Electrical and Lighting Work When Renovating Your NYC Apartment

top-lighting-electrical-contractor-apartments-nyc-01Home renovations and remodeling are not small undertakings. People want their dream apartment to dazzle and be as close to perfection as possible. From layout designs to color schemes – choosing and picking materials can be overwhelming and tiring.

However, in order to complete a 5-star home renovation project, electrical and lighting work must be well-planned and well-directed. While the whole process can be very daunting if you take it upon yourself, a professional contractor will make it a breeze.

This blog post will guide you on how to make sure the electric and lightning work in your New York apartment is top-notch.

Planning Electrical Work in a New York Apartment

electrical-work-apartment-tips-ideas-construction-co-nyc-02Each electrical plan is unique, and takes into consideration the rooms you want to remodel and the devices that will be present in each of the rooms. For instance, the kitchen is one of the most power-reliant places in the house with heavy-duty power appliances such as stove, fridge, and microwave to name a few.

Living rooms also require ample power outlets for television sets, desktops, and lamps. While not excessively power-absorbing – it does need some planning as to where the electric outlets will be placed.

Plan Your Light Sources

Lighting is an integral part of home renovation and its appearance. Good lighting can make all the difference to how you feel about your dream apartment.

There are a variety of factors that can be considered when planning your lighting needs:

  • The size of the room
  • How do you plan to use the space?
  • What type of lightning and ambience you wish to create?
  • Is there a ceiling fixture that needs to be wired?
  • Are there lightning sources that need electrical outlets?
  • Is there a need for smaller, task based lighting options such as stove lights, cabinet lights, and study lamps?

Electrical plans and lighting sources go hand in hand, and they can significantly impact your wiring. Make sure you plan how you want to light your place before proceeding with any rewiring or remodeling.

Other Factors That Can Influence Lightning and Electrical Planning

cool-lighting-nyc-apartment-tips-ideas-03One of the most enthralling aspects of home renovation is the chance to let your interior designing skills shine. However, keep in mind the fact that home renovation is an integrated process – everything is interconnected.

Therefore, everything needs to be considered when planning an electrical and lightning renovation. Such as:

Furniture Placement

Furniture is a vital part of a home. Apartment dwellers spend days pondering over the perfect place for their furniture but miss out on one critical aspect: outlet access.

Consider where your new furniture will go and where you want the outlet areas to be placed. A built-in entertainment unit on one wall should have access to multiple electrical outlets to power the television, sound system, gaming console, etc.

Additionally, look into overhead lighting that really accentuates the look and feel of the furniture.

Holiday Rearrangements

Holidays and electrical and lightning renovation have more in common than you think. It is important to visualize how you would like to decorate or re-arrange for holidays and gatherings in your electrical plan.

Extra outlets are required when putting up a glowing Christmas tree – and if you like to re-arrange for larger gatherings – consider adding extra outlets to your electrical plan.


Electrical and lighting renovation requires skill, tenacity, and experience. Brener Construction Inc. are New York’s leading electricians, providing safe and hassle-free solutions for you.

Our services include inspection, installation, repair, and maintenance. We are certified to provide all types of electrical services, and all of our work is done in accordance with safety standards. For a reliable and cost effective electrical solution, look no further than Brener Inc., when choosing an electrician for your NYC apartment.

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