All about Professional Apartment Painting

professional-apartment-painting-contractor-nyc-01You can’t have an apartment of your dreams without the right color scheme. Painting your apartment can add an aesthetic feel, maximize your space, and increase your productivity. Whether you want to paint certain rooms or renovate your whole apartment, you need to hire professionals to do the job. Here’s all you need to know about professional apartment painting in NYC:

Choose the Contractor

Hiring the right contractor for painting apartment is the foremost thing you need to do. You need to find an experienced and registered contractor. They should provide you with insurance. They should expect you to ask for portfolios and references. Check on the references to ask about the quality of their work and their diligence.

Getting Started

setup-painting-nyc-apartment-pro-contractor-03Before you get in touch with professional painters for an apartment, check the regulations. Also, talk to your landlord (if you have one).

Once you decide to hire a professional to paint your apartment, you need to prep accordingly. You don’t want your floors, door knobs, and personal belongings covered in paint. Professional painters have the expertise and experience to do the job. They work responsibly to protect your property and your belongings. However, you still need proper prepping when painting your NYC apartment.

Cover your furniture, floorings, and other belongings with plastic sheets or plastic drop cloths. You can also use cardboard for covering your floors. Cover the door knobs and window panes with duct tape. However, don’t use manual tape, or else you might spend several hours peeling it off. To make things easier, it’s better to use painter tape. There will be no residue on delicate surfaces and peels off real quick.

Try to keep your pets away when painting your apartment. Keep them in the bathroom, store room, or garage, or any other space not being painted.

Order Professional Painting

Professional painters add the perfect finishing touch. They follow a certain order for painting rooms of your apartment. They first paint the trims, then ceilings, and lastly the walls. The techniques they use for painting are quick and convenient but without compromising the quality.

Flawless Paint

New paint doesn’t hide flaws, like dents, scratches, and holes on walls and surfaces. In fact, a new paint job can highlight existing issues. Professional painters do more than just paint to give your apartment a flawless finish. Professionals make sure they fill all the holes and cover the dents and scratches.


info-painting-apartment-nyc-ny-02The most integral part of painting your apartment is choosing the right colors. You’ll see white and beige walls in most of the apartments. Don’t shy from experimenting with different colors. Add more texture and depth to your rooms with dark colors. If a room in your apartment has no natural light source, paint it in light and warmer colors. Choose colors that will broaden and light up the setting of your environment. Neutral colors are quickest to apply and dry off. Dark colors require more coats and time to finish off than light and neutral ones. So, be patient with whatever choice you make.

Choose Professional Painters

Whether you want to paint certain rooms or renovate your whole apartment, contact us to get the best painting services in New York. At Brener Construction Inc. we understand the importance of colors in your apartment. Our professional painting services help you add a welcoming appeal and increase the value of your property.

We are experienced in interior and exterior painting of NYC apartments. Our premium paint products provide your apartment with the silkiest, long-lasting, durable, and low-odor coat.


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