Kitchen and Bath Plumbing Tips

contractor-kitchen-bathroom-plumbing-work-best-01When undertaking kitchen and bathroom renovations, plumbing usually trails fancy countertops, cabinets, and designer faucets in the list of priorities; when really, it should top the list.

The reason behind this perspective is simple. Plumbing is what keeps these rooms running. The decoration and other items add to the aesthetic of the place, but without adequate plumbing, it is an exercise in futile.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering plumbing renovation for your kitchen and bathroom:

Conceal Your Pipework

People often look to forego pipework concealing as it requires that the tiles be removed. However, in order to ensure a high-quality finish that is clutter-free, you will be required to chase out some walls and lift the floor.

There are some instances when pipework cannot be concealed; you can box it in. People also look to make use of furniture to conceal and hide pipework, such as vanity units in bathrooms.

Avoid Bad Smells


Bathrooms and kitchens often experience a bad, pungent smell coming from the drain pipes. Where the run of pipe is more than 2m, the displaced wastewater can suck air from nearby waste traps instead of the vent pipe.

This can lead to siphoning the water seal and creation of a gurgling sound which can lead to pungent drain smells. One way to avoid facing such smells is to fit anti-siphon valves in the wastewater pipe, or anti-siphon traps.

Faucet Maintenance

Properly working faucets form the pillar of a successful kitchen or bathroom experience. Whether it’s cleaning the dishes or taking a bath – you require a functioning faucet. The moving parts of a faucet wear down easily as time passes by and need to be tightened, or in the case of more damage, even replaced more often than other plumbing parts.

Furthermore, make sure to clean your faucet aerators regularly. Low water pressure from the faucet or water may cause leaks from the handle. The low pressure is usually caused by building up of slime and sediment blocking the small openings inside the aerator.

Avoid Clogs

construction-co-nyc-fix-kitchen-plumbing-problems-03Clogs are something no one wants to face. Not only do they smell awful, but they also look worse and are very off-putting. Kitchen clogs stop you from using your sink, preparing food, as well as disposing of the leftovers.

Bathroom clogs are even worse as a clogged bathroom translates to no bathing and no cleaning. Here are a few tips to follow when looking to avoid bathroom or kitchen clogs:

  • Avoid putting hard-to-grind or fibrous waste into the waste disposer in your kitchen
  • Run cold water in the drain for fifteen seconds before and after using the waste disposer
  • Don’t run liquid grease in the drain. Wipe any grease from the cutlery with a cloth or towel and properly dispose of it at the garbage
  • Run hot water down the drain regularly (like once a week) to help keep the drain free
  • In your bathrooms, fix any tubs and showers with filters that may catch hair or soap pieces that get chipped off. Make sure to clean the strainers regularly
  • Avoid putting things in the sink or toilet drain that don’t belong there – such as facial tissues, sanitary pads, etc.

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