Apartment Renovation to Add Laundry Room NYC

How You Can Make Room for Laundry Facilities in Your Apartment

contractor-for-laundry-room-build-renovation-nyc-01One of the biggest complaints you can have as an apartment owner is having to share laundry facilities with others in the building, or worse yet, you have to go to the local laundromat with all your clothes. It’s not fun on a regular day never mind when the weather is miserable outside and you’re faced with dragging out baskets and bags of dirty clothing. With that said, you may want to think about including laundry facilities in your own apartment.

Here are a variety of ways you can create the space necessary to have a washer and dryer in your apartment.

Invest in a Combo Unit

One of the best tips is to take a look at the combo units out there today. These are units that work as a laundry machine and dryer all in one. They are quite small in that they can usually fit under a counter, which means you could place it under the kitchen counter or even bathroom counter. Often, they will blend right in with the look of the room, and since they are tucked out of the way, they don’t use up any floor-space. This is ideal for small apartments.

Hide Stackers in a Closet or Cubby

stacked-laundry-machines-in-closet-renovation-tips-professional-nyc-contractor-02Another tip for those not looking to create a whole laundry room is to hide stackers in a closet, nook, or cubby area. This will require careful measuring on your part to ensure that they fit. It may even be necessary to build out a nook or closet depending on the layout of the apartment.

Some people also choose to build what looks like a kitchen island but is actually a laundry center where they place the laundry machine and dryer below the island.

Create Zones in the Apartment

For apartments that have more of an open concept design and feel and don’t necessarily have extra space, it can be wise to create zones in the apartment. Typically, you’ll have a living area, kitchen, and bedroom, so why not also create a laundry zone in one corner along one wall?

Get the Help of a Professional Renovator and Build a Laundry Room

If space allows, a designated laundry room, even if it’s small, is always the most attractive option. Building a designated area for laundry facilities can be tricky and time-consuming though, which is why we invite you to contact us today in order to schedule an appointment with the best apartment renovators in Manhattan. We can help make any of these solutions happen and give you the laundry facilities you need.

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