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Renovating Your NYC Home? Things to Consider

Renovating your home can be a wise move. When you buy a new apartment, you may need to paint the walls, add new flooring, install new taps and cabinets to the kitchen, and the list goes on.

Renovating NYC apartment is not an easy task to pull off. You need to consider a number of factors before you begin. You need to set your budget, choose the right contractor, and whatnot. This blog post offers you some effective renovation tips NYC to make the task easier for you:

You May Require a Permit

Construction in New York City without a DOB permit is illegal. Similarly, some renovation projects require permits too. If you are remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, you are likely to need a permit. Simply put, you need a permit for the following work:

  • Redirecting the gas pipelines
  • Changing the layout of the plumbing lines
  • Adding the electrical outlets
  • Changing the general wiring circuits
  • Adding a bathroom to your home
  • Breaking a load bearing wall

Following are the minor alterations that you can easily make without a permit:

  • Painting
  • Changing the flooring
  • Installing cabinets
  • Plasterwork

Confide in Your Owner

If you live in an apartment building, you need to confide in the owner. The rules and regulations regarding renovations are strict. Take your owner into confidence and discuss why you need to make renovations. Make sure your work abides by the building’s regulations.

Choose a Proper Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for renovating NYC apartment is crucial. The fate of your apartment lies in your contractor’s hand. You need to find a registered and licensed contractor. You won’t get a permit if you hire an unregistered contractor. Registered contractors have experience and know their jobs well. They follow safety standards and regulations, providing you with quality work. Also, you need to find a contractor with a solid team. Do note that the leading contractors for renovation provide insurance coverage to their customers.

Top contractors in NYC will offer you their portfolios and references. The rule of thumb is that the more projects there are in a contractor’s portfolio, the better they are. Also, you need to ask for references and also follow up with them to get a clear idea of the quality a contractor can offer.

The top contractors have a proper team, including architects, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and other handymen, to cover all your renovation needs. You wouldn’t want to hire an electrician and plumber separately while a contractor is painting your house. You would need expert advice of an architect for renovating apartment before the work begins.

Your Budget

You must determine the budget for your home renovation project. You must know the amount of money you can afford to spend and the areas of your home where you will spend it. You must be ready in case something goes wrong and you might need to go a little over your budget. You need to discuss your budget plans with your contractor. Set a 5% contingency budget for emergencies.

You may find working with a cheap contractor better for renovating in NYC. But with low costs comes cheap materials and sub-standard work.

Renovate Your NYC Home

Finding it hard to choose a contractor for renovating your home? We introduce you to New York’s best-contracting company for renovating your homes. Brener Construction is NYC’s leading construction firm for your apartment’s renovation and remodeling. Contact us to renovate your apartment and create the home of your dreams.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Do you want to remodel your kitchen into a star chef kitchen? Or you wish to make few upgrades to your old kitchen design? We have you covered with unique kitchen renovation ideas.

Color Schemes

The classic white for the kitchen never goes out of style. You can do loads with an immaculately clean white kitchen. You can choose an all-white look or go rustic with wooden floors and cabinets.

Go for a two-toned kitchen for a subtle look that adds color. You can choose to go monochromatic with a white and black or a white and theme. Add subtle shades like Sage green or Agaean blue to a single wall or kitchen cabinets in combination with white.

Add a statement to your kitchen with a colored wall. You can opt for a subtle light color, like lavender, or go bold with a tangerine or pumpkin shade of orange. You can add a red brick wall for a natural rustic look.

Who says kitchens have to look all white and bright. Make your kitchen look elegant and regal with matte black paint. If you don’t like black, you can still opt for matte in other shades, like metallic grey, ash grey, or coffee brown.


Choose from different textures for your backsplash. You can go for glossy porcelain tiles or simple yet elegant marble tiles. The wooden backsplash looks simple and stylish. The exposed brick-wall (painted of course) on the backsplash or a certain wall portion adds a laid-back, yet rustic feel to your kitchen.

Play with colors, designs, and patterns for a creative backsplash. Use a combination of two or more colors for a colorful and fun look and feel. You can add geometric patterns to your backsplash for an artsy look.

Countertops and Kitchen Sinks

You need to ditch those marble countertops for good. There are so many ideas for countertops for remodeling your kitchen.

You will find a variety of wooden countertops to choose from. Wooden countertops are always in vogue. You can go rustic, chic, or elegant with various wooden countertops.

Don’t shy away from black countertops. They add sophistication and a modern touch to your kitchen. Black countertops with light colored wood are a perfect combination.

Customize your countertop to add character. Add lined patterns, such as vein-like lines or symmetrical lines, for a new fresh look. Get creative with your black countertops by adding stars and galaxies, or dots and patterns.

Lacquered copper countertops are in. This unique countertop shines in your kitchen. The lacquer layer keeps your copper countertop from losing its sheen.

Kitchen sinks evolved from sink boards to a stylish integrated system. You can opt for a sleek cutout kitchen sink on the countertop. Or a chunky deck with mini shelves for sponges and soaps.

Oversized kitchen sinks are trending this year. They go well with a big spacious kitchen.


You have endless flooring options, which your choices including wood, marble, vinyl sheets, and many different types of tiles. Go for tiles that offer a wooden look, but are glossy, to add a unique and sophisticated touch. There are a variety of mixed marbled designed tiles you can choose for creative flooring.

Go Minimalist

If you want minimum clutter and maximum space in your kitchen, you can go minimalist. Your minimal kitchen can be all white, metallic grey or rustic with wooden floors and cabinets. Keep the essentials and appliances under an appliance garage or sliding cabinet to keep your kitchen minimal and simple.

Complete Your Kitchen Goals

These are some basic ideas for remodeling your kitchen. Contact us to get the kitchen of your dreams. We are here to renovate and customize your kitchens the way you want.

Electrical Work in Your NYC Apartment

Electrical work can be difficult and off-putting for the average homeowner. Dealing with upgraded electrical systems in NYC apartments is a complex task. Working with electricity has its dangers that call for professionals. You need the right people to perform electrical work in your apartment. Following are the considerations you need for electrical work in your NYC apartment:

Electric Permit

Electrical work in NYC apartments and buildings require an electric permit. If you get electrical work without a permit, the owner and the worker could face legal hassle for performing illegal work. You could be subject to summons and fines if you get some electrical work without the electric permit.

You will not get a permit if the worker you hire doesn’t have a license. You need to get your electrical work from licensed and certified electrical contractors, registered with the Department of Buildings. Also, you have to submit electrical fillings to DOB NOW: Build for the entire job. You can also file the submission through the Electrical Unit at One-center Street in NYC.

Electrical Code Changes

The code changes are necessary for safeguarding people and their properties from hazards that arise due to electricity. The city upgraded the electrical codes so that the power system can withstand the load of new appliances and machinery. The most recent changes in the codes came about in 2011. Many apartments may not meet the city’s electrical codes. Check with an electrical contractor to see if your apartment’s electric codes are up to date. If not, you might need to add outlets and make small changes to the wiring of circuits and the placement of appliances.

Upgrading Electrical Load

You need to have an updated electrical load in your NYC apartment. Check with your electrical constructor to see if your electrical load is not low enough to handle central heating or cooling systems and other heavy appliances.

If you’re renovating a pre-war apartment, you need to upgrade the electrical codes and electrical load without any delay. The low level of electrical usage during that era means the electrical load will be low. You need to change wiring, old circuits and old electrical boxes to increase the electrical load.

Electrical Installation

Before electrical installation, you have to consider the electrical plan of the room. The kitchen is the most power-consuming space in your apartment, with many appliances running together. Each appliance should have an exclusive circuit.

You need to plan out electrical outlets for your living room as well. Your living room houses many appliances, like your TV, lamps, lightings, desktop, and air conditioning.

Lighting Work

One of the major electrical works for your NYC apartment is the lighting work. Good lighting can make your apartment look bright and boost your quality of life. You need electric work to light up your ideas in your dream apartment. You need proper electric outlets and fixing or addition of wiring and circuits.

Your Electrical Work Is In Safe Hands

Electrical work for your apartment can be complex and requires professional skill, precautions, and experience. Release the tension of electrical work by working with Brener Construction Inc. We are a leading New York electrical contractor for electrical installation, lighting work, and circuit and wire changing work. You can hire Brener Inc. to receive safe, cost-effective, and top-notch electrical solutions for your NYC apartment.


How to Choose a Construction Company in NYC

Choosing the right construction firm in NYC can prove a challenge. Yet, you cannot compromise, as your decision will determine whether or not you are able to create your dream home. With so many construction firms in the market, here is how you can choose a construction firm best suited to your needs:

Shortlist the Top Construction Companies in NYC

Start by short listing construction companies. Search online for general contractors and construction companies. Enlisting sounds easy but can be hectic and demotivating with dozens of construction firms popping up in your search. Don’t limit your search to the internet. Ask your friends, family members, and co-workers for references. Shortlist the companies based on their marketing and client reviews, and the suggestions you receive.


The more experienced a company is, the better their quality of services will be. Moreover, they will have the insight and experience to execute grace and perfection in their work. Experienced construction companies are always in demand. However, do note that you need to find a company that has enough room to take on your project.

Check and Compare Portfolios

Experienced construction firms in NYC will be more than happy to share their portfolio. Check and compare the portfolios of the contractors you shortlist. Determine the quality of construction work and compare. This step will help you narrow down your options. As a rule of thumb, construction companies with experience of handling projects similar to yours will prove a better option.

Check References

Top residential construction companies expect you to ask for references. The references should include previous customers. Get in touch with those customers and ask about their experience. The most important question you need to ask is regarding the company’s ability to complete projects on time and within budget.

If possible, visit the home of a past client, so you can see firsthand the quality of construction. Checking up on the contractor’s project will give you an idea about their work style. Check the quality of the material used.

Certified and Insured Contractors

The contractors you shortlist must have proper licensing. You need to ensure that they have the requisite certifications. Do note that certified contractors adhere to a high standard of work. You don’t want to risk legal issues by working with an uncertified and unlicensed construction company. Also, avoid companies that have don’t have insurance. By hiring a construction company with good insurance, you make sure that any damage to you property during the course of the project is not your responsibility. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of certificate and insurance.

Ask for a Project Timeline

The construction company must commit to your project and complete it within the timeframe they stated. Make sure you ask for a project timeline before you sign the contract.

Settle the Cost

Discuss your needs and the budget and seek quotes. Don’t go for companies that charge less than their competitors. Often, price is reflective of quality, and the lowest price might mean you have to settle for low quality.

Chose Your Construction Company

Choosing a construction company in NYC can be a time-consuming process. If you are short on time, fear not. Contact us to complete your dream project. Our professionals and experts promise to deliver high-quality work on time.


Browse some of our expert services & call us for a free consultation:




Do I Need a Contractor For Electrical Work in My Apartment?

Do you know your way around wires and think you can do some of the electrical work in your apartment? Well, it’s good to have a basic know-how of changing wires and electrical installing. However, this doesn’t imply that you should be doing electrical work in your apartment by yourself. Not only is electrical work complex and nerve-wracking, but also dangerous.

Electrical failures at homes lead to some shocking stats of causing fires and deaths. More than 500 people die every year due to electrical failures and malfunctioning. Electrical work for your NYC apartment calls for a professional to work accordingly with the electrical codes and appropriate safety standards.

Why Can’t I Hire the First Electrician I Find?

Don’t mistake your neighborhood’s local electrician as an electrical contractor. A local electrician is less credible, uncertified, and less experienced to complete the electrical work in your apartment.

Here are the following reasons that explain the need for a contractor for electrical work in your NYC apartment:

Registration and Licensing

An electrical contractor has the registration and licensing for performing complex electrical work. Unregistered/non-licensed contractor or electrician cannot offer their services in NYC, as per the law. Certified contractors come under Restricted Electric Contractors (REC). A restricted electric worker adheres to a high standard of quality and safety. Unregistered contractors and workers don’t have a permit for performing electrical work.

Minimize the Risk

Electrical work can be difficult, especially in confined spaces. Many cases of shower upgrades resulted in electric disasters. Rewiring older shower models for newer ones may seem easy and intriguing. However, they pose a significant electrical hazard. Your bathroom showers tend to pull more electricity than the wires can manage.

Therefore, don’t take the DIY route when it comes to performing electrical work in a bathroom. Only a certified or registered contract can perform electrical work in high-risk places.

Compliance to Electric Codes

New York City’s electrical codes are up-to-date, with the most recent update in 2011. However, there is a chance your apartment might not comply with the city’s electrical codes. You need to upgrade your electric codes before hiring an electrician for performing electrical work in your apartments. Registered contractors are well aware of the recent electric codes. They update your apartment’s electric code to ensure compliance. Unregistered electric workers may not be aware of the electric codes, so their work can be damaging to your apartment’s electric load.

Electric Contractors Carry Insurance Policies

If you hire a layman or unregistered electrician, your electric work is not secure. Non-registered electric workers do not have any insurance. They will not bear responsibility for any damage caused to your property during the job. You need to hire an REC to protect or recover your property in case of any accidental damage. Top NYC electrical contractors provide their customers with insurance coverage.

Hire a Contractor for Your Electric Work

Without a proper contractor, electrical work in your apartment is hazardous and illegal. At Brener Construction, we are certified professionals, offering hassle-free and hazard-free electric solutions. Contact us for safe and insured electrical work for your NYC apartment.


Combining NYC Apartments – What You Need to Know

Do you think of shifting to a more spacious place but still don’t want to leave your house? Have you thought of expanding your place, but find no room to expand? Not to worry, as expanding your place without moving out is possible in Manhattan.

How Does Combining Apartments Help?

People usually combine apartments when the size of their family increases. Sometimes, they have to create a workspace or a home office. Buying a three-bedroom apartment in NYC can prove expensive. You combine two adjacent single bedroom apartments. You can get space in the hallway between the apartments and voila, you have the space to add another bedroom. You get a three-bedroom apartment without stumping up hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Before You Get Started

You must know that all buildings do not allow you to combine apartments. In fact, you will find this option more practical in condos as compared to other apartment buildings. If your building owner allows you to combine apartments, they might restrict your construction work. You must take your building owner into confidence before combining apartments. You can buy apartments where combining is permissible. You might see people asking their estate agents for apartments in NYC that are ideal for combining.

Horizontal and Vertical Combining

Horizontal combining is easier than vertical. There’s one non-structural wall to break to combine apartments. Vertical combining can be tough. However, structural consideration can make it difficult for you to combine apartment in certain buildings. Also, aligning the wires and plumbing lines embedded in floors can be a challenge if you opt for vertical combining.

You Need an Expert Advice

Before you begin, you need to talk to an architect. You need to discuss the space and layout for existing apartments and the combined one as well. Your architect will advise you better about how your layout should be.

You Would Need To Change Plumbing Configurations

You are combining two apartments, so you get two kitchens. You can decide which one to keep. You can’t keep both as NYC construction codes don’t permit more than one kitchen in an apartment. If you are building the bedroom in place of the existing kitchen, you would need to change the plumbing layout. As a New Yorker, it’s better to keep dry-over-dry and wet-over-wet places intact.

If you want a bathroom to replace the kitchen, you have to alter the plumbing configurations or add completely new plumbing lines. This depends upon the construction of the existing kitchen and the building’s plumbing layout. You must be careful as changing the plumbing lines must not disturb the plumbing layout of other apartments.

Aligning the Combined Apartments

The floors and ceilings of some apartment may not align with each other. The levels of ceiling and floors of apartments must be consistent enough to combine. You need to be aware of little fixtures you might need for aligning door frames and window casements.

Combine Your Apartments

Contact us for combining your apartments in NYC. We will give you better insight into combining your apartments and cater to all your requirements. Our plumbing experts have the experience and expertise to tackle the trickiest of plumbing lines. We are here to work through all the inconsistencies between the apartments to provide you the apartment of your dream.

Call today for a consultation: 646-455-3321

Choosing a NYC Contractor for Your Bathroom Remodel

Do you want to remodel your bathroom and achieve a whole new look? Or you need to remodel to fix some problems in your bathroom? There can be many reasons for remodeling your bathroom. You must prepare a bathroom remodel checklist to start, and after that, hire a contractor. Don’t go for the nearby plumber who claims to do the entire bathroom remodeling work by himself. You must hire someone credible with expertise in this field.

Choosing a NYC contractor for an American standard remodel bathroom is a job in itself. You have to be careful in choosing the right contractor. You can’t afford sub-standard work. Here are a few steps you can follow to select a contract for remodeling:

Get References and Recommendations

Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to recommend you a good contractor. Ask for their experiences. Note down the recommended home improvement contractors. Add as many names to the list as you can. You can even search online and check online reviews. Next, you can shortlist the best options. The top contractors are easily reachable and appear higher in the search engine rankings. Skip the contractors that lack a website or have zero presence on social media and Yelp.

Check and Compare the Contractor’s Portfolio

Look for contractors that specialize in constructing and remodeling bathrooms. Check and compare the portfolios of Bathroom Remodel contractors. A good portfolio must have before and after photos of the project. Moreover, the more experienced the contractor, the better.

See the Contractor’s Certification and Licensing

If your contractor lacks proper certification, move on to the next option. You don’t want shoddy pipes and cement work even if you remodel bathroom on a budget. Your contractor must have the relevant licensing and certification. Good contractors have insurance liability in case there is some damage to your home during the project. Don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of their insurance. Strike any contractors who delay showing their certification and insurance policy off your list.

Time to Check for References

You must select a few top contractors. Next, check their references. Good contractors expect their customers to ask for references. Their references should include contact of previous customers. Ring them up and ask whether the contractor did a good job. You must inquire about their punctuality and efficiency as well. Ask if they keep the job site clean, and the price they charged for the project.

Check Out Past Projects

Review at least one project each contractor on your list completed. This would help you get an idea about the quality of work you can expect. Visit one of the references if they are welcoming. It’s better to visit homes where the contractor performed a similar remodeling job to what you are seeking. Look out for the materials they used, as well as identify any issues, including, slanted bathroom floor and poor lighting

Reviewing your contractors’ project might also give you a chance to see how well they work with small bathroom remodels or large bathroom remodel projects. Your contractor is pretty good at their job if they can transform a small simple bathroom within your budget.

Decide on the Price

Finally, ask the contractor for an estimate of the bathroom remodel cost. Keep in mind that price doesn’t always reflect the quality on offer. Don’t go for the cheapest option, just to save money. The contractors who ask for a little more can have better materials and quality of the work. Therefore, consider the other factors before you take price into account.

Choose the Perfect Contractor

After extensive research, the last step is selecting a contractor. If you can’t give that much time for research and want a credible contractor, worry not. Contact us to get in touch with the top bathroom remodeling contractor. We fit the perfect criteria to remodel your bathroom as per your specific and requirements.

Phone: 646-455-3321

All about Millwork

what-is-millwork-nyc-top-renovations-contractor-01Millwork includes all custom-made woodworks, manufactured in a mill. The finished products are installed commercially or in the houses. Millwork in houses includes items like doors, cabinets, window casings, crown molding, base trims, and wood paneling. In fact, you can safely assume that every space has some form of millwork items. These items are cut, shaped, and created in saw-mills, using raw lumber as a source. Wood flooring is also a type of millwork as most of the wood floorings come from the mill.

Wood materials commonly used in millwork are oak, cherry, maple, and pine. However, millwork is not restricted to these types of woods. Millwork comprises various kinds of woods and synthetic materials. Some examples of less commonly used woods include fir, hickory, and poplar.

Millwork vs. Furniture

Not all custom-made wood-work can be considered as millwork. Carpentry is a broad term comprising all types of wood-works. Millwork, casework, and furniture making are all types of carpentry. It is necessary that the millwork is built to fit a certain space like cabinets and trims of rails. The millwork is installed at its designated place and not elsewhere. Furniture, on the other hand, may be custom-built. It is built to withstand transporting and repositioning.

Materials Used in Millwork

top-nyc-contractor-for-millwork-02In the past, millwork was referred to as items or goods produced using wood and building materials. The meaning of millwork evolved as time passed. Now, any item made with a mix of wood and synthetic materials is millwork. Some builders and manufacturers do claim that their millwork comprises pure wood and is free from any synthetic materials.

Quality of Millwork

The quality of millwork depends on the raw materials used for its production. Basic and standard millwork can be created using bulk pieces of inferior wood. The care and finishing provided to the millwork is another factor determining its quality. Manufacturers or craftsmen who are skilled and more experienced will produce a better quality of millwork.


Millwork is commonly used in various trims. These trims could be a component of items, such as chair rail, staircase rail, and baseboards. The decorative trims involve grooves, carvings, or even attractive beadwork.

Most of the trims are for decorative purpose, but you can opt for plain trims as well. Trims also include shelves in closet, bookshelves, pantries, or staircases.


finishing-millwork-options-estimate-nyc-03Millwork is typically finished with a sealant, polish, stain, or paint. The finishing depends upon the types of wood and according to your preference as well. Previously, all millwork in homes was finished off in the same color. Now, mixed finishing is trending. You can use two different wood species for your kitchen cabinets and ceilings. You can finish your door trims and window panes with a stain but have painted doors and cabinets.

Millwork for Your Homes

The proper proportion of wood-work with the right design and trim style is the key to ensuring elegance and sophistication in your home. At Brener Construction Inc, we craft custom interior millwork to your needs and specifications. Our expertise includes architectural wood-works in NYC apartments. We use our artisan skills and techniques to add your style choices to any woodwork.

We have a track record of successful remodeling projects. Contact us for the highest quality of architectural wood-work for your apartment in NYC.

Call today for an estimate:

I Need New Flooring for My Apartment: What Are My Options?

There are many flooring options for your apartment. Selecting the right material is crucial. Now, this factor comes into play when you assess your living situation. For instance, you need to select material that is dust and heat-resistant, or else cleaning could become a hassle. Also, the texture of the floor is important, especially if you don’t want carpeting. Let’s make things easier for you. Here’s a look at some flooring options for your apartment:

Tile Flooring

flooring-options-nyc-apartment-contractor-01There are a variety of tiles for flooring. Porcelain, ceramic and glass are the common types for new apartments in NYC. Tiles give your floor a luxurious feel. They are durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. The advantage tiles have over other types of floorings is that they are dirt and stain-resistant. Tile floorings are available in a wide range of colors, design, and texture. You can choose a smooth, shiny, or grainy look with tiles.


Although the demand for other floorings increased in recent years, carpet is still the top option as far as luxury flooring goes. Carpets give a soft-plush textured feel when you are bare-foot. You can install a carpet in your living room and bedrooms. Carpets come in a variety of textures and colors. They keep your floor and room warm. Cleaning a carpet is easy using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you have dust allergies, you might want to reconsider buying a carpet. Carpets accumulate dust more than other types floorings.

Wood Flooring

wood-flooring-options-nyc-apartment-renovations-contractor-02Imagine how good your new apartment in NYC would look with wood flooring. You have several options in this regard, including engineered hardwood, bamboo flooring, and cork flooring. These options are fairly common for new apartment NYC flooring. Wood flooring is more expensive as compared to other options. Wood floors keep your NYC apartments warm on cold days. You can go for a rustic or luxurious look in your NYC apartments with wood flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best option if you want your floor to appear like wood, without paying the price for hardwood. This type of flooring comprises of synthetic materials that keep it light and durable. If you want to go fancy, you can for stone flooring look with laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and is scratch-resistant as well.

Vinyl or Resilient Flooring

vinyl-flooring-options-nyc-apt-renovation-03Vinyl or resilient flooring consists of a mix of natural and synthetic materials. Nowadays, vinyl floorings provide more strength and durability than before. You have two options here, i.e. tiles and sheets. You spent a fortune on your NYC apartment, and therefore, you may want to cut back on the flooring. Vinyl tiles are low cost and easily replaceable in case of damage. These tiles are less durable and you will need to replace them after a while. Also, the color tends to fade, and cleaning can be a real chore.

These sheets comprise of large, continuous, and flexible sheets. Vinyl sheets are easy to apply in your new apartment and easy to manage. Vinyl sheets are durable and completely impermeable to water. You can customize your flooring sheets to any color or print. You can install the sheets in your kitchen, bathroom, and even the main lounge. Vinyl sheets are quick and easy to clean using a mop.

Get the Perfect Flooring for Your Apartment

Choose flooring that suits your apartment and your lifestyle. For the best flooring materials and services contact us. Our rates are budget-friendly so that you don’t have to worry about the new apartment NYC price.



All about Professional Apartment Painting

professional-apartment-painting-contractor-nyc-01You can’t have an apartment of your dreams without the right color scheme. Painting your apartment can add an aesthetic feel, maximize your space, and increase your productivity. Whether you want to paint certain rooms or renovate your whole apartment, you need to hire professionals to do the job. Here’s all you need to know about professional apartment painting in NYC:

Choose the Contractor

Hiring the right contractor for painting apartment is the foremost thing you need to do. You need to find an experienced and registered contractor. They should provide you with insurance. They should expect you to ask for portfolios and references. Check on the references to ask about the quality of their work and their diligence.

Getting Started

setup-painting-nyc-apartment-pro-contractor-03Before you get in touch with professional painters for an apartment, check the regulations. Also, talk to your landlord (if you have one).

Once you decide to hire a professional to paint your apartment, you need to prep accordingly. You don’t want your floors, door knobs, and personal belongings covered in paint. Professional painters have the expertise and experience to do the job. They work responsibly to protect your property and your belongings. However, you still need proper prepping when painting your NYC apartment.

Cover your furniture, floorings, and other belongings with plastic sheets or plastic drop cloths. You can also use cardboard for covering your floors. Cover the door knobs and window panes with duct tape. However, don’t use manual tape, or else you might spend several hours peeling it off. To make things easier, it’s better to use painter tape. There will be no residue on delicate surfaces and peels off real quick.

Try to keep your pets away when painting your apartment. Keep them in the bathroom, store room, or garage, or any other space not being painted.

Order Professional Painting

Professional painters add the perfect finishing touch. They follow a certain order for painting rooms of your apartment. They first paint the trims, then ceilings, and lastly the walls. The techniques they use for painting are quick and convenient but without compromising the quality.

Flawless Paint

New paint doesn’t hide flaws, like dents, scratches, and holes on walls and surfaces. In fact, a new paint job can highlight existing issues. Professional painters do more than just paint to give your apartment a flawless finish. Professionals make sure they fill all the holes and cover the dents and scratches.


info-painting-apartment-nyc-ny-02The most integral part of painting your apartment is choosing the right colors. You’ll see white and beige walls in most of the apartments. Don’t shy from experimenting with different colors. Add more texture and depth to your rooms with dark colors. If a room in your apartment has no natural light source, paint it in light and warmer colors. Choose colors that will broaden and light up the setting of your environment. Neutral colors are quickest to apply and dry off. Dark colors require more coats and time to finish off than light and neutral ones. So, be patient with whatever choice you make.

Choose Professional Painters

Whether you want to paint certain rooms or renovate your whole apartment, contact us to get the best painting services in New York. At Brener Construction Inc. we understand the importance of colors in your apartment. Our professional painting services help you add a welcoming appeal and increase the value of your property.

We are experienced in interior and exterior painting of NYC apartments. Our premium paint products provide your apartment with the silkiest, long-lasting, durable, and low-odor coat.