Carpeting or Hardwood in Apartments?

Carpeting or Hardwood in ApartmentsThe flooring in your apartment complex is often the biggest thorn in your side. Whether you are talking about the open areas and shared common spaces or the individual apartments themselves, one thing is for sure. You need flooring that is easy to take care of, easy to maintain long term, and affordable to install. One of the most common decisions apartment owners have to make, then, is whether or not to invest in carpeting or hardwood floors. What’s better for your space?

The Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the best choices for those that want a long-lasting product that needs moderate levels of maintenance. You don’t have to install true hardwood to get the same appeal and value. Look for engineered flooring instead. Today’s hardwoods are more effective and less likely to be damaged by scratches. The drawbacks are several, though. They are a bit more expensive to purchase (depending on the type you select) and they are less noise reducing than other products.

The Benefits of Carpeting

Carpeting or Hardwood in ApartmentsCarpeting is a preferred option because it is a nice sound-controlling tool. People like the feel of a plush carpet under their feet when they get up in the morning as well. Of course, carpeting is the most difficult substance to control in terms of cleanliness. Even if you care for them well it is likely you will need to replace carpeting in apartment units between each of your residents due to the need to create the ideal level of health and safety.

Which is right for you?


Generally, you’ll find that both options can work well. There are a few things to keep in mind:

Carpeting or Hardwood in ApartmentsLook for more affordable, but long lasting hardwood products whenever possible. Durability is the most important option.
If you hope to attract an upper class or more luxury tenant, you’ll need to invest in higher quality materials. This also may mean mixing both carpeting and wood flooring.
In wet areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, avoid carpeting. Instead, invest in a high quality, waterproof solution.
It is a good idea to work closely with a construction company in New York City like ours to help you find the best combination of materials. You’ll also want to invest in a product that is going to last for years to come that’s within your budget. The right option adds value to your complex.

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