Closets and Storage Upgrades for Apartments

Closets and Storage Upgrades for ApartmentsMaking an apartment appealing is easier to do when you can convince would-be tenants that their life will fit within the walls of the space. It is always important to ensure a good floor plan is present. It should allow for people to walk through the apartment with ease. However, beyond this, it is important to offer numerous storage options whenever possible so that tenants can easily see how their belongings will fit into the space and how the space will meet their needs. How can you add more storage to apartments in New York City?

Tips for Storage Solutions

For apartments, it is important to see all of the space in the apartment to determine if and when more storage can be offered. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of this space.

Closets should be deep whenever possible. Allow for the individual to be able to walk into them. This ensures that there is a large amount of storage space present. Walk-in closets do not have to be huge – even just 6 to 8 feet deep can make the right impression.

Closets and Storage Upgrades for ApartmentsLook up. Storage space can be along the ceiling and above cabinetry in the kitchen. Look for areas to add bins, closets, and shelving. When you invest in proper installation and quality detailing, you’ll find that this type of higher up storage works well.

Look for storage spaces in bedrooms, too. For example, turning an unused or awkward space in the back of a room into a storage closet can be very useful and seen as an excellent investment.

When considering storage system installation, be careful about your options. You do not want to provide so many customizations in these closet systems that it limits their overall ability to fit the lifestyle of your tenant. In other words, shelving and clothing rods are a good option. Skip the tie racks and drawer systems unless the space is big.

Don’t forget storage in cabinetry including for electronics and in the kitchen. Consider installing shelving units in bathrooms to add more functional space there.

Closets and Storage Upgrades for ApartmentsUltimately, you’ll want to invest in storage upgrades that remain stylish as well as functional. No component of an apartment should look out of place. Work with one of the best construction companies in New York City to create a customized plan for adding more storage in your spaces.

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