Painting An Apartment in NYC – Here’s What You Need To Know

professional-contractor-painting-your-nyc-apartment-tips-info-01Painting an apartment is no easy job. Paints don’t come cheap, good painters are rare, and if you try to do it on your own, you may end up making quite a bit of a mess in the process.

As the leading experts of our craft, here are some tips and techniques for you to easily paint your apartment.

Tips and Techniques For Painting Your NYC Apartment

Clear The Area

Painting in an occupied room is a daunting task. The furniture is moved recklessly around the place and is often stained by dripping paint. The first thing to do when you have decided to paint the surface is to ensure it will remain spotless.

An empty room is easier to paint than a room with furniture. Additionally, devoid of any furniture, the place represents a clearer picture – providing much-needed clarity when moving forward with the paint job.

For one room apartments, if you can’t remove the furniture – place it in the center of the room and cover it.

Fix The Surface

nyc-apartment-painting-tips-pro-02The surface on which paint will be applied needs to be clean of all mess. Any hardware or accessories hinged at the wall which you don’t need to be painted should be removed, such as heating grates, door hinges, stoppers, etc.

Additionally, the surface can’t be uneven, cracked, or facing any other problem. Before you decide to bring the paint brushes and paints in, it is necessary to take a day out and fix such issues.

Protective Clothing and Gear

Overalls, gloves, and safety glasses are necessary protective measures if you intend to keep yourself and your walls clean. If you are one for saving on expensive gear, some old clothes will work just fine for a minor paint job.

Paint is generally not a health hazard, but chemicals included in making a paint can be dangerous for human contact.

It Won’t Be Perfect

As much as you take your time and plan painting your New York apartment, chances are you will not be 100% satisfied with the end result. And guess what? That is okay.

Even professionals have to follow up their paint job with some touch up because as you proceed, you keep finding new textures and mixes that can look great when applied. For touch ups, we recommend foam brushes. Foam brushes produce a great finish without adding significantly to your costs.

Furthermore, by using foam brushes, you don’t have to clean your expensive brushes and rollers after touch ups.

How Much Does Painting An Apartment in NYC Cost?

brener-construction-professional-apartment-painting-services-top-nyc-experts-03The cost of painting a New York apartment can be broken into two distinct components:

The Cost Of Paint

There are many options of paints available in New York – ranging from primer-based colors to luxury paint brands with matte finishes.

The type of paint you choose has a significant impact on your paint job. The more readily available and frequently used paint brands can cost you $40 by the gallon. However, if you have the money and appetite to go for a more refined finish, luxury paint can cost you up to $110.

Project Variable

There are several questions that need to be answered when determining labor and overheads for the paint job.

  • The conditions of the wall and the amount of prep time that will be required
  • Height and specific dimensions of the wall surfaces
  • In case of single room paint renovation, what is the quality of paint in the rest of the apartment?
  • Does the existing paint contain lead element?
  • Are there any restrictions applied on the building and construction work?

Brener Construction Inc. is New York’s leading renovation company specializing in paint renovations for apartments in the metropolis. We understand that the creative use of interior paint changes the ambiance and mood, and maximizes the size of NYC homes while external painting projects (residential and commercial) can increase the value of your property.

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