such as plumbing and roofing. It is necessary that you are aware of any such agreements. Make sure that the sub-contracted company is also valid and trustworthy. However, make abundantly clear to the main contractor that he is going to have to inspect every single element.

What grade materials are you going to use?

This knowledge is imperative to the sustainability of your project. Make sure you are satisfied with the types of materials the construction company is using. Ask for a guarantee to establish that the material will be sourced well and be good quality. Discuss your budget and try to negotiate the best bargain for your buck.
The peace that comes with hiring a well-researched construction company is like no other feeling – Where you can easily depend on the professionals to interpret your thoughts into reality.




Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!

How Professional Construction Companies Help You Save Money on Projects?

You may think that being your own contractor will save you money when building a project. Unfortunately, that is mostly not true. In fact, going solo might even end up increasing your costs. Construction companies comprise of qualified and experienced professionals who have dealt with the completion of various residential and commercial properties. As such, they are precisely aware of what it takes to construct the best properties, and including them in your building project can save you money in more than one way and at the same time allow you to have the property of your dreams. Listed below are some of the ways a construction company can help you save money on projects.

1. They Follow the code requirements precisely

Your contractor knows the exact code requirements in your area, thus allowing them to lead your design process will prevent any damage to the timeline. When you work with a construction company from the start, you minimize the total construction cost of the project by purchasing the right materials. That is because they know the cost of the appropriate construction materials, how and where to get them at the lowest possible prices. In addition, working with a reputable construction company from the beginning will enable you to take advantage of the current and most affordable design options.

2. They Are Aware Of Your Needs

You may wish to build a house but you not really know how exactly you want it to look like. A professional construction company will take your idea and amplify it, which will help you understand how the building will look like and what special features it will have. Going through this process beforehand will save you a big chunk of money that you might have to incur in the future after realizing that your new building needs adjustments.

3. They Reduce Change Orders

Change orders amplify construction costs. Moreover, they slow down the construction schedules – leading to delays. These problems take place when there are changes made to the original plan after or during the construction project. When you work with a good contractor from the start, you avoid all the unnecessary change orders, keeping the total construction costs low.
In general, you will economize a lot on your project if you let a professional construction company handle your project from start to finish. These companies have the right knowledge about the industry; they have experience and basically know all the ins and outs of construction process, which you might have overlooked. Nevertheless, it should be noted that not all construction companies are capable enough to help their clients save big bucks, which is why doing your research and selecting a reputable service is extremely important.

If you are looking for the best construction service company in NYC, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Call us today at 646.455.3321 to talk to us about your project!