NYC Townhouse Gut Rehabilitation: What to Know

Gut rehabilitation might be an unheard term for some of us. What does it include, you may ask? Let’s suppose we discover a property in an ideal location or of the ideal size we have always dreamed of. Apart from the ideal size or the ideal location, if everything about the house has to be changed, then that is called gut rehabilitation.

NYC Townhouse Gut Rehabilitation

To summarize it, gut rehabilitation pulls away everything except for the bones of the original house. We can look upon it as an empty canvas for our homes, allowing us to modernize and upscale older buildings and fix problems spread far and wide across the home. When we decide to gut renovate a home, we must take into thorough consideration of the current conditions of the buildings, spatial challenges, and the range of materials we will require and have to purchase. The cost of gut renovation is a huge factor, which we must first come to terms with.

While we may find this rehab totally worth our time, effort, and money, there are several things we have to bear in mind when we undertake such a project.

Have a Flexible Vision

Having a fixer-upper gives us plenty of flexibility to do a lot with the interior and run through it with a free hand. We could perhaps take down a few walls to completely transform the floor plans and layout of our new dream house. When we evaluate the feasibility of taking on a gut rehab, we should imagine how we can layout the space to make the best out of every square footage at our disposal. We must not limit our focus on merely what is presently there.

Characterize According to Our Preferences

A gut rehab gives us the freedom to add as much of our personal touch to the house as we refer. For example, if you have a passion and obsession for reading, we can make a space for a reading nook that might otherwise be not available to us in the older, standard NYC townhouses. Whether we prefer a classic, refined interior or a more modern and industrial environment, we have the power to control these elements in a gut rehab for our NYC townhouse.

Thoroughly Analyze the Real Estate Market

We must first consider if our real estate market can offer us a home ready for us to move in with all or most of our wish list items included in it. We must also consider seriously any such option if it fits within our house purchasing budget. Sometimes, we wish to buy in an area where the home and style features are completely in contrast to what appeals to us. In such a situation, we really think gut rehabs are an ideal option to mold the house according to our style and preferences.

Brace Ourselves for a Costly Endeavor

We must always primarily remember that renovations are never cheap, and a gut rehab means that we have to tackle the entire house from nearly scratch. If we are faint-hearted, it is best if we steer clear from such a project. While the entire cost depends solely on the size of our property and extent of the upgrades required, we must be confidently prepared to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of our life earnings on this project.

A rough average cost for a multi-room gut rehab is around $38,000. This, however, creeps sneakily into a six figures range before we can even realize it.

Secondly, we must also be mentally and physically prepared to invest a lot of time into a gut rehab because it seriously is a much time-consuming project. Furthermore, if we decide to take on parts of the project ourselves, we must be ready to devote that much time to it because most DIY home décor projects are lengthy.

We should be ready to deal with adjusting the cost of materials, trying to coordinate multiple parts of the rehabilitation, and working with a series of contractors that are bound to bring endless problems to our table. We must also be ready to acknowledge the fact overshooting our target with gut rehabs are a very true possibility, especially in the wake of problems and complications as we proceed.

The Older the Home, the Greater the Challenge

We may come across a number of old homes across NYC that ooze tons on character charm but contain dark, unknown possibilities behind. We may never be able to accurately find out how much the previous homeowners botched the electrical network, how much water damage a leaking pipe caused etc. Old homes pose greater challenges when it comes down to a gut rehab.

We only start discovering the skeletons in the closet once we initiate the gut rehab project, and those from thereon seem to keep swallowing our budget. In certain cases, some discoveries may also pose health hazards that will need to be rectified at great costs.

For a project of this intensity, we must never compromise on the quality and expertise of contractors and professionals. Hire the best NYC Contractors at Brener Construction Inc. for your townhouse gut rehabilitation project for a warranty-backed, brand new feeling home.


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