Upgrading Apartment Kitchens: Focus on Storage

StorageWhen it comes to updating an apartment kitchen, there is no better way to put every investment dollar than into storage. While having modern and efficient appliances as well as a good layout is important, many of today’s apartment tenants want places to store their items. Providing better storage – not just more of it – can make a big difference to renters. And, with a good amount of storage available in the apartment, it may be easier to rent out the space to today’s Millennials. But, how and where can you improve storage options in your kitchen?

Focus on Cabinetry First

StorageCabinetry in apartments tends to be the first step in adding storage. Instead of choosing smaller units, select cabinetry that’s larger. Look for slightly more depth and height. You’ll find that apartment kitchens with added height in the cabinetry is going to provide your renters with that extra space they want and need.

In addition to this, try to focus on fewer specialized cabinets. While having a pull out spice rack or using that small space next to the stove for a smaller cabinet is wise, don’t focus on cabinetry that’s very focused for the standard cabinetry area. Instead of plate holders and in-place sorting tools, keep these larger cabinets open for any use. This makes it easier for your renters to get more use out of that space.

Look for Added Space

Where else can you add storage to an apartment kitchen? Be creative and look for simple but highly functional ways to do this.Storage

  • Open up the drywall to allow for shelving to be built into the wall between the studies. This can provide for some outstanding space for books and smaller collectibles.
  • Be sure to use space above stoves and refrigerators. It’s a good idea to add space that’s highly usable, such as pull out drawers or open cabinetry.
  • Dress up storage options to meet your ideal users’ need. For example, Millennial renters are more likely to appreciate a wine holder than the older population. You’ll want to choose items that make sense for your individual ideal tenant.
  • With so many options available to apartment owners, it can be quite the project to create the ideal apartment kitchen. Working with an experienced team can make all of the difference when it comes to creating effective projects that get tenants in the door.

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