Key Upgrades to Residential Apartments

Key Upgrades to Residential ApartmentsThe shared spaces or common areas in residential apartments are often overlooked when it comes to remodeling projects. After all, tenants really care about what is happening within the unit not necessarily in the lobby. However, when you are inviting prospective tenants or guests into your apartment complex, you’ll find that these shared areas can make a good (or potentially a very bad) first impression. With a few upgrades to common areas, you can make both your tenants and your guests happy. It does not have to be time consuming or costly to make such changes when you work with an experienced construction company in New York City.

Where to Put Your Investment

To make the biggest impact on these shared spaces in residential apartments, focus on the types of projects that add value, bring in new tenants, and make your tenants happy overall. These recommendations can get you started:

  • Lobby areas should be impressive. Easy to clean and durable flooring is a good place to start. Make an impression with hardwood floors. Ensure proper lighting (that’s modern) here as well. Make sure this space is attractive and even elegant.
  • Key Upgrades to Residential ApartmentsLaundry areas are another common shared space that is often overlooked. Beyond functionality, make them more inviting with entertainment options. Ensure that you have energy efficient appliances installed. Ensure the drains are properly cleaned and maintained. Good lighting, plenty of work stations, and areas for storage can help.
  • Shared community spaces can be a drawback if they are not properly maintained. Simply painting and upgrading the style of clubhouses or other larger spaces is a good first step. Consider adding modern amenities, even Wi-Fi, to these spaces to get people using them more readily. In addition, consider the benefit of making these areas more inviting with larger widows and good ventilation.

Key Upgrades to Residential ApartmentsWhen it comes to creating the ideal shared space for your tenants and guests, determine what the image of the apartment complex is first. If you want to give off a look of luxury and attract higher end tenants, you’ll need these spaces to really stand out as a stellar place to live.

The first step is to get an idea of your options. Schedule a consultation to discuss what may work in your space with a trusted and experienced construction company in New York City. Then work on creating upgrades and renovations that make sense for your tenants.

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