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Choosing the Right Countertop Material – Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

countertop-choices-for-apartment-renovation-02There are all kinds of renovation projects that can be done in the kitchen in order to upgrade it, make it look fabulous and more functional. One of the most popular renovation projects is installing new counter tops. A counter top can change the entire feel and look of the kitchen and really bring a design vision to life.

If you’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation and you find yourself stuck on what countertop material to go with, the following information can help you make a confident decision. Here, we’ll compare a couple of the most popular countertop materials out there.


top-contractor-for-countertop-renovation-replacement-granite-marble-nyc-01If you’re looking for something durable, look no further than quartz countertops. Because quartz is manufactured, you also will find there is a huge range of colors and variances. In fact, you’ll find more color choices in quartz than in granite or marble. This can allow you to get very specific when it comes to the design.

Other pros include the fact it doesn’t crack and chip easily, and it is non-porous which means bacteria, odor, and stains won’t soak in. The biggest con with quartz tends to be its price, as this is not a cheap option.


Granite has been an extremely popular choice for quite some time now, and with good reason. You still get a fair number of colors to choose from, and it’s also very durable. However, you don’t want to be cutting straight on it, as it will damage your knives. It is heat resistant, and when you seal it in advance you’ll find it repels stains. This brings us to the cons: when not sealed properly, granite is porous. It needs to be re-sealed on a yearly basis.

Butcher Block

professional-countertop-installation-nyc-granite-quartz-top-specialists-03Butcher block is ideal for those who are going for that casual country-style kitchen. It makes just as big of a statement as granite, but in a different way. While it is affordable, keep in mind that this isn’t a very durable material.

Be Sure to Have the Professionals Do the Job

Installing a new countertop isn’t something you want to mess around with on your own. It needs to be fitted properly, so hiring a professional renovator is the best way to go. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your countertop installation project, as we are known as the best apartment renovators in Manhattan.

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