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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Do you want to remodel your kitchen into a star chef kitchen? Or you wish to make few upgrades to your old kitchen design? We have you covered with unique kitchen renovation ideas.

Color Schemes

The classic white for the kitchen never goes out of style. You can do loads with an immaculately clean white kitchen. You can choose an all-white look or go rustic with wooden floors and cabinets.

Go for a two-toned kitchen for a subtle look that adds color. You can choose to go monochromatic with a white and black or a white and theme. Add subtle shades like Sage green or Agaean blue to a single wall or kitchen cabinets in combination with white.

Add a statement to your kitchen with a colored wall. You can opt for a subtle light color, like lavender, or go bold with a tangerine or pumpkin shade of orange. You can add a red brick wall for a natural rustic look.

Who says kitchens have to look all white and bright. Make your kitchen look elegant and regal with matte black paint. If you don’t like black, you can still opt for matte in other shades, like metallic grey, ash grey, or coffee brown.


Choose from different textures for your backsplash. You can go for glossy porcelain tiles or simple yet elegant marble tiles. The wooden backsplash looks simple and stylish. The exposed brick-wall (painted of course) on the backsplash or a certain wall portion adds a laid-back, yet rustic feel to your kitchen.

Play with colors, designs, and patterns for a creative backsplash. Use a combination of two or more colors for a colorful and fun look and feel. You can add geometric patterns to your backsplash for an artsy look.

Countertops and Kitchen Sinks

You need to ditch those marble countertops for good. There are so many ideas for countertops for remodeling your kitchen.

You will find a variety of wooden countertops to choose from. Wooden countertops are always in vogue. You can go rustic, chic, or elegant with various wooden countertops.

Don’t shy away from black countertops. They add sophistication and a modern touch to your kitchen. Black countertops with light colored wood are a perfect combination.

Customize your countertop to add character. Add lined patterns, such as vein-like lines or symmetrical lines, for a new fresh look. Get creative with your black countertops by adding stars and galaxies, or dots and patterns.

Lacquered copper countertops are in. This unique countertop shines in your kitchen. The lacquer layer keeps your copper countertop from losing its sheen.

Kitchen sinks evolved from sink boards to a stylish integrated system. You can opt for a sleek cutout kitchen sink on the countertop. Or a chunky deck with mini shelves for sponges and soaps.

Oversized kitchen sinks are trending this year. They go well with a big spacious kitchen.


You have endless flooring options, which your choices including wood, marble, vinyl sheets, and many different types of tiles. Go for tiles that offer a wooden look, but are glossy, to add a unique and sophisticated touch. There are a variety of mixed marbled designed tiles you can choose for creative flooring.

Go Minimalist

If you want minimum clutter and maximum space in your kitchen, you can go minimalist. Your minimal kitchen can be all white, metallic grey or rustic with wooden floors and cabinets. Keep the essentials and appliances under an appliance garage or sliding cabinet to keep your kitchen minimal and simple.

Complete Your Kitchen Goals

These are some basic ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Contact us to get the kitchen of your dreams. We are here to renovate and customize your kitchens the way you want.

How To Avoid Overspending When Renovating Your Apartment Kitchen

top-nyc-contractor-kitchen-renovations-01When renovating an apartment kitchen, its only natural that our inner creative designer break loose as we try to create an attractive, appealing, and well-stocked cooking space.

A dream home should look like one, and if that means spending a few extra dollars, most people agree to do it. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind when planning your kitchen renovation to help you control your costs.

Tips To Avoid Overspending on Kitchen Renovation

While the kitchen is a vital cog of your home, overspending on your kitchen renovation can lead to financial constraints or worse, a bad investment when trying to sell the place. In order to help you control going overboard with your apartment kitchen renovation, this article offers some valuable tips.

Start With A Plan

Before going ahead with your kitchen renovation, it is important to plan which type of renovation budget makes the most sense; low-, medium-, or a high-end kitchen renovation. Renovation costs can range from $2000 to luxurious fittings that may raise costs to over $50,000.

You need to align your desires with your financial position to not overspend or underspend on your kitchen. Even if your budget allows for costly renovations, keeping your neighborhood in mind can help control your costs.

Your apartment and your kitchen should resonate with your neighborhood, as you may not get your investment back when selling it. Installing expensive travertine countertops in a suburban neighborhood will not pay well when moving out. Likewise, you’re unlikely to see Formica used in a high-end luxury apartment kitchen in New York.

Don’t Tinker With The Pipelines

kitchen-renovation-tips-budget-save-money-value-02When renovating the apartment’s kitchen, people tend to re-design existing space and move the sink, range, and other appliances altogether in a different setting. What they don’t realize is that with the sink and stove, move the concealed water and gas lines.

Reconfiguring water and gas lines – particularly in older apartments – is a very costly move. In complex cases, it requires ripping off existing flooring and kitchen backsplashes to locate the pipes and further modify it according to the owner’s needs.

What may start off as a few days of work will last a week – with the cost rising every hour. Keep any pipe-connected elements in their place to avoid overspending your budget.

Don’t Throw Away Existing Cabinets

best-value-ny-contractor-kitchen-renovations-03Before throwing away the old wooden cabinets in your apartment, make sure to check them at least once. Cabinets are one of the costliest items in the whole kitchen renovation, which is why double checking them before deciding to replace is advised.

Many New York apartment kitchens have cabinet frames in good working order, and to give salvageable cabinets a facelift is fairly easy.

Ways To Salvage Existing Cabinets In Your Apartments Kitchen

There are multiple ways to save on cabinet frames; which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. The most common methods are listed below:

  • Adding new doors and new drawers to the existing cabinet frames
  • Adding lamination to the existing cabinet fronts and sides
  • Repainting the existing cabinets – Spray painting the cabinets can make unattractive cabinet frames look brand new, provided the cabinets are in good condition.

At Brener Construction Inc., we understand your desire to have a kitchen renovation that fits your budget and your imagination. Whether it’s a gut renovation or a repair – our team of experts is equipped with the expertise to not only make your kitchen look appealing but also provide a good resale value.

If you have any questions regarding your kitchen renovation, do not hesitate to call us at 646.455.3321 today!

3 Important Tips To Remember When Renovating Your Apartment Kitchen

contractor-company-nyc-kitchen-renovations-01From new cabinets, flashy countertops to appliance, flooring, and lightning – a New York apartment kitchen renovation can be as big as your imagination and budget allow.

Renovating an apartment’s functional kitchen isn’t an easy task. While there are plenty of options to innovate and be creative – there is a lot that may go wrong.

Tips For Kitchen Renovations

This article will list some expert tips to help you guide through the process of renovating a kitchen.

Functionality Is Key

best-value-quality-kitchen-renovations-quote-contractor-02When finalizing on your renovated kitchen design, it is important to keep functionality in mind. Some New York apartments have ample space for a kitchen, which deceives people to broaden the space.

People want their kitchens to feel open and ventilated, but they ignore the fact that having to walk 15 feet from the countertop to the fridge is not efficient at all. It slows down the work and can feel hectic when rushing through dinner.

Our experts advise setting up the kitchen around the range, the sink, and the fridge. When cooking, those are the three points in the kitchen you regularly use, so it’s best to have them equidistant to each other.

It doesn’t have to be in that order – as people can plan according to what they prioritize – if someone prefers keeping an eye on their kid while cooking, their kitchen will be planned from the range. The fridge and the sink will be planned from the range.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

Lightning is one of the most under-rated aspects of a kitchen renovation. People often forget that the countertops, flooring, and backlashes will only shine when the lightning is done right.

Surface mounted fixtures work particularly well as they are placed below the height of the ceiling and manage to provide a more evenly spread light across space. Placement of appliances and cabinets also play a role, as they may block the light if they are placed ahead of the light source.

If your kitchen includes islands, placing bigger light fixtures above the islands provides a decoration opportunity; while also providing needed light for the island surface.

The Stove Is The Most Important Piece In The Puzzle

tips-renovate-kitchen-nyc-apartment-04The stove is yet another under-rated item in the list of things to remember when renovating your apartment kitchen. Not only is the stove the most used appliance in the kitchen, but it is also very visible. With time, the variety of stoves available for users has expanded considerably. It provides users to choose between what type and appearance best fit their needs.

The stove options expand beyond the cooking element, as high-end stoves also feature a hood that ventilates the kitchen area and compliments its appeal by making a statement.

A kitchen renovation can be tedious and tiring. There are so many things to look into, from underground pipework to ceiling mounted lightning – and everything in between. Everybody wants to hire the best plumber or electrician in town and safe to say; not everybody gets them.

This is where Brener Construction Inc., comes in. Our team of experts is ready to provide their expertise in any phase of your kitchen renovation, remodeling, or repair. Whether you prioritize a modern looking cooking area or a classical kitchen appeal – we have the skill set to take your dreams and make it into a living reality.

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment for your kitchen renovation!

NYC Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

How to Update Your Apartment’s Kitchen Cabinets without Having to Replace Them All

kitchen-cabinet-upgrade-renovation-information-top-nyc-licensed-contractor-01Kitchen renovations are among the most common renovation projects that people take on. Let’s face it, people spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s only natural to want a space you feel comfortable in. With that said, kitchen renovations also happen to be the most expensive home renovation projects out there. Gutting the entire kitchen and starting from scratch may not be in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a renovator to take on smaller jobs that still make an impact.

One area you may want to focus on is the kitchen cupboards. Rather than tearing them all out and having to purchase brand new ones, it’s a good idea to get ideas from your contractor about what you can do to update them. Here are some common ways you can give the cupboards a makeover.

Paint the Cupboards

If you have wood cabinets that are faded, worn, and dated, there is no reason to rip them out. Instead, a fresh coat of paint or a stain will give them a new lease of life. You can choose one color for all your cupboards or take a more customized and luxe-look and paint the uppers a different color from the lower cabinets.

Install Glass Doors

It can also be a great idea to cut out a section of a couple of the doors and have glass inlaid. Again this helps to create that luxurious and customized look without the process and expense of installing a custom kitchen.

Make Use of Task Lighting

Another tip is to add task lighting or under-lighting under the cabinets. This will be helpful when prepping at the counter, but it also creates atmosphere in the kitchen. Be sure to use energy-efficient LED lighting and put it on a dimmer, so you can control the brightness.

Don’t Forget the Hardware

No makeover is complete without changing out the existing hardware. This will instantly update the cupboards and give them that new feeling.

Speak with a Professional Renovator

Of course, the very best tip is to speak with a professional renovator who can provide you with ideas and inspiration and then get the job done.

Please feel free to contact us today and set up an appointment to discuss your kitchen cupboard makeover, as we are the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.

Kitchen Renovations

Choosing the Right Countertop Material – Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

countertop-choices-for-apartment-renovation-02There are all kinds of renovation projects that can be done in the kitchen in order to upgrade it, make it look fabulous and more functional. One of the most popular renovation projects is installing new counter tops. A counter top can change the entire feel and look of the kitchen and really bring a design vision to life.

If you’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation and you find yourself stuck on what countertop material to go with, the following information can help you make a confident decision. Here, we’ll compare a couple of the most popular countertop materials out there.


top-contractor-for-countertop-renovation-replacement-granite-marble-nyc-01If you’re looking for something durable, look no further than quartz countertops. Because quartz is manufactured, you also will find there is a huge range of colors and variances. In fact, you’ll find more color choices in quartz than in granite or marble. This can allow you to get very specific when it comes to the design.

Other pros include the fact it doesn’t crack and chip easily, and it is non-porous which means bacteria, odor, and stains won’t soak in. The biggest con with quartz tends to be its price, as this is not a cheap option.


Granite has been an extremely popular choice for quite some time now, and with good reason. You still get a fair number of colors to choose from, and it’s also very durable. However, you don’t want to be cutting straight on it, as it will damage your knives. It is heat resistant, and when you seal it in advance you’ll find it repels stains. This brings us to the cons: when not sealed properly, granite is porous. It needs to be re-sealed on a yearly basis.

Butcher Block

professional-countertop-installation-nyc-granite-quartz-top-specialists-03Butcher block is ideal for those who are going for that casual country-style kitchen. It makes just as big of a statement as granite, but in a different way. While it is affordable, keep in mind that this isn’t a very durable material.

Be Sure to Have the Professionals Do the Job

Installing a new countertop isn’t something you want to mess around with on your own. It needs to be fitted properly, so hiring a professional renovator is the best way to go. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your countertop installation project, as we are known as the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.