Wall Color: How to Choose a Wall Color that Attracts Most People

Wall Color: How to Choose a Wall Color that Attracts Most People

How does wall color impact the way people feel in any living space? Many people don’t realize it, but the color of the walls in any given space is likely to create various moods and it may even influence the way you use and feel in that space. If you own or manage apartment units, painting is likely one of the most common steps you take to renovate the space.


Keep in mind that the wall color you select will determine who moves in, when they move in, and the way they feel about the space on any given day.

How Color Impacts Space Feel

Wall Color: How to Choose a Wall Color that Attracts Most PeopleThe colors of yellow and red, both of which are very passionate and bright colors, tend to create stronger emotions. That is why they are typically found in a kitchen. On the other hand, you may find that choosing a blue or green color is more energizing. These colors work well in living rooms where energy is a good thing. Soothing and comforting colors such as browns and grays work well in bedrooms because they help to ease a person through their night. When choosing color for any space, make sure you know exactly what you can expect in terms of the emotions that will welcome people.

Picking Colors to Invite People In

If you are making a color scheme change in your apartment complex in the hopes of bringing in more tenants, you’ll want to focus on colors that are welcoming, trendy, and yet still very neutral. For example, colors today tend to be less vibrant and more subdued. You’ll find that using colors that are a bit more muted can help to make the space appealing to more people. Using a light brown or a light gray color, for example, can create a very modern looking space, but it is a color that most people will be able to enjoy. On the other hand, choosing colors that are more rigid, such as yellow, red, or purple, can really limit how welcoming and appealing the space is to any person.

Wall Color: How to Choose a Wall Color that Attracts Most PeopleWhen you work with an experienced construction company in New York City, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what types of colors will work well in your space. Making the right color decision is a big deal, especially when you want to bring in younger, more passionate tenants.


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