How To Avoid Overspending When Renovating Your Apartment Kitchen

top-nyc-contractor-kitchen-renovations-01When renovating an apartment kitchen, its only natural that our inner creative designer break loose as we try to create an attractive, appealing, and well-stocked cooking space.

A dream home should look like one, and if that means spending a few extra dollars, most people agree to do it. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind when planning your kitchen renovation to help you control your costs.

Tips To Avoid Overspending on Kitchen Renovation

While the kitchen is a vital cog of your home, overspending on your kitchen renovation can lead to financial constraints or worse, a bad investment when trying to sell the place. In order to help you control going overboard with your apartment kitchen renovation, this article offers some valuable tips.

Start With A Plan

Before going ahead with your kitchen renovation, it is important to plan which type of renovation budget makes the most sense; low-, medium-, or a high-end kitchen renovation. Renovation costs can range from $2000 to luxurious fittings that may raise costs to over $50,000.

You need to align your desires with your financial position to not overspend or underspend on your kitchen. Even if your budget allows for costly renovations, keeping your neighborhood in mind can help control your costs.

Your apartment and your kitchen should resonate with your neighborhood, as you may not get your investment back when selling it. Installing expensive travertine countertops in a suburban neighborhood will not pay well when moving out. Likewise, you’re unlikely to see Formica used in a high-end luxury apartment kitchen in New York.

Don’t Tinker With The Pipelines

kitchen-renovation-tips-budget-save-money-value-02When renovating the apartment’s kitchen, people tend to re-design existing space and move the sink, range, and other appliances altogether in a different setting. What they don’t realize is that with the sink and stove, move the concealed water and gas lines.

Reconfiguring water and gas lines – particularly in older apartments – is a very costly move. In complex cases, it requires ripping off existing flooring and kitchen backsplashes to locate the pipes and further modify it according to the owner’s needs.

What may start off as a few days of work will last a week – with the cost rising every hour. Keep any pipe-connected elements in their place to avoid overspending your budget.

Don’t Throw Away Existing Cabinets

best-value-ny-contractor-kitchen-renovations-03Before throwing away the old wooden cabinets in your apartment, make sure to check them at least once. Cabinets are one of the costliest items in the whole kitchen renovation, which is why double checking them before deciding to replace is advised.

Many New York apartment kitchens have cabinet frames in good working order, and to give salvageable cabinets a facelift is fairly easy.

Ways To Salvage Existing Cabinets In Your Apartments Kitchen

There are multiple ways to save on cabinet frames; which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. The most common methods are listed below:

  • Adding new doors and new drawers to the existing cabinet frames
  • Adding lamination to the existing cabinet fronts and sides
  • Repainting the existing cabinets – Spray painting the cabinets can make unattractive cabinet frames look brand new, provided the cabinets are in good condition.

At Brener Construction Inc., we understand your desire to have a kitchen renovation that fits your budget and your imagination. Whether it’s a gut renovation or a repair – our team of experts is equipped with the expertise to not only make your kitchen look appealing but also provide a good resale value.

If you have any questions regarding your kitchen renovation, do not hesitate to call us at 646.455.3321 today!

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