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Brener Construction Inc. are experts in NYC apartment renovations. We are a locally owned company with over 20 years of experience serving in the greater New York City area. We specialize in kitchen remodels, bathroom updates, and all of your flooring, painting, electrical, plumbing & millwork needs. Our team dedicates a great deal of attention to customer service and always believe that communication is key in maintaining a good relationship with our clients. We like to keep homeowners well informed on their project, updating them on progress that is being made, deliveries that are being scheduled and orders that are being placed. Outstanding customer satisfaction is vital to us and our team is well trained to ensure that you are satisfied from the time we start working until long after we finish. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated, it helps us work better to meet your wants and needs. We love technology and how it promotes efficiency, that way we can send you news the second we receive it.

We understand the unnerving feelings that renovating your home might come with and that’s why we’re here to offer you peace of mind and reassurance. Thank you for visiting our site!

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The Importance of Upgraded Windows in Apartment Complexes

The Importance of Upgraded Windows in Apartment Complexes

The Benefits of Upgrading Windows

When upgrading, or renovating an apartment complex, one of the first investments to consider making is in the windows. The windows may not be your initially thought – after all, they may not seem like they impact the tenant’s quality of life. However, they can be one of the most beneficial upgrades you make for several reasons.


If you are planning to do any type of changes to your apartments, this is one of the areas both you and your tenants will benefit from right away. And, it does not have to be an expensive process either.

The windows surrounding your apartment complex will range widely in shape and size, but they generally are one of the most aesthetic components of the exterior of your
complex. From the inside, they are also an important tool to bringing natural light into your units and helping your tenants to feel like they are in a much larger space. But, if your windows are older or no longer functioning properly, they are a large detractor from your complex’s overall value. The benefits of upgrading are numerous:

    • The Importance of Upgraded Windows in Apartment ComplexesNewer windows reduce energy costs. In some cases, they can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 20 to 30 percent. Keep in mind that, no matter who pays the electric and heating bills, this is a cost savings not to overlook.
    • New windows can provide privacy while still allowing light into a space. This can give your tenants the security they need without having to worry about blocking out a view or limiting the amount of natural light in the space.
    • Upgrading windows can also mean reducing liability risks. Older, single pane windows are a security risk because tenants can break through them and fall. Newer products are more durable and can feature security glass for extra protection.
    • Upgrading windows can help to create more functional benefit to the tenants. Having the ability to easily open and close windows makes an apartment feel more like a home.
    • Come resale time, new windows add value to the property. This is an excellent way to get as much back in property value as you put into the new windows.

The Importance of Upgraded Windows in Apartment ComplexesTo find out if your apartment complex can benefit from upgrades to windows, call our New York City construction company. You’ll learn that this can be an excellent investment to make.


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Energy Efficient Upgrades for Apartments

energy efficient systems Upgrades to apartments range widely but none may be more beneficial to both the landlord or property owner and the renter than the investment into energy efficient systems and products. It saves the property owner money on utility costs while also helping to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the renter. And, when it comes to having a location that’s competitive enough to attract the best renters, advertising energy efficient upgrades really makes sense.

Where Should You Put Your Investment Dollar?

Energy efficient upgrades for apartments can range widely. They can be as extensive as you would like them to be or as low cost as needed. Some ideal options include the following:

  • Lighting is an easy upgrade that can reduce costs and improve the overall appeal of any area. The investment in LED
    lights or high efficiency lighting is always positive. For patio areas, select solar powered upgrades.
  • Energy efficient appliances are an excellent option for upgrading. The replacement of more efficient stoves, air conditioning systems, heating systems, refrigerators, washers, and dryers can significantly reduce costs while also helping to protect the environment.
  • energy efficient systems The installation of a programmable thermostat is another good way to reduce costs and reduce overall electricity use. It can also help to keep a home more comfortable for those living there.
  • Upgrade windows. Every renter appreciates having access to energy efficient windows. They look nice, but they are also better sealed and prevent energy loss throughout the year (winter heat and summer cooling).
  • Add more insulation to the property. Even in larger apartment complexes, the addition of insulation in hallways, within apartments, and in roofing areas can reduce costs and improve overall comfort in any room. It is a good idea to consider insulation whenever you are changing the layout of the space or doing any type of major renovation.

energy efficient systems There are many positive reasons to choose energy efficient upgrades for your next apartment complex. They can save you and the renter money on utility costs. They can speed up your overall ability to rent spaces because renters want to live in a community that’s environmentally conscious. And, of course, you are doing something good for the environment. These types of upgrades do not have to cost more or take more time to implement either. And, they last just as long. It simply makes sense to focus on energy efficiency.


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